25 Of The Most Amazing Serrano Pepper Recipes

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If you are the kind of person who loves spicy food, then chances are you have sampled a serrano pepper at some point in your life.

Cultivated in Puebla, this pepper has become a signature ingredient in Mexican cuisine and can be used to make a variety of delicious meals.

Apart from gourmet hot sauces, this pepper can be used to make countless dishes, with hundreds of recipes now available on the net.

Because of this, we have decided to round up some of our favorites, so that you can learn more about the pepper and how to use it in the kitchen.

25 Of The Most Amazing Serrano Pepper Recipes

In the following list, we have showcased 25 of the most amazing serrano pepper recipes available online, which can be made from the comfort of your home.

\These recipes are simple and promise to deliver delicious and spicy results that will have you licking your lips for days.

So why not take a look down below and see which one of our recipes catches your eye…

1. Serrano Hot Sauce (Mexican Please)

For the first recipe on our list, we have chosen this amazing hot sauce from Mexican Please, which can be made with a selection of gourmet ingredients.

Bursting with serrano and habanero peppers, this recipe combines the fruit with garlic, white vinegar and lime – resulting in a sharp and delicious condiment that packs a powerful punch.

2. Pickled Serrano Peppers (A Fork’s Tale)

Serrano peppers are often used to make giardiniera, an Italian relish made from pickled vegetables and herbs, which is why we have decided to showcase this amazing pickling method.

All you have to do is submerge the serrano peppers in a mixture of white vinegar and sugar, which should produce sweet and sour pickles that can be used for recipes and any occasion.

3. Serrano Pepper Salsa (Mexico In My Kitchen)

Is there anything better than homemade salsa? We don’t think so and it seems the next recipe on our list agrees.

Ideal for anyone who loves heat, this classic salsa is made by combining serrano peppers with cooking oil and chopped onions – resulting in a hot and scrumptious condiment that pairs well with tortilla chips.

4. Serrano Pepper Mexican Rice (Creative Culinary)

Bring the essence of Mexico into your home by making this delicious serrano rice, which boasts a wide variety of spices, herbs and dressings.

Featuring white rice that has been combined with serrano peppers and fresh cilantro, this dish is the ideal choice for spice enthusiasts and can be served with curries for a true nose watering feast.

5. Serrano & Tomato Salsa (Zesty South Indian Kitchen)

There’s nothing better than sitting back with a bowl of chips and dip, which is why we have decided to showcase this incredible recipe for homemade salsa.

Boasting a rich combination of serrano peppers and roma tomatoes, this salsa is flavored with garlic and fresh cilantro, which results in a refreshing dip that can be eaten with chips and burritos.

6. Serrano Pepper Burgers (My Recipes)

Serrano Pepper Burgers (My Recipes)
Source: My Recipes

We love it when a recipe takes a classic dish and gives it a creative twist, such as adding serrano peppers to a delicious american cheeseburger.

While it may sound simple on the surface, the infusion of beef, jack cheese and serrano is a taste experience that will leave you wanting more – especially when it has been served in a brioche bun with lettuce and mayo.

7. Chunky Serrano Pepper Guacamole (Martha Stewart)

If you have throwing parties and need a simple recipe for the buffet, then look no further than this delicious homemade guacamole with serrano peppers.

Boasting a wide selection of fresh ingredients, this classic dip combines ripe avocados with tomatoes and onion before garnishing the dish with a squirt of lemon juice and chopped cilantro.

8. Serrano Pepper Chili (A Simple Pantry)

When it comes to making a delicious chili, it can be hard to maintain the flavor while adding the heat, which is why we have decided to showcase this recipe for some of the best chili you will ever taste.

Bursting with classic ingredients, this recipe combines ground beef with serrano peppers, onion and kidney beans to produce a tasty dish that can be eaten with rice, tortilla chips and burritos.

9. Stuffed Serrano Peppers (Spark Recipes)

Stuffed Serrano Peppers (Spark Recipes)
Source: Spark Recipes

There’s nothing better than a succulent stuffed pepper, which is why we have decided to showcase this wonderful recipe from Spark People.

Just hollow out your serrano peppers and fill them with a combination of cream cheese, turkey and fresh cilantro, which should result in a delicious dish that can be served with dipping sauce on the side.

10. Ancho – Serrano Steak Sauce (Certified Angus Beef)

If you have been searching for a delicious steak sauce to make from scratch, then we may have found the perfect recipe for you.

Featuring a heady combination of ancho and serrano peppers, this recipe combines the fruit with beef broth and onion before flavoring the sauce with garlic and chipotle – the final result is a decadent condiment ideal for sirloin cuts.

11. Serrano Pepper Aioli (HEB)

Serrano Pepper Aioli (HEB)
Source: HEB

While eating a bowl of fries, we love having a delicious sauce on the side, which is why we have decided to showcase this recipe for serrano aioli.

Packing a powerful punch, this creamy sauce is made from a combination of serrano peppers, dijon mustard, garlic cloves and lime – ideal for countless snacks and meals, this is one sauce you will want to make again.

12. Loaded Cauliflower Casserole (Dad With A Pan)

If you have been searching for a nutritious dish loaded with vegetables, then look no further than this cauliflower casserole with serrano peppers.

