Top Brazilian Chicken Recipes To Invigorate Up Your Dinner

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Are you getting bored of making the same old chicken recipes week on week? Chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients out there, so you shouldn’t ever be stuck on what to make using it.

Top Brazilian Chicken Recipes To Invigorate Up Your Dinner

If you’re looking for some great inspiration, then why not look to the sunny shores of Brazil for some inspiration on how you can make some delicious chicken-based dinners.

Brazil is known for its rich and diverse cuisine, with a variety of flavors and fragrances found throughout Brazilian cooking, all of which you can easily bring to your own cooking.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a number of amazing recipes that take inspiration from Brazilian cuisine that will be sure to revolutionize the way you use chicken forever.

From sweet to spicy, this list will cover it all, there’s bound to be something for everyone on this list, so let’s get started!

1. Frango Com Quiabo

With the African roots of this dish coming from colonial times, this dish has been one cultivated by Brazilians for centuries, and today is one of the most popular chicken recipes in the entire country, which is exactly why it’s the first recipe we decided to include on our list!

Frango com Quiabo translates to Chicken with Okra, and other than these two main ingredients, this dish also includes a number of different herbs and seasonings too, such as garlic, paprika, and parsley.

This dish is also a particularly healthy one, so if you’re trying to keep a watch on what you’re eating, but still want to ensure you’re eating something delicious, then you can’t go too far wrong when making this dish.

2. Coxinha

If you’re looking for innovative way to use your chicken, and want to create something that you can serve as a lunchtime snack or alongside other small food items at a party, then using your chicken to make some delicious coxinha, arguably the most iconic street food from Brazil, is definitely a good idea.

Coxinha can range in size depending on where you find it, with smaller variations being found at parties, and larger portions being served as street food.

Coxinha translates to “little thigh” which is a reference to chicken drumsticks.

There’s a good chance you already have many of the ingredients needed for this recipe already in your pantry, so it’s good if you’re trying to get creative with your chicken while sticking to a budget!

3. Galinhada

If you need a comforting dish that is going to help warm the soul even on the worst days, then you’ll definitely appreciate this recipe for Galinhada, which is a one-pot dish of chicken and rice that is simply bursting with flavor.

Most families in Brazil will add their own little tweaks and twists to the basic Galinhada recipe, so don’t be afraid to adjust and edit this dish to your preferences, it’s the Brazilian way.

The ingredients for this recipe should be relatively simple to find, no matter where you are in the world, so don’t worry about being unable to find the ingredients in your local supermarket.

The result is a dish that you’ll keep coming back to week after week, whenever you need a lifting dish, so definitely keep it in mind when looking for a way to use your chicken.

4. Frango Á Passarinho

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? Paired with a beer, there’s almost nothing better to eat when watching a match, or for those sunny days where you just want something to enjoy that is bursting with summer flavor.

However, it can be boring eating chicken wings with the same old marinades and spices over and over again, so the next time you go to make some delicious chicken wings, why not try out this recipe for Frango à Passarinho.

Marinated in salt, pepper, lemon juice, dijon mustard, before being coated in a mixture of all-purpose flour and cornmeal, as well as a dash of paprika.

These wings are then fried to perfection, providing that delicious fried outer, with melt in your mouth chicken meat on the inside.

Serve this with a dip of your choice, and these are sure to go down a treat at any party or function!

5. Ensopado De Frango

Trying to balance incredible flavor and keeping the ingredients simple is one that even some of the best home chefs struggle with on a regular basis.

Thankfully, this incredible dish, ensopado de frango, is a Brazilian recipe that manages to do exactly that, meaning you can make this dish even on the most hectic of weeknights, and the leftovers from this dish are just as good too!

This dish is super affordable, and features ingredients that anyone will be able to find in their local supermarket, and when the result is such a warming and comforting stew that will be sure to fill even the hungriest of souls out there.

Being able to just let this dish stew on top of the stove is also particularly convenient for those who often find themselves running around for their families on a weeknight, so you can let the dish do its thing while you do yours.

6. Churrasco De Frango

Who doesn’t love when summer rolls around and you get to open up the grill again?

Well if you’re in need of some inspiration ahead of those great summer barbecues, then look no further than this recipe for some incredible Churrasco de Frango, which are grilled chicken skewers!

The highlight of this recipe absolutely has to be the amazing marinade that coats every part of the chicken, consisting of piri-piri seasoning, paprika, coriander, and lemon too.

You’ll need to allow the chicken plenty of time to absorb the marinade thoroughly, the longer the better.

The result is chicken that is both juicy and tender on the inside, all while being bursting with incredible Brazilian flavor, so these skewers will definitely be popular amongst your friends and family during the barbecue season.

7. Salpicão De Frango

A traditional recipe that is often passed down from generation to generation, Salpicão de Frango is a truly special dish, and while it might just sound like your regular chicken salad at first, we can assure you that it is so much more than that.

Packed with flavor and with a homemade mayonnaise sauce that you simply won’t be able to get enough of, this recipe will very quickly become a staple in your household.

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit a Brazilian steakhouse before, then the chances are you’re already familiar with Salpicão de Frango, as it’s a pretty common item on the menus of Brazilian restaurants all over the world.

This salad also includes delicious peppers, raisins, and you can’t leave the Batata Palha (basically potato sticks) out either.

This salad is usually accompanied by some Brazilian rice, and some Picanha too!

8. Escondidinho De Frango

Hailing from the Northeast region of Brazil, this dish is a chicken variation of Escondidinho de Carne Seca, which is a beef shepherd’s pie.

This dish is often used as a way of using up any leftovers that might be around after a week of cooking, so if you need a dish that is delicious, and manages to clear you of any ingredients that might be nearing their expiry date, then you should try making this Escondidinho de Franco sometime soon!

How you serve this dish is entirely up to you, so whether you want to serve it entirely by itself, with steamed vegetables, or even alongside a fresh salad, all of these options are completely valid, so it’s down to what works best for you.

Ready to eat in just an hour and a half, this dish will keep you full and happy for days to come if you keep some spare.

9. Estrogonofe De Frango

Stroganoffs aren’t something many people are unfamiliar with, but when it comes to the flavor that this Brazilian version brings to the table, absolutely nothing will prepare you for it.

Although, just because it’s packed with flavor, it doesn’t contain any particularly fancy ingredients, and it’s also super easy to make too.

Part of what gives this stroganoff its particularly zesty tomato flavor is the inclusion of tomato ketchup, which should also be enough to help convince the younger family members to eat some too, as we know how difficult it can be to convince them to eat anything different from their usual meals.

So, if you need to come up with a chicken dish that the entire family will love, then this stroganoff is certainly one worth trying!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide to nine of the best Brazilian chicken dinner recipes will help you breathe new life into your cooking. These recipes will be sure to invigorate your dinner, so give them a try sometime!

Top Brazilian Chicken Recipes To Invigorate Up Your Dinner

Top Brazilian Chicken Recipes To Invigorate Up Your Dinner

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