25 Of The Most Amazing Shrimp Nachos Recipes

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Everyone loves nachos! They make a perfect starter at a dinner party, or can be served as a side dish to a Mexican feast. Or you can make a big tray of nachos to enjoy with your friends and family on game day.

However you want to enjoy your nachos, there are lots of toppings you can choose from. 

25 Of The Most Amazing Shrimp Nachos Recipes

A lot of nachos use beef or chicken, but if you are looking for something a bit different you could try shrimp nachos. Seafood goes really well with Mexican food, and shrimp is the perfect choice because it is juicy and tender with a mild but delicious flavor. 

Shrimp nachos are an easy meal to make- they are ready quickly and you don’t have to spend much time in the kitchen.

There are lots of recipes available online for shrimp nachos. We have put together a list of the 25 best recipes for shrimp nachos. Keep reading to find the perfect recipe for you. 

1. All Recipe – Shrimp Nachos

The great thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it in advance. This makes it ideal to cook for large groups of family or friends as you will hardly have to spend any time in the kitchen when your guests arrive.

They will be so blown away by the flavors and textures of these shrimp nachos that they will ask you to cook it  for them again and again. 

2. Rachel Ray Mag – Loaded Shrimp Nachos

These nachos are packed full of juicy, succulent shrimp, topped with melted cheese and finished off with creamy guacamole. The fresh lime juice makes it nice and zesty and there is fresh garlic to add even more flavor.

Your taste buds will be in for a treat if you make this amazing recipe. 

3. Souffle Bombay – Shrimp Nachos

This recipe is full of fresh and vibrant flavors that are perfect for Summer. You can enjoy them as a starter or make a big batch for a sharing main course.

The colorful ingredients look fantastic together, so this meal would make a great centerpiece for the table. 

4. Peas And Crayons – Shrimp Nachos

Each crunchy tortilla chip is contrasted with sour cream, tasty cheese, chives, tomatoes, and of course the delicious shrimp.This recipe also uses shredded lettuce and cabbage to create a lovely crisp texture.

It is very refreshing and is a meal that you and your family will love. It is also quite healthy, with salad ingredients that provide vitamins and nutrients. 

5. How Sweet Eats – Sheet Pan Shrimp Nachos

Sheet pan meals are really easy, especially for busy weeknights when you want something quick and tasty. With homemade salsa and earthy black beans, these authentic nachos will leave you satisfied.

Your family will love this meal so much that it will become one of their favorites. 

6. Fig And Olive Platter – Loaded Shrimp Nachos 

The creamy cheesy sauce on these nachos mixed with the chipotle lime shrimp makes them the ideal food to enjoy on game day. It is a simple recipe, but one that will definitely impress your friends and keep them coming back for more.

You might want to make up two batches so you can cook some more for your hungry guests- you will be surprised at how quickly these nachos disappear. 

7. Taste Of Home – Cheddar Shrimp Nachos

Taste Of Home - Cheddar Shrimp Nachos

This recipe uses tangy cheddar cheese and tart olives to add in some extra flavor. The little tortillas are miniature rather than one big tray of nachos, so you can pick them up and easily eat them with your fingers.

This makes them perfect for party appetizers or to enjoy as a snack. They would also make a great side dish to serve at a BBQ. 

8. Chicken Of The Sea – Baked Shrimp Nachos

These delicious nachos are really easy to make in just 20 minutes and four simple steps. The fresh cilantro really lifts the dish and adds an amazing flavor.

The pepper jack cheese melts into a perfectly bubbly texture that coats the crunchy tortilla chips in an irresistible way. 

9. Spoon University – Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

This recipe adds extra emphasis on the cheese, so be prepared for stringy, delicious cheesy mouthfuls of nachos that will keep you coming back for more.

The cumin is the perfect spice to add flavor to the shrimp without overpowering it, which means that all of the flavors are perfectly balanced. 

10. Shaken Together Life – Shrimp Nachos

This 15 minute meal is so easy to make that you will want it all of the time. The shrimp is grilled before being added to the delicious nachos, making it tender and the perfect texture.

The Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce give it a fiery kick which pairs well with the grilled shrimp. . 

11. Food.com – Spicy Shrimp Nachos

These nachos use mango for sweetness, juiciness and a tropical edge. This contrasts well with the spicy shrimp and the fiery jalapenos. Jamaican jerk spices add an extra depth of flavor that makes these nachos really special and interesting. 

12. Blackened Shrimp Nachos

The shrimp in this recipe is charred to give it even more flavor. The blue corn tortilla chips make it more interesting than regular nachos and add lovely color to the dish that will attract your eye.

The crunchy bell peppers add a great texture to contrast the soft juicy shrimp. 

13. CopyKat – Red Lobster Shrimp Nachos

This recipe is designed to mimic the classic appetizer available at the red lobster restaurant, but with bigger and juicer shrimp to make it more filling and impressive.

You could make this tasty dish to serve to your friends or family rather than going out to a restaurant. 

14. On The Gas – The Ultimate Shrimp And Beef Nachos

These shrimp and beef nachos are an interesting take on ‘surf and turf’. The beef is rich and meaty, but the shrimp is tender and juicy which makes for a perfect combination.

The melted cheese envelopes both toppings and with the crunchy tacos you get the perfect mouthful of food. 

15. My Recipes – Shrimp And Crab Nachos

This recipe uses a combination of shrimp and crab meat for a super seafood meal. You can use whichever kind of tortilla chips you prefer, and the pepper jack cheese melted on top is perfect. 

16. Sargento – Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

Garlic, lime and cilantro make the ideal blend of flavors in this recipe. The mild cheese contrasts with the spicy jalapenos, and olives make an interesting addition to the nachos. 

17. Mission Foods – Shrimp And Chorizo Nachos

This recipe uses Mission Foods round tortilla chips instead of the classic triangle corn chips. This is useful as the round tortilla chips hold more toppings. The chorizo has a deep and rich flavor which goes really with the shrimp. 

18. Ree Drummond – Citrus Shrimp Nachos

If you love zesty fruit and you love seafood then this recipe will be perfect for you. It is ideal for a summer evening when you want to eat in the garden with your friends. 

19. Serious Eats – Shrimp Nachos With Tortilla Chips

The shrimp in this recipe are marinated which makes them super juicy and packed with even more flavor. The Monterey Jack cheese is the perfect pairing with the shrimp. 

20. Grandbaby Cakes – Blackened Shrimp Nachos

This recipe comes with a useful video tutorial so you can make sure that you get it right. The shrimp is cooked until it has a lovely browned edge which gives them plenty of flavor. The cheese is melted and so tasty. 

21. Betty Crocker – Shrimp Salsa Nachos

These bitesize nachos are perfect to eat as tasty appetizers for party food. You can easily pick them up and eat them with your fingers and they look great when they are all laid out on a platter. The salsa is refreshing and goes really well with the shrimp. 

22. Real Simple- Shrimp And Avocado Nachos

These plump shrimp are flavored with cayenne pepper for a bit of spice, and fresh cilantro for a fantastic flavor. The radishes are sharp and go really well with the red onions. 

23. Snappy Gourmet – Tropical Style Shrimp Nachos

These tasty oven baked nachos are given a tropical twist with the addition of pineapple and caribbean seasoning. It makes them unusual but so delicious and perfect eo enjoy on a Summer Day.

The fresh fruit is sweet and tangy and goes really well with the tender shrimp and spices. 

24. Pinterest – Mexican Shrimp Nachos

Pinterest - Mexican Shrimp Nachos

If you want the perfect Mexican nachos with juicy shrimp then you should definitely try out this recipe. You will love the blend of spices and cheese along with the seafood which is cooked to the ideal texture. 

25. Will Cook For Smiles – Jalapeno Shrimp Nachos

If you like your nachos with a bit of spice then this recipe could be just what you are looking for. They are fiery, flavorsome, with melted cheese and crumbled cheese for the ideal combination of flavors and textures.

Put them in a big dish on the table and let everyone tuck in.