Mangonada vs Chamoyada (Key Differences Explained)

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If you are looking for a delicious Mexican treat that is fruity and full of flavor then you should definitely try making Mangonada.

You could also make Chamoyada. But what is Mangonada? What is Chamoyada? What is the difference between these two treats?

Mangonada vs Chamoyada (Key Differences Explained)

If you want to know more about these recipes then keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

What Is Mangonada? 

Mangonada is a wonderful frozen sorbet drink made from juicy mangoes.

It is sweet, with tangy and spicy flavors, and is perfect for a warm Summer day when you need something refreshing.

This drink is very popular in Mexico, and is becoming more and more popular in the United States. 

One of the great things about this recipe is that it is made with fresh fruit, so it is healthy as well as delicious.

It is also very quick to make so you can throw it together at the last minute. It’s suitable for all the family so you can make it for children, or share it with friends. 

It’s unclear how long this drink has been around for, or who invented it. It originated in Mexico and then became popular in Southern states like Texas.

It has since soared in popularity thanks to its eye-catching appearance and delicious flavor – everyone wants to upload a picture of their Mangonada to Instagram. Now it is a widely available slushie drink. 

What Does Mangonada Taste Like? 

Mangonada has a layered flavor that is made up of different components. 

The mangoes are sweet and fragrant, with extra mango nectar or fruit juice for even more sweetness. The lime juice adds a tangy, zingy flavor that contrasts with the sweetness of the mangoes. 

There is a touch of chili that brings a wonderful warmth to this frozen treat, which works with the sweet and zesty flavors.

This drink also contains chamoy, which is a sauce made from pickled fruits. It is sweet, sour, salty and tangy. This adds a really complex flavor to the mangonada that makes it different to any other drink you will try. 

What Is Chamoyada?

Mangonada is technically a type of chamoyada, made specifically with mangoes. Chamoyada can be made with different types of fruits, not just mangoes. It is still a frozen sorbet drink with spices and tangy yet sweet flavors. 

You will see the words Mangonada and Chamoyada being used interchangeably, because the most popular type of chamoyada is a mangonada. 

How To Make Mangonada? 

If you want to know what this refreshing Mexican drink tastes like then why don’t you try and make it at home?

It’s actually very easy to make and will be a big hit at any family gathering or summer party. You will need a blender or a food processor to make this recipe.

Ingredients Needed 

What do you need to make Mangonadas? Here is a list of everything that you will need to make this recipe. 

Mangoes (16 Ounces) – Mangoes are the main flavor and ingredient in this recipe. You can use frozen mango chunks to save time on preparation, or you can use fresh mangoes. If you are using fresh mangoes, make sure they are ripe and juicy.

Take the skin off and remove the stone, then chop the mango into chunks. Keep some fresh mango aside to garnish the drink with at the end.

Freeze the chunks of fresh mango ahead of time. It helps to use frozen mango as it contributes to the icy, slushy texture of the frozen sorbet. 

Mango Nectar (1 Cup)– Some street vendors use water and sugar to create a kind of syrup to blend in with the Mangonada, but it is more authentic to use Mango nectar.

It adds extra sweetness and ensures that the mixture is nice and smooth. Alternatively, you can experiment with different flavors of fruit juice and see what works best.

Pineapple juice or coconut juice would go really well with the mango to create a tropical flavor. 

Mangonada vs Chamoyada (Key Differences Explained)

Lime Juice (2 Tablespoons) – You will need to use the juice of 1 to 2 limes depending on the size of the limes and how juicy they are. It is important to use fresh lime juice rather than bottled lime juice.

Roll the lime over a hard surface before juicing to release the liquid and get the most out of the fruit. 

Chilli Lime Seasoning (To Taste) – You can make your own chili lime seasoning, or use a store bought one like Tajin. It is important not to leave out this ingredient as it has a big impact on the flavor. 

Chamoy (To Taste) – This is a Mexican condiment that is available in Latin food stores or online. It has a very distinctive flavor that is sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

It is made from pickled fruit and chili. If you want to, you can have a go at making your own chamoy. 

Ice (1 Cup) –  You will need to blend the ingredients with ice to create the frozen sorbet texture. 

Tarugos – Tarugos are tamarind candy straws that are an optional garnish for your Mangonada. They are quite tricky to get hold of but you can usually find them in latin stores or you can order them online. 

Alcohol – If you want to make your Mangonada into more of a cocktail style drink, then you can add a type of alcohol of your choice. You could try coconut rum, or mango vodka. 

The Cooking Process 

So how do you make Mangonadas? Follow these steps to make the perfect Mangonadas. 

1 – Preparation – Start by preparing your ingredients, like chopping the fruit and measuring out the other ingredients.

You can also prepare your glasses- it makes a big difference if the drink is presented professionally. One of the best ways to do this is to dip the rim of the glass in lime juice, and then in chili and lime seasoning.

The lime juice will make the seasoning stick to the glass. Alternatively, you can dip the rim of the glass in chamoy first and then chili and lime seasoning.

You can also swirl the inside of the glass with chamoy to make it look amazing and spread the flavor. 

2 – Blend The Mixture – Add the mango chunks, ice, mango nectar, and lime juice to the blender. Blitz the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. 

3 – Layer the drink – add a swirl of chamoy to the bottom of the cup, then add some Mangonada until the cup is half full. Add another swirl of chamoy and then add more mango mixture. 

4 – Garnish – Finally, you need to garnish the drink. Add some chunks of fresh mango, and your tamarind straws to the cups. 


A mangonada is a type of chamoyada made specifically with mangoes. Chamoyadas can also be made with other types of fruit, but mango is the most popular.

It is a Mexican slushie drink made with fruit, ice, and chamoy. It has a sweet yet spicy flavor with a zesty tang that is unusual but very delicious. 

Mangonadas are becoming more widely available in cafes, but you can also make it at home with this easy recipe.