25 Of The Most AMAZING South American Cocktails

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When it comes to the best alcoholic drinks, it does not really get much better than a cocktail. What I love the most about cocktails is how versatile they are.

25 Of The Most AMAZING South American Cocktails

There are so many options to choose from. From creamy cocktails to fruity ones, from bitter cocktails, to sickly sweet, there really is an option for everyone.

Different areas of America boast their own types of cocktails, and South America is no exception to this.

There are so many truly amazing South American cocktails you need to try. While you may be familiar with some of these cocktails, I guarantee that there are many in this article you have not yet tasted.

While it was a difficult decision, I have whittled the choices down to my top 25 South American cocktails. I hope this article helps you find your new favorite! 

1. Caipirinha 

Image Source: thespruceeats

I could not write an article about South American cocktails without including the Caipirinha. It is one of the most popular types of cocktails, and is the national cocktail of Brazil.

If you enjoy refreshing cocktails, then this is the one for you. It features, Brazilian rum, sugarcane juice, and cachaca, which is lime flavored. It is such a tasty choice! 

2. Passion fruit Caipirinha

Passion fruit Caipirinha
Image Source: taste

If you are looking to taste a Caipirinha but are not as fond of a lime flavored cocktail, the passion fruit spin may be a better option for you. This cocktail is very similar to a traditional Caipirinha.

While it still features lime, the passion fruit has the stronger taste overall. 

3. Strawberry Ginger Caipirinha 

Strawberry Ginger Caipirinha 
Image Source: justalittlebitofbacon

This is another spin on the traditional Brazilian cocktail, and features strawberry and ginger. It is an interesting combination that surprisingly works well. The strawberry provides sweetness, and the ginger provides the perfect amount of spice. 

4. Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco Sour Cocktail

A Pisco sour is another type of South American cocktail that you have to try. It originates from Peru and Chile. Its main ingredient is Pisco, which is a type of brandy made from grapes.

This brandy features a lot in South American cocktails. This is quite a sour cocktail, that is full of flavor.

5. Pisco Apricot Tropical 

Pisco Apricot Tropical 
Image Source: imbibemagazine

If you are looking for a cocktail containing Pisco, but you are not fond of sour or bitter flavors, this is a great alternative for you.

This cocktail features pineapple gum syrup, fresh lime juice, and apricot liqueur. It is one of my personal favorites because it tastes amazing!

6. Lavender Lemon Pisco Sour 

Image Source: homebodyeats

This cocktail may not be for everyone as it contains lavender, but it is an interesting twist on your traditional Pisco sour. It is certainly worth trying once!

7. The Cupid’s Cup

The Cupid’s Cup
Image Source: atipsygiraffe

This is another Pisco sour variation that is great for those looking for a perfect balance of flavors. It features Aperol, fresh lemon juice, eff white, Pisco and syrup. It is such a fantastic combination. 

8. Chuflay 

Image Source: 196flavors

The Chuflay cocktail was created in Bolivia and is one of the most popular cocktails in this country. It is fresh in its flavor, featuring ingredients such as ginger ale, lime, and Singani. It is a simple cocktail, but it tastes so good!

9. Batida De Coco 

Batida De Coco 
Image Source: braziliankitchenabroad

If you enjoy creamy and coconut based cocktails, then look no further, this Brazilian coconut cocktail is the perfect choice for you. It is one of my personal favorites, and is super easy to make.

It featured coconut water, condensed milk, coconut milk and cachaca – delicious!

10. Clerico 

Image Source: asda

If you enjoy Sangria, you will want to try Clerico. It is the South American version of Sangria, and it does not disappoint. It is fruity, refreshing and delicious. It features ingredients such as peaches, white wine and mint leaves!

11. Brazilian Caipiroska

Brazilian Caipiroska
Image Source: elletalk

Vodka cocktails are great, and a Brazilian Caipiroska is no exception. This is a fairly bitter cocktail, as it features only vodka, lime and sugar. However, the combination is fantastic. 

12. Ron De Replay

Ron De Replay
Image Source: olivemagazine

You may not have heard of this cocktail before. It features ingredients such as liquor, chocolate bitters, Grand Marnier, and Aperol. It has an interesting and distinctive taste.