Bursting with delicious ingredients, this casserole combines cauliflower with garlic, onion and bacon to produce a rustic dish that is ideal for social dinners with your family and closest friends.

13. Serrano Pepper Avocado Toast (Our Green Planet)

There’s nothing better than a slice of avocado toast in the morning, especially when it has been garnished with a little heat.

Featuring sliced avocado and sweetcorn, this recipe puts the toppings on gluten-free bread along with serrano peppers and fresh cilantro – which gives you a delicious breakfast that is ideal for vegans and health enthusiasts.

14. Charred Serrano Cheddar Quesadillas (Food & Wine)

Charred Serrano Cheddar Quesadillas (Food & Wine)
Source: Food and Wine

Are you looking for a quick and easy snack? Then look no further than these delicious serrano cheddar quesadillas from Food and Wine.

Boasting a combination of cheese and spice, these quesadillas are made by filling flour tortillas with cheddar and serrano peppers – the final result is a savory snack that can be served with homemade salsa or guacamole.

15. Mint & Serrano Pepper Granita (Essential Omnivore)

While the notion of using serrano peppers to make a dessert may sound strange, we promise that the final result will take your breath away – literally.

Made from a combination of serrano, mint leaves and lime juice, this refreshing dessert also contains honey and filtered water, which gives it a sweet and floral taste that balances well with the spice.

16. Spicy Serrano Grapefruit Margaritas (A Flavor Journal)

One of the best things about serrano peppers is their versatile nature, which allows them to feature in a range of different recipes.

For example, this delicious cocktail combines the pepper with grapefruit and tequila, which results in a classic margarita with a creative twist.

17. Watermelon With Lime & Serrano Peppers (Epicurious)

Watermelon With Lime & Serrano Peppers (Epicurious)
Source: Epicurious

We all love a refreshing salad on a hot summer’s day, which is why we have decided to showcase this amazing recipe from Epicurious.

Featuring sliced watermelon that has been flavored with lime juice and serrano, this salad is a fruity alternative to other dishes and can be served with a sprinkle of feta cheese for a true taste experience.

18. Fresh Mango Serrano Salsa (Venturists)

Fresh Mango Serrano Salsa (Venturists)
Source: Venturists

While homemade salsa will commonly feature tomatoes and onion, this unique recipe puts a tropical twist on the classic dip.

Boasting a vibrant mix of fresh ingredients, this salsa contains tomatoes, red onions and bell peppers, which are then infused with serrano and succulent mango for a distinctive and fruity taste.

19. Spicy Pepper Chicken (Simply Stacie)

Spicy Pepper Chicken (Simply Stacie)
Source: Simply Stacie

If you have been searching for a delicious recipe to make for your family and friends, then this pepper chicken might be the best option for you.

All you have to do is take skinless chicken breasts and smother them with bell pepper, serrano and diced tomatoes – just round off the dish with a mixture of herbs and spices and you are ready to eat.

20. Shredded Serrano Hot Sauce (Glue And Glitter)

Serrano peppers are commonly used to make hot sauces, so we scoured the internet to find the best one.

Featuring a pound of serrano peppers, this recipe combines the fruit with fresh garlic, salt and rice vinegar – which results in a thick green sauce loaded with heat, spice and gourmet flavor.

21. Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce & Serrano Peppers (Martha Stewart)

We love it when a dish brings two cultures together and this delicious pasta does just that and so much more.

Sporting a flavorful mixture of tomatoes, garlic and herbs, this recipe garnishes the finished noodles with minced serrano peppers and parmesan cheese – which helps to give the pasta a little kick.

22. Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps (Schnucks)

Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps (Schnucks)
Source: Schnucks

Bring the taste of Thailand into your home with these delicious lettuce wraps, which can be easily altered for vegetarians.

Boasting a filling of ground turkey and serrano peppers, these refreshing and aromatic wraps are a delicious way to end the evening and can be served with a selection of sauces on the side.

23. Southwestern Cheese Fries (A Simple Pantry)

There’s nothing better than fries, especially when they come loaded with a selection of delicious toppings, such as the ones seen in this recipe from A Simple Pantry.

Bursting with amazing ingredients, these homemade fries are topped with shredded cheese, green onions, cilantro, serrano peppers and dry seasoned ribs – creating a beautiful harmony of tastes and textures.

Serrano-Spiced Paloma Cocktail (Cookie + Kate)
Source: Cookie + Kate

This delicious cocktail makes for the perfect addition to Sunday brunch, which is why we have decided to showcase it on our list.

Made from a combination of lime juice, tequila and agave nectar – this cocktail is sweetened with grapefruit and flavored with serrano peppers, which helps to give it a distinctive and warm taste.

25. Tamarind and Serrano Flan (Bake Street)

Tamarind and Serrano Flan (Bake Street)
Source: Bake Street

For the final recipe on our list, we have chosen a delicious and creamy dessert with a unique cultural twist.

While this dessert may look like a normal flan, the mixture itself has been flavored with tamarind and serrano peppers, which contrast beautifully with the sugar to produce a sweet and spicy treat.