Are Coulotte Steaks Tender? (All You Need To Know)

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If you love the taste, texture and delicacy of a sirloin steak but are finding that it doesn’t quite fit into your weekly grocery budget, then you may be looking for a similar substitute.

Are Coulotte Steaks Tender? (All You Need to Know)

The Coulotte steak is a gorgeous, tender cut of meat that has everything you need to make your favorite steak dishes.

Fry, grill, or roast your cut of Coulotte and experience similar flavors to your beloved sirloin steak. 

Want to know more? Below you will find all you need to know about Coulotte steaks from their texture to how to cook them to perfection.

You will never miss out on your favorite steak dishes again!

How Do You Define Coulotte?

Before we get into the textures, tastes and how to cook this tasty cut of meat, you need to know more about it. 

The Coulotte steak is also known as a top sirloin cap steak.

This piece of meat is cut from the top sirloin section of a beef cattle.

You may also recognise it as the sirloin cap. This is a cheaper cut of meat that still offers that delicious smoky flavor. 

We’re happy to provide you with some etymology if you’re interested.

It is believed that the French term “cul,” which means “backside, anus, and bottom,” is where the name “coulotte” originally originated.

The Latin word “culus,” which means “bottom,” is the source of the French word.

Once you get your hands on a cut of Coulotte steak you will see that it has stunning marbling, making it perfect for a range of cooking methods.

Marbling on a cut of meat is the fat which runs through the meat, creating a marble effect.

This helps create a juicy, tender, mouth watering steak. Giving you high quality and delicious flavor. 

Whether you are grilling your Culotte at the family cookout or want to create a stir fry for a quick weeknight meal, this versatile piece of meat is perfect for any occasion.

With a nice seasoning you can make an inexpensive piece of meat taste delectable. 

Nutrition Of A Coulotte Steak 

While it may be an inexpensive cut of meat compared to the sirloin or filet mignon, the coulotte still offers a well-balanced nutritional profile.

With 100 grams of coulotte steak that you eat, you are consuming 213 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 27 grams of protein.

This is slightly higher than consuming a chicken breast but offers more protein. 

The nutritional value of this cut of meat can change depending on the way you prepare it.

For example, adding any oil will increase the fat content and increase the calories.

If you are conscious of the food you are consuming, the coulotte steak has the potential to provide you with the nutrients that your body needs. 

Coulotte steak is a fantastic choice for people on the keto diet because of its high fat and protein content.

For individuals who adhere to the Paleo Diet as well as the Carnivore Diet, it can be an equally excellent choice.

Whether you follow a specific diet or want to experience a stunning piece of meat, the coulotte is the perfect choice.

Paired with a selection of vegetables and fruit, the coulotte steak can be included into a balanced, healthy diet. 

How To Cook A Coulotte Steak 

As the coulotte steak is such a versatile piece of meat, there are various ways to prepare.

The fact that it is a boneless cut of meat means that it can be used for grilling, roasting, frying, and even stewing.

The dishes that you can create with a coulotte steak are endless. 

Grilling A Coulotte Steak 

Now, grilling can be intimidating and seem like a job that only a dad can handle, but once you learn how to use your grill it will become one of your favorite activities. 

When you receive your coulotte steak you will see that there is a large strip of fat on the outside.

You will need to cut that off before preparing and cooking.

However, you can leave a small strip of fat and let it render on the grill. 

As the fat renders you will be left with a delicious smell and a smoky, deep flavor that cannot be achieved through seasoning. 

You want your grill to be on a high heat to ensure you can have that delicious chargrilled flavor.

Are Coulotte Steaks Tender? (All You Need to Know)

Allow your steak to cook for 4-5 minutes on each side.

As long as they do not burn then your steak will taste good no matter how cooked it is. 

You may want to invest in an instant-read meat thermometer to ensure your steak is cooked to perfection.

We recommend a soft, juicy, medium rare to ensure the flavors of this steak can fully be enjoyed. 

Seasoning A Coulotte Steak 

Seasoning is one of the most important steps of ensuring your coulotte steaks taste utterly delectable.

If you prefer to let the natural flavor of the steak do the work then a simple salt and pepper rub on each side will achieve a gorgeous result. 

You can also include any of your favorite herbs and spices.

A marinade of basil, bay leaf, mustard, garlic, and rosemary will provide a result comparable to a highly awarded restaurant. 

With a coulotte steak there is no need to provide a powerful profile of spices and herbs, the natural flavors of this meat are delicious on their own.

However, you can always make it taste even better. 

As you browse the aisle looking for that perfect cut of coulotte steak, you will notice some come with a marinade already.

This is perfect if you have never cooked a coulotte steak before or want to save time when cooking.

All you have to do when you get home is cook your steak to your liking and prepare your sides. Simple!

Serving A Coulotte Steak 

Once your coulotte steak is cooked to your liking, take it off the grill and allow it to rest for around 10 minutes.

While it rests you can get started on your side dishes. 

Serve with an array of side dishes from grilled veggies, creamy mashed potatoes, and season fries.

Perfect for serving a large crowd and allowing everyone to dig in. 

You simply cannot forget to smother your coulotte steak in a delicious herbed butter sauce.

Simply melt your favorite butter and sprinkle in some fresh herbs and brush your steak while on the grill to ensure all those flavors infuse throughout the meat. 

Are Coulotte Steaks Tender?

So, are coulotte steaks tender? The short answer is yes, this cut of meat is tender and full of flavor. 

For an inexpensive cost you can have a boneless, juicy, tender cut of meat that can be prepared in a variety of ways. 

Get yourself to your nearest butcher or grocery store and purchase a cut of coulotte steak. Also known as Picanha steak or top sirloin cap steak. 

Remember, there is no need for extensive seasoning.

This marbled cut of meat will provide you with enough flavor that a little salt and pepper is all you need. 

Serve with your favorite side dishes for a stunning, juicy, tender meal that you can enjoy time and time again.