13. South American Cocktail

South American Cocktail
Image Source: unileverfoodsolutions

This is such an interesting cocktail that features iced tea, soda and lime seasoning. It is a refreshing drink, and a great option if you enjoy orange flavors. 

14. Brazilian Martini

Brazilian Martini
Image Source: justapinch

If you enjoy classic martinis, then you may enjoy this Brazilian take on one. This martini features pomegranate juice and Cachaca, a perfect combination. I love the pomegranate juice that is featured.

It allows the cocktail to not taste too overpowering, and it is a great lighter option. The flavors are not too strong. 

15. Silk Grey Tie 

Silk Grey Tie 
Image Source: absolutdrinks

If you enjoy lemon flavored cocktails, a Silk Grey Tie is the perfect option. It features Lemon Verbena, Sugar, lemon vodka, and lemon soda. You really do have to enjoy lemon to enjoy this cocktail as most of the ingredients feature lemon.

However, this cocktail is not too bitter. While you may assume it will be overpowering, it is not, and the different flavors are really well balanced. 

16. South American White Wine Spritzer 

South American White Wine Spritzer 
Image Source: washingtonpost

This South American cocktail is great for those who enjoy white wine. It is simple to make, and it features sauvignon blanc, Pisco and elderflower liqueur. It is a light, tasty cocktail. 

17. Brazilian Mojito 

Brazilian Mojito 
Image Source: thewanderlustkitchen

Mojitos are one of the most popular types of cocktails, and this Brazilian twist on the classic cocktail is great. It features cachaca, lime, sugar and sugar. 

18. Canelazo 

Image Source: thespruceeats

This is a cocktail that you may not have tried before. It is a spiced cinnamon rum drink, which tastes amazing. It is popular in countries such as Peru, Northern Argentina, and Ecuador. 

19. Coral & Coast

Coral & Coast
Image Source: patrontequila

This cocktail is served in an old fashioned glass, and it is full of flavor. It contains Martini Bitter, Patron silver, and pineapple and sherry shrub. The flavors work perfectly together, and it features a spice mix too, which enhances the flavor. 

20. Mouth Of The South

Mouth Of The South
Image Source: meanmuledistilling

This is such a simple cocktail featuring only three ingredients – American Agave Spirit, lemon juice, and Agave Simple Syrup. It is a great balance of both sweet and tart flavors. 

21. Tamarillo Tini

This is a sweet tasting cocktail, that is a twist on a Martini. It features Tamarillo, vermouth, chocolate bitters, and Cirrus vodka. It is delicious!

22. Pampero Storm

Pampero Storm
Image Source: delish

This lime and rum cocktail is tasty and refreshing. It features Pampero Especial Rum, fresh lime juice, ginger syrup, soda, and Pampero Aniversario. This aged rum is delicious and packs a punch. 

23. Cola De Mono 

Cola De Mono 
Image Source: 196flavors

This is a delicious cocktail that is full of Christmassy flavors. It is a Chilean cocktail, and is typically served at Christmas, but it can be consumed all year round. It has a cinnamon flavor.

24. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre
Image Source: 196flavors

This cocktail is very popular in Cuba. It is delicious, and is so easy to make. It only features three different flavors, rum, lime and Coca-Cola. While it is simple, it tastes fantastic.

By adding the lime, you are creating something that tastes quite impressive. The sweetness of the Coca-Cola mixed with the lime is brilliant. 

25. Ti’ Punch

Ti’ Punch
Image Source: 196flavors

Last, but certainly not least I have the Ti- Punch cocktail. This is one of my favorite cocktails. It is made with rum, lime, and cane sugar. It is a great option if you prefer short cocktails.

It is so simple to make, but is incredibly tasty.  You would traditionally serve this cocktail with ice and a lime to finish. 


I hope you enjoyed this article. Did any of these cocktails take your fancy? As you can see, the majority of these cocktails are so easy to replicate. They are fantastic to serve at a party, or for a dinner party. 

There are so many great South American cocktails. In addition to this, there are so many flavors to choose from. There really is a cocktail for everyone, from creamy cocktails, to ones that are short and pack a punch.