Where Is Guiso From? (Origins, History And More!)

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One of the excellent things about the internet is that there are endless possibilities to create new and exciting recipes from all over the world.

Where is Guiso From? (Origins, History and more!)

Whether you are new to the kitchen, looking for something new to cook, or are wanting to try your hand at creating a dish from your home country, you can find it on the internet. 

This article is focused on one tasty, comforting dish, Guiso. This dish is the epitome of home comforts.

Thick, warm, hearty and super filling, this recipe is sure to keep you and your family full all the way through winter.

With hearty potatoes, and a range of meats, this dish is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

Below we cover what Guiso is, where it comes from, and so much more. All you have to do is continue reading. 

What Is Guiso?

Well, Guiso translates directly to Stew. It is a meat stew native to the Spanish and Argentina regions that is complete with braised meat, sweet potato, squash, and peaches or apricots. 

Browned meat chunks are mixed with chopped vegetables such as maize, onions, green peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, and crushed tomatoes.

In some forms, rice is substituted for the pasta and the mixture is cooked in a broth made of vegetables or meat with macaroni, penne, or bow-tie pasta.

In other words, this dish is packed full of texture, flavors and makes you feel warm from the inside out. 

Cultures all over the world have adopted a style of cooking which is close to cooking Guiso.

Incorporating their own ingredients, flavors, and textures to truly make it their own.

Whether you are Argentinian, Mexican, Spanish, or Filipino you are sure to have heard of and tried a form of Guiso. 

History Of Guiso 

In the 18th century an edition of the Diccionaria de autoridades was created and this is the first known documentation of the word Gusio.

It was telling of a dish that is made and seasoned with broth, spices, and other ingredients that are roasted or fried. 

However, there is no true documentation of where Guiso was first created.

It has been said to originate from the Spanish province, Pampanga.

This is a province located in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. 

During this period of Spanish rule over the Philippines, Spanish priests and sailors taught the Kapampangan people the fundamentals of Spanish cooking.

As a result, the Kapampangan people were able to create a distinctive fusion that surprised the Spanish palate and is now known as Kapampangan cuisine.

Since Guiso’s creation in the Philippines, word of its hearty flavors traveled to Argentina where it is more commonly known. 

As the dish is rather inexpensive to make, the recipes may often differ.

Many used whatever they could get their hands on. From fish, beef, pork, or turkey.

The vegetables would change depending on the season and what was available to the people. 

Cooking Guiso 

As you research different Gusio recipes, you will see that each recipe is unique.

As it is a stew, it is perfectly fine to add in your own mix of ingredients, as long as it has a strong meat presence. 

Guiso is often compared to Menudo, a Mexican stew, or Afritada, a traditional Filipino stew.

However, Guiso is a completely unique dish that is true to the flavors and textures of the ingredients included. 

Whether you include 1 source of protein or 4, it is important to render any fat in a pan to ensure you get all of the juicy flavors. 

Depending on the region you may find that Guiso has a base of fish such as squid and dolphin.

This dish is made from the ingredients that are available to you and can differ from house to house.

Where is Guiso From? (Origins, History and more!)

While the broth is generally made from the beef, chicken, or pork included in the dish, red wine is often included to provide a richer, deeper flavor. 

This dish is perfect if you are looking to save a few coins over the holiday period while keeping your belly full and satisfied. 

Serving Guiso 

You have perfected your Guiso recipe so that it is rich and full of flavor.

But now you don’t know what to serve alongside your hearty stew to your family friends?

Well, much like American stews you can serve Guiso with a slice of crusty bread and enjoy.

This is the traditional way to enjoy your Gusio. Just don’t forget the gorgeous glass of red wine to wash it all down. 

Or you can go one step further and prepare an amazing side dish.

Taking inspiration from Mexican cuisine, you can prepare a serving of homemade flour tortillas to enjoy with your Guiso.

We also recommend preparing a side dish of rice and beans. 

When it comes to serving a more Spanish Guiso you can create a more wholesome experience by creating a tapa style evening.

Allowing everyone to have a range of small dishes from traditional Spanish cuisine, including your Guiso. 

Regardless of what you deserve to serve with your Guiso, it is important to ensure it is light enough to let the Guiso really do all of the work. 

The perfect thing about Guiso is that it can be served wonderfully on its own and still provide enough satisfaction and flavor that you won’t even be thinking about a side dish.

Guiso Vs Guisado 

When scouring the internet for the perfect Guiso recipe you may come across the word ‘Guisado’. But what’s the difference? 

Traditionally, Guisado is chicken slow-cooked in salsa verde while Guiso is beef slow-cooked in a broth. 

In short, Guisado is the Spanish-Mexican word for stew with Guiso being a direct translation.

The words are interchangeable depending on the region you are speaking in.

However, Guisado will have chicken as a main ingredient which will be cooked throughout the day in a flavorful salsa verde as opposed to a traditional broth.

It will also be served with flour tortillas and rice and beans.  Of course a side of salsa on the side 

Guiso is a traditional stew of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and quite often, noodles or pasta as a source of carbohydrates. 

Both dishes involve all of the ingredients being cooked in the one pot to deliver an incredible, mouthwatering aroma that you can’t wait to be served and dig in. 

Final Thoughts 

When entering the colder months and looking for something to keep you full and satiated? Guiso could be the dish you are looking for. 

Filled with meats, vegetables, potatoes and a rich, hearty broth, this dish is sure to keep everyone happy. 

Serve with a soft, crusty slice of your favorite bread or try out some more elaborate side dishes when serving to friends and family. 

Just be sure to never forget the gorgeous glass of red wine for those who are of age. 

Why not make your Guiso completely your own and include your own favorite ingredients or add something sweet like peaches or apricots.

Or pull inspiration from recipes all around the world and create something completely unique for the family to try. 

Got left overs? Don’t forget to freeze them for when you need a quick, filling meal throughout the week.