Vodka Vs. Rum In A Mojito (Ultimate Guide)

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A mojito is a refreshing beverage that’s bursting with alcohol. When making this drink, you must consider what varieties of alcohol you’re going to use.

Vodka vs. Rum in a Mojito?

Namely, you are going to have to decide between rum or vodka.

Rum and vodka are both commonly used to make mojitos. These spirits are widely used to make a range of cocktails making them incredibly versatile.

But which is better in a mojito? Continue reading to find out!

What Is A Mojito?

As mentioned, a mojito is a popular alcoholic beverage. This luxurious punch originates from Cuba. 

Magnificent mojitos tend to have a sharp and enjoyable taste that’s filled with mint and citrus flavors.

Lime is commonly added to this Cuban punch, hence the citrus flavors. It’s also quite a fizzy drink, which works really well with this fabulous flavor combination. 

It also tends to taste slightly sweeter than other alcoholic beverages. This is thanks to the addition of sugar. So if you enjoy sweet drinks, a mojito may be the ideal drink for you!

One of the reasons why mojitos are so popular is that they are extremely refreshing. During sunny weather, this drink is guaranteed to cool you down.

Many people adore sipping on a mojito during their vacations, where they can consume this drink beside a swimming pool.

Vodka Vs Rum In A Mojito

Choosing which of these sensational spirits will best fit your mojito can be tough.

The truth is that rum is a more traditional basis for this drink, primarily in the form of white rum.

This beverage is colorless, while standard rum has a red, brown, or black hue. It’s used in the majority of mojito recipes, such as this one.

But the truth is that you can use either one of these spirits to make a mojito.

Vodka works just as well as rum. Therefore, you can use whichever one you fancy or have access to. 

So let’s explore some of the ways in which your choice will affect the mojito.

Vodka vs. Rum in a Mojito


Typically, mojitos are colorless. As a result, vodka and white rum are the best options. Vodka is specifically designed to be colorless.

Meanwhile, rum is not. Only white rum is colorless. So if you want to make a traditional mojito, you shouldn’t use dark rum.

The Flavor

As you can imagine, the main impact of your choice will be the flavor.

The taste of this Cuban punch will be altered considerably by which one you use, as vodka and rum have distinctly different flavors. 

Generally, rum has a sweet taste. Distilled from fermented sugar, the sweetness of this spirit can vary dramatically.

Rum also has a somewhat tropical flavor that’s reminiscent of nectar. Some people have even described rum as woody.

On the other hand, vodka is technically flavorless. Yet, many people find vodka difficult to drink due to its high alcohol flavor.

Plus, different types of vodka will taste slightly different. The main takeaway here is that vodka has a more neutral flavor than rum.

If you prefer something sweet and woody, rum will be the superior option.

But if you crave a more mellow mojito, vodka is likely the better choice. It will allow the mint and citrus flavors of this punch to shine through. 

The Price

Making alcoholic drinks should never be expensive. Yet, alcohol can be costly, especially if you have to buy loads of ingredients. 

As a result, most people will want to use the cheaper spirit.

The good news is that rum and vodka are both relatively inexpensive alcoholic drinks. Not to mention, they’re widely available in stores.

In terms of which is cheaper, vodka and rum will be similar prices. Of course, this will differ depending on the brand.

But white rum is often more expensive than darker rum. So if you want to save some money, vodka may be the better choice.

Nutritional Value

If you want to keep healthy, you will likely want to use the spirit with the best nutritional value.

They have similar nutritional values. For instance, they contain roughly the same amount of calories. 

Therefore, the nutritional value of your mojito won’t be impacted whether you use vodka or rum. 

Alcoholic Content

Likewise, vodka and rum tend to be similar in terms of alcohol content. Specifically, they both contain approximately 40% alcohol per volume.

Yet, you can find versions with higher alcohol content. This is particularly true of rum, which can be as substantial as 50%.

So if you want a strong alcoholic drink, either vodka or rum will be fairly potent. However, it’s easier to find a strong rum than it is to obtain a powerful bottle of vodka. 


The main factor that you should take into consideration when choosing whether you should use vodka or rum is your preference.

It’s entirely up to you which sensational spirit you use. 

As mentioned, these two drinks have noticeably different flavors. Therefore, you should simply use whichever you prefer. 

What Other Spirits Can You Use?

Vodka vs. Rum in a Mojito

If you don’t have either vodka or rum in your pantry, you may assume that you can’t make a mojito.

But the truth is that these aren’t the only alcoholic drinks that you can use to make mojitos.

Namely, you can also make it with tequila, brandy, cognac, gin, or bourbon. Of course, using either of these options will affect the taste of your mojito.

In addition, these alternatives could alter the look of the drink by affecting its color.

Therefore, it’s best to use either rum or vodka, though these alternatives will work too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Vodka Instead Of Rum?

Yes! Vodka makes an excellent substitute for different spirits, including white or silver rum, whiskey, and gin.

So if you’ve run out of one of these ingredients and require an alternative, vodka is an exceptional option. Vodka is also cheaper than many of these other spirits.

What Do You Need To Make A Mojito?

If you want to taste this delectable Cuban drink, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Granulated sugar
  • Mint leaves
  • Lime juice
  • A spirit, which is usually white rum

Other ingredients, such as ice cubes, syrup, water, or club soda, may also be added to a Mojito.

If you aren’t sure how to make this drink, it’s best to follow a recipe that provides specific measurements for these ingredients.

What Are The Main Differences Between Rum And Vodka?

These spirits are quite comparable, but there are distinct differences between them.

For instance, they come from different sources. While vodka originates from potatoes or wheat, rum is derived from molasses or sugarcane. 

As you can imagine, these differing origins impact the flavors of vodka and rum. Also, rum is regularly flavored, while vodka isn’t.

For example, rum can be seasoned with caramel, pineapple, or honey. Spiced rum is also incredibly popular.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Vodka and rum are really popular beverages for good reason.

They not only have an enjoyable taste but they can also be used to make a range of different alcoholic drinks. 

While white rum may be the traditional beverage used to make mojitos, feel free to experiment with vodka if you fancy.

Who knows, you could end up preferring a vodka-based mojito!