25 Of The Most AMAZING Rompope Recipes

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In Latin America, you can find an amazingly creamy and sweet eggnog-like drink called Rompope.

25 Of The Most AMAZING Rompope Recipes
Image Source: biggerbolderbaking

At Christmas time, you can find this beverage in stores, restaurants, and cafes alike! But if you want to enjoy the magical experience that Rompope can give in the comfort of your own home, then don’t bother buying a store-bought substitute.

Rompope was designed to be made at home! Part of its festive delight is the creation of this family comfort drink.

So what actually is “Rompope”? It is an iconically yellow drink that gets its color from egg yolk. 

Along with that star ingredient, you’ll find milk, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla extract, rum or brandy, and a special something extra. This special something is baking soda!

Baking soda is a choice that some people no longer use because if it’s bitter taste, but if you want to create the original and traditional drink, then baking soda is a must! The white dust acts as a thickening agent.

It is said that nuns invented Rompope at a convent in Puebla, Mexico. When locals started exclaiming how great the beverage was, people came from all over to get some. With all this popularity, the nuns began to sell it!

People have adapted the traditional recipe over the years as varied flavors, and differing thickening agents have become available.

So we have collected 25 of the most amazing Rompope recipes around, so you can sift through the best to find your new favorite festive drink.

1. Rompope (Mexican Egg Nog) – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

25 Of The Most AMAZING Rompope Recipes
Image Source: biggerbolderbaking

We are starting off with a traditional rendition of the classic Rompope, baking soda and all! Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking suggested that the secret ingredient the nuns had used wasn’t baking soda but actually Tequesquite.

Tequesquite is a salty mineral containing sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, and sodium sulfate. It has been used in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times as a food seasoning, but it was hard to come by.

Seeing as the church had more money than most, it’s not ridiculous to believe that the locals were astounded by this expensive ingredient!

2. Rompope Mexican Eggnog – The Spruce Eats

Rompope Mexican Eggnog - The Spruce Eats
Image Source: thespruceeats

If you want to keep the essence but would rather have a more Christmasy taste, then try out The Spruce Eats’ version of Rompope.

They have included blanched almonds to create a festive depth of flavor and a cinnamon stick to really bring the spirit of wintertime.

3. Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) Recipe – Serious Eats

Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) Recipe - Serious Eats
Image Source: seriouseats

If blanched almonds have caught your attention, but you want a little bit of zestiness in your Rompope, then take a look at Serious Eats’ adaptation.

They have included the rind of a lemon, removed with a peeler to avoid pith (the white bit), to create a delicate hint of lightness in this otherwise heavy drink.

4. Rompope (Latin Eggnog) – Laylita’s Recipes

Rompope (Latin Eggnog) - Laylita’s Recipes
Image Source: laylita

To many, the heaviness of Rompope is part of its charm, so removing that warming hug might feel unnecessary. If this sounds like a thought running through your mind, then Laylita’s Recipes might be for you.

They have included 2 cups of cream and one cup of condensed milk to create a wonderfully thick beverage.

5. Rompope (Mexican Milk, Egg, Spice, and Liquor Punch) – Epicurious

Rompope (Mexican Milk, Egg, Spice, and Liquor Punch) - Epicurious
Image Source: epicurious

Usually, rum is the best liquor to add to your Rompope, but Epicurious suggests using Aguardiente. Aguardiente literally translates to “Burning Water” from Spanish.

It is a strong spirit with 29% or higher alcohol, so if you like a potent drink, this recipe might be for you!

6. Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) – All Recipes

Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) - All Recipes
Image Source: allrecipes

If you want to keep your Rompope simple, then look no further than All Recipes. They have created a 5 ingredient version of the traditional drink, using ingredients you can readily find in your kitchen. 

7. Rompope, A Deliciously Creamy Mexican Eggnog with Brandy – Lins Food

Rompope, A Deliciously Creamy Mexican Eggnog with Brandy - Lins Food
Image Source: linsfood

If brandy is more your speed than rum, then try out Lins Food’s recipe. They use grated nutmeg, 250 ml of brandy, and 2 tsp of vanilla paste. You can use extract instead, but sometimes extract is hard to find.

8. Cafe Rompope (Mexican Coffee Eggnog) – Better Homes & Gardens

Cafe Rompope (Mexican Coffee Eggnog) - Better Homes & Gardens
Image Source: bhg

Want to add your caffeine kick to this traditional Latin drink? Better Homes & Gardens have got you covered! They use coffee beans to create a bitter mix with your smooth Rompope drink, creating a whole new element to the holidays.

9. Chocolate Rompope Mexican Eggnog – Sweet Life

Chocolate Rompope Mexican Eggnog - Sweet Life
Image Source: sweetlifebake

Chocolate is the perfect snack on a festive holiday, so mixing it into your Rompope will double your Christmassy atmosphere. Finishing off with a cinnamon stick, and it will be like you have Christmas in a cup.

10. Coconut Rompope – Goya

Coconut Rompope - Goya
Image Source: goya

Coconut milk is a perfect swap for people who suffer from milk allergies or intolerances, so if you want to try a Rompope recipe but need ingredients you can actually digest, then check out Goya’s recipe. 

Coconut milk is also a fantastic flavor by itself, so bring some tropical tastes to your festive drink!

11. Rompope Jello – Food52

Rompope Jello - Food52
Image Source: food52

Now you know how you make different kinds of Rompope, you can be a little more adventurous with your festive sides. Use one of the base recipes above and mix that Rompope into this Jello recipe!

12. Costa Rican Rompope Recipe – Pura Vida Moms

Costa Rican Rompope Recipe - Pura Vida Moms
Image Source: puravidamoms

If you like to cook with a little help from pre-mixes, then have a read of Pura Vida Mom’s recipe. You can be sure that your Rompope won’t deviate far from the original flavor with their suggestion of powdered eggnog mix or liquid eggnog mix.

13. Rompope Rice Pudding – Carolina

Rompope Rice Pudding - Carolina
Image Source: carolinarice

You don’t need to use Carolina’s own brand of rice to create this fantastic rice pudding recipe, although it doesn’t hurt to keep to its original formula. With these instructions, you can make the drink and the pudding in one go!

14. Rompope Ice Cream – Kiwilimon

Rompope Ice Cream - Kiwilimon
Image Source: kiwilimon

Rompope in ice cream?! Say no more! Ideally, you would need an ice cream machine to make this recipe work, but you can attempt to use your freezer instead. Using a freezer will mean you will have to wait longer for the Rompope to set.

15. Rompope Flan – Que Rica Vida

Rompope Flan - Que Rica Vida
Image Source: quericavida

To make the flan, you will need to have already made your Rompope. Ideally, you should pick Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking recipe so you can continue with the classic taste of Rompope.

16. “Three Milk” Cake with Rompope – Bon Appetit

“Three Milk” Cake with Rompope - Bon Appetit
Image Source: bonappetit

Bon Appetit has created a recipe to make a cake, foresting, and Rompope syrup, but again you will need to create your Rompope drink beforehand. Pick whichever recipe you prefer from the list above.

17. Bionicos de Rompope (Creamy Mexican Fruit Salad) – Craft Log

Bionicos de Rompope (Creamy Mexican Fruit Salad) - Craft Log
Image Source: craftlog

Another recipe that asks you to buy is Rompope, but you can make that delight yourself! Once you’ve created your festive beverage, you can mix it in a fruit salad to create a sweet snack.

18. Bolis de Rompope (Mexican Eggnog Popsicles) – Just a Pinch

Bolis de Rompope (Mexican Eggnog Popsicles) - Just a Pinch

We suggest that you use a recipe above to create the Rompope, but then follow the directions in Just a Pinch’s guide to make a beautiful and tasty popsicle!

19. Easy Chocolate Eggnog Cookies (Rompope Drop Cookies) – A Taste for Travel

Easy Chocolate Eggnog Cookies (Rompope Drop Cookies) - A Taste for Travel
Image Source: atastefortravel

Again you will need to use another recipe to create the actual Rompope, but by this time, you will be making some every day! If you have ⅓ cups leftover, you can use A Taste for Travel’s recipe to make a delicious Rompope flavored cookie!

20. Rompope Martini Recipe – Monin

Rompope Martini Recipe - Monin
Image Source: monin

Like most of the others on this bottom half of our Rompope recipe lift, Monin has suggested that you buy some Rompope to create this recipe.

You know how to make your own Rompope now, so skip past that suggestion and create this Martini from scratch! The process is easy, and ingredients are common, so turn this traditional recipe into a modern show stopper!

21. Chocolate Rompope Waffles – Very Best Baking

Chocolate Rompope Waffles - Very Best Baking
Image Source: verybestbaking

With these Rompope recipes under your belt, you can create so many other delights. This chocolate and Rompope treat could be a breakfast meal or a dessert, and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

22. Rompope Pastry Cream – Maizena

Rompope Pastry Cream - Maizena
Image Source: maizena

Want to create an afternoon tea delicacy? Put your newfound Rompope skills to the test! Pastry can be difficult to master, so keep trying until everything falls into place.

23. Grape Crepes with Rompope Cream – Cocina Vital

Grape Crepes with Rompope Cream - Cocina Vital
Image Source: cocinavital

Rompope and grapes might not sound like a typical combination, but trust us, this Crepe is divine! Create the perfect snack with these delicate delights.

24. Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) – Isabel Eats

Rompope (Mexican Eggnog) - Isabel Eats
Image Source: isabeleats

With all of these wild variations on the traditional Rompope, let’s start to slow down and go back to the basics. Isabel Eats has created an easy-to-follow recipe that sticks to the classic flavors of Rompope but with slivered almonds added to the mix.

25. Rompope Recipe – Food Republic

Rompope Recipe - Food Republic
Image Source: foodrepublic

If you prefer the taste of store-bought Rompope and want to create that same flavor at home, then follow Food Republic’s recreation of the Latin classic.