Chile’s Most Iconic Sandwich: El Lomito

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When it comes to the country of Chile, one of the most well-known foods that is loved by many is El Lomito. This is a popular and mouth-watering dish that is pretty much the unofficial national food for the country.

Chile’s Most Iconic Sandwich El Lomito

It can be described as a tower of pork in a sandwich, and it is classified as fast food. There are lots of places around the country where this dish is available, so it definitely isn’t hard to come by. It also only further highlights its popularity.

There isn’t really anything that you can compare it to when it comes to dishes from other countries. 

Out of all the places where you can get El Lomito in Chile, one of the best and most popular is Fuente Alemana, which can be located off of Santiago’s central Plaza Italia.

This is the place where El Lomito was originally created, and it still dominates after more than 60 years of business. If you want to get a taste for classic Chilean cuisine, then this is the place to go.

Generations have visited this institution for years, and have yet to be disappointed.

At this establishment, you can go ahead and grab a stool at the counter and let the excellent waitresses and cooks take care of the rest.


It is a simple restaurant that hasn’t changed much since it first opened, but you can’t beat the sandwiches that they have on offer.

Whether you are dining on your own or with a group of friends, you can expect things like 6-inch high sandwiches and frosty mugs of schop draft beer.

You can enjoy the mouth-watering smell of your food being cooked in the kitchen as you build your expectations, which will certainly not be disappointing.

You can watch your order being prepared and witness for yourself the art that goes into making these dishes. 

This restaurant was founded by the Siri Brothers, and these are the two people that are responsible for the creation of El Lomito.

This is thought to be the greatest homage paid to Chile’s Germanic roots, with marinated pork loin that is slow-braised for 6 hours with aromatics and secret spices.

The pork that is used is hand shaved into paper thin slices that are kept warm in a flavored broth that’s ingredients still remain a mystery today.

 A typical Lomito is layered with  half a pound of pork on a freshly baked bun that is 6-inches wide.

You can choose additional extras that you want to be added to your sandwich, but some of the favorites include melted mantecoso cheese, mashed green gold (avocado), thick slices of fresh tomato, tangy sauerkraut, homemade mayo, and more.

You might want to consider using a knife and fork to eat this delicious monstrosity, as eating it with your hands can get more than a little messy, but if you are up for the challenge, then go for it.

Sandwich de lomo

You have been warned. Each bite will leave you wanting more until you are full and satisfied at the end of your visit.