25 Of The Most AMAZING Pan de Bono Recipes

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Pan de bono is a type of bread that originated in Columbia. It’s made of ingredients such as cheese, eggs, and cassava starch.

Some regions of Columbia also use guava jam within the recipe to give it a more fruity flavor. 

25 Of The Most AMAZING Pan De Bono Recipes

You’ll often find pan de bono served with hot chocolate within hours of it being cooked. For the best results, you should serve it while it’s still warm. Here are 25 of the best recipes for pan de bono. 

1. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

This first recipe perfectly captures the traditional Colombian cheese bread rolls that are so popular.

Combine with a cup of hot chocolate or Columbian coffee to really enhance the feel of the country! These buns can last for a week, but they’ll surely be eaten before then. 

2. Pandebono (Colombian Cassava Bread)

Make this gluten-free recipe for your household as an easy breakfast or snack.

The soft outer shell encases a sticky, starchy inner, which is much different from typical bread that we get from the supermarket.

Roll the dough into rings to treat your family to a healthier alternative to donuts!

3. Pan de Bono | Easy Colombian Cheese Bread

This recipe calls for corn flour, starch, egg, and a deliciously crumbly cheese.

Gluten free and therefore perfect for anyone to enjoy, this bread is perfect for beginners.

Roll it into little balls to make bitesize pan de bono pieces to enjoy as snacks. 

4. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

Looking for your new favorite bread that has just the right amount of cheesiness and the perfect puffiness? Then look no further than this recipe.

These rolls will be a firm favorite in any household that makes them, so make sure you have the ingredients handy!

Made within just 30 minutes, these are a delightful treat.

5. Pandebono: Colombian Cheese Bread

This recipe calls for two different types of flour – tapioca flour and corn flour.

You can either use the precooked corn flour that this recipe calls for or regular corn flour – both work well at their job within the mixture. Roll into tubes, balls, or rings!

6. Pandebonos (Colombian Cheese Bread)

If you have already made Columbian buñuelos, this recipe will seem quite similar to what you already know.

A few of the ingredients are the same, and so is the method!

While traditional pan de bonos require a cheese only found in Columbia, this recipe substitutes it for queso fresco and feta. 

7. Easy Pandebono Recipe -A Delicious Colombian Cheese Bread

Once you make this recipe, pan de bono will instantly become a staple in your household.

Be warned, though – as soon as you’ve baked your pan de bono, they’ll have been eaten!

So make sure that you bake enough for everyone to enjoy before they ask you to make another batch. 

8. Pan de Bono (Colombian Cassava And Masa Cheese Bread)

These pan de bono rolls are made with cassava flour and masa, which is a particular type of corn flour.

This recipe is beginner-friendly and delicious, as well as being gluten free so suitable for everyone to enjoy. 

 9. Pan de Bono

Pan de bono translates to bonus bread, and that is exactly what you’ll feel like you’ve got when you try it for the first time.

Make these small rolls, brew a coffee, and sit down to enjoy your first experience of pan de bono. There’s nothing like it, and you’ll feel like you won the jackpot! 

10. Pandebono Or Colombian Cheese Bread

These small cheesy bread rolls have been made with yuca flour or tapioca flour and lots of cheese.

Because of the flour this recipe calls for, they can be called pan de yuca. However, they are better known as pan de bono.

This recipe calls for farmers cheese, so breaking into a roll will leave you with that gorgeously smooth cheesy scent and taste.

11. The Colombian Pandebono Recipe

Using two types of starch – cassava sour starch and cassava sweet starch – really takes this recipe to another level.

You’ll get a burst of flavor with each bite, and not just from the delicious salty cheese you’ve added either!

Sugar is another ingredient for this recipe, so you’ll be getting lots of contrasting flavors with this bread. 

12. Pandebono / Colombian Gluten Free Cheese Bread

The ingredients for this pan de bono calls for a flour blend made specifically for this type of bread, which will certainly cut out some preparation time!

Two types of cheese are also used – feta and mozzarella – to make your rolls as cheesy as possible. 

13. Pandebono, Classic Colombian Cheese Bread

This recipe, like many others, calls for feta cheese and queso fresco.

These two cheeses are strong in flavor and not too sweet, so your bread will have a powerful punch with every bite.

What else would you want from your pan de bono?

14. Colombian Cheese Bread

This recipe is excellent for beginners and people who often find it difficult to make their own bread.

The ingredients list also comes with plenty of variation so that you can decide what ingredients you want to include.

This can also make shopping much easier and less stressful, too! 

15. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

Another excellent recipe for beginners, this pan de bono recipe only requires five ingredients!

This is perfect for people wanting to try pan de bono for the first time on a budget. You don’t have to spend too much money on the ingredients at all! 

16. Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread

If you’re someone who enjoys watching other people cook as you follow along, this recipe might be the one for you.

It comes complete with a video on how to make the pan de bono, so you don’t have to worry about misreading any of the steps. This recipe could not be easier!

17. Colombian Cheese Bread (Pandebono) Recipe 

All you need for this recipe is four ingredients! That makes these pan de bono balls a great and inexpensive treat for your household.

You can switch up which cheese you use, too, so no one will ever get bored of the delicious flavor. What are you waiting for? 

18. Colombian Pandebono Cheese Bread

Are you looking for a simple dinner roll recipe that will only take you half an hour to make? Then look no further than this pan de bono recipe.

The fluffiness of these rolls are sure to make them a fan favorite at any party or gathering you have, so make sure to make enough for everyone!

19. Best Air Fryer Pan de Bono

Air fryers are all the rage right now, and the good news is that you can also use them to make pan de bono!

The recipe and method is exactly the same as if you were to make them in the oven, but the cooking time is reduced to just 14 minutes!

If you have an air fryer, try this recipe now. 

20. Pandebono Recipe

Gluten free breads are often very plain and heavy, which is why pan de bono is such a nice treat.

These cheese bread rolls are perfect for any gluten free loved one in your life. Using only four ingredients, you can whip up this recipe in just 25 minutes. 

21. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread) Recipe

Serve this recipe up at breakfast with your morning coffee, or a cup of hot chocolate for a midday snack.

However you choose to serve this meal, you and your family won’t be disappointed with the fluffy texture and cheesy flavor. 

22. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

Cook this recipe with just five ingredients that you might already have in your pantry, with Mexican or Colombian quesito.

Pair this with feta cheese to really enhance the flavor – this is definitely a recipe for those who love bold flavors! 

23. Easy Pan de Bono Recipe (Colombian Cheese Bread)

This recipe is