7 Of The Most Amazing Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipes

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Popeyes is a popular American fast food restaurant that is renowned for serving chicken dishes with a spicy kick.

7 Of The Most Amazing Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipes
Image Source: cdkitchen

Their Cajun rice is a side dish that is favored amongst many. It incorporates the elements of traditional Cajun rice and is referred to as dirty rice as it is mixed with bits of chicken and ground beef. 

Those who are fans of this side dish may have been disappointed to learn that it is no longer available at Popeye restaurants.

However, there are many recipes that you can follow to recreate this dish from the comfort of your home. It is easy to rustle up and is the perfect side dish to accompany your Cajun-inspired meal. 

Below I have provided you with 7 of the most amazing Cajun rice recipes, all of which use ingredients that are easy to source. You may even have them readily available at home. 

1. Popeyes Cajun Rice – Copycat by Food.com 

Popeyes Cajun Rice - Copycat by Food.com 

This Popeyes Cajun Rice recipe by Food.com is super easy to follow. In just 30 minutes you can make some deliciously tasty rice that can be served alongside your main meal.

The quantity of ingredients is based on serving 4 to 6 people so it is a great option if you are going to be cooking for multiple people. 

Aside from the rice, the main ingredients that this recipe calls for are ground beef, bell peppers, and onions. Flavor with garlic powder and black pepper and then it is ready to serve. 

2. Copycat Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipe by cdkitchen 

Copycat Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipe by cdkitchen 
Image Source: cdkitchen

Why not try following this mouth-wateringly delicious recipe by cdkitchen to recreate the infamous Popeyes Cajun Rice.

The addition of ground beef makes it very filling, whilst the onions, diced peppers, and Creole seasoning give it a kick of flavor that is bound to leave you craving more. 

You should expect this recipe to take a maximum of 30 minutes to create. Once all of the ingredients are thoroughly cooked it is ready to eat. Add some more creole seasoning to taste and a sprinkle of red pepper.

3. Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipe (Copycat) by Dinner, then Dessert 

Image Source: dinnerthendessert

Long grain rice, ground beef, and gizzards are the core ingredients that you will require to create this dish. There are very few steps involved in making this rice so it is ideal for those who aren’t overly confident in the kitchen.

The beef broth mixed with the rest of the ingredients brings flavor to each spoonful. 

Once your main ingredients have finished cooking, why not add some garlic powder and Creole seasoning with a sprinkle of celery seeds and black pepper.

This will tie the flavors together and you will barely notice the difference between your version and the original. 

4. Instant Pot Copycat Cajun Dirty Rice by A Pressure Cooker 

Instant Pot Copycat Cajun Dirty Rice by A Pressure Cooker 
Image Source: apressurecooker

If you own an instant pot you should definitely try this recipe. You will require very few ingredients and as it is going to be cooked in an instant pot it can be rustled up super quick.

A great thing about this recipe is that you can add or deduct certain ingredients according to your taste. 

After giving the contents of the instant pot plenty of time to cook, season to taste with some salt and pepper and dish it into some serving bowls.

As a versatile side dish, it will taste delicious when paired with a range of main dishes but it can also be enjoyed with some rolls or salad.  

5. Popeyes – Style Cajun Rice by Just a Pinch 

Popeyes - Style Cajun Rice by Just a Pinch .jpg

Inspired by the flavors of the original Popeyes rice, Just a Pinch provides you with two recipes that you can follow.

The first one uses all of the ingredients that the Popeyes rice consists of, the second one uses fewer ingredients and is a lot easier to make.

Regardless of the recipe that you follow, you are going to create a great-tasting dish that is packed with flavor. 

To season your dish, why not add some chopped up red peppers and a sprinkle of Creole seasoning. Of course, the amount that you add can be increased or decreased depending on your taste. 

6. Popeyes Cajun Rice by Copy Kat Recipes 

Popeyes Cajun Rice by Copy Kat Recipes 
Image Source: copykat

The next recipe on the list is by Copy Kat Recipes. Again it is really easy to follow. You should expect the recipe to take a maximum of 30 minutes to make.

The ingredients listed will create enough rice to serve 10 people, making it a great option for occasions where you will be catering to a larger group. 

To bring out the Cajun flavors, you can season with some Creole and red peppers. Similar to the previous recipes that I have listed, you will not need a lot of ingredients and those that you do need are extremely easy to find.

You can also alter the ingredients depending on what you like and dislike. 

7. Popeyes Cajun Rice Recipe by Keyingredient 

Dirty cajun rice

Ground beef and bell peppers are the main ingredients that you will need to make Popeyes Cajun Rice following this recipe.

To begin you will need to prepare these ingredients before combining them with the rice. Don’t forget to add some creole seasoning and red peppers as they will introduce the Cajun flavors to the dish to make it super tasty. 

It will only take around 35 minutes to bring this dish to life and the volume of ingredients is based on serving 4 people. Although it tastes great with beef, you may swap it out for some fried chicken if you would prefer.

Both will taste great when mixed with the other ingredients. Once all of your ingredients have finished cooking, top the dish with some Creole seasoning, red pepper, and freshly ground black pepper, divide between bowls, and then serve.

How to store Cajun rice

If you have made too much of your own Popeyes Cajun rice, you may be wondering whether there is a way that you can store it so that it lasts longer.

When transferred to an airtight container, cajun rice will last for around 3 days in the refrigerator.

You must make sure that you have allowed the rice plenty of time to cool down before doing so. It is also possible to freeze your rice if you don’t think that it is likely to be consumed within 3 days, or if you like to plan your meals ahead of time.

Again, you must make sure that you put it inside an airtight container. Once you have popped it in your freezer, it will last for a maximum of 3 months.

When you are ready to use it, you will need to give it time to completely thaw. Then reheat it inside your microwave.

Whilst you will need to ensure that all of the ingredients are thoroughly heated, you will need to be cautious of the heat of your microwave. If the power is too intense, there is a risk of the heat drying out the meat. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 7 delicious recipes that you can follow to enjoy Popeyes Cajun rice without having to leave your home. They are all super easy to follow and don’t call for the use of a lot of ingredients.

Whilst this is a great-tasting side dish, it can also be eaten as the main meal if you would prefer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Popeyes Cajun Rice Spicy?

The Popeyes Cajun rice isn’t overly spicy but it is made with seasonings that give it a slight kick.

The slightly neutral taste makes it a perfect accompaniment to a chicken dish but the flavors aren’t so intense that it can’t be eaten as a dish on its own.

Of course, when making your own version, you can customize the taste by altering the number of ingredients and seasoning that you add.

What is Popeyes Cajun rice made of?

Traditional Cajun rice is made using chicken or beef broth, leftover meat, and a mixture of ingredients including peppers, garlic, onions, and celery. The Popeyes Cajun rice has a slightly different take on this dish.

Whilst the majority of ingredients have remained the same, their version uses ground chicken gizzards and ground beef and is seasoned with Creole seasoning and red peppers. 

Is there pork in Popeyes Cajun rice?

Popeyes Cajun rice is a meat-based side dish, but pork isn’t one of the ingredients that are used. 

What happened to the Cajun rice at Popeyes?

Although this dish is a favorite amongst many, it has recently been discontinued. Despite this, they still have many other side dishes available. 

Is the cajun rice from Popeyes good?

This rice relies on the Cajun species to enhance the flavor. Whilst some people may enjoy the taste of this rice, others may find that it is a little bland when eaten on its own.

A great thing about making this dish at home is that you can add more seasonings if you think that it lacks spiciness and is too bland for your taste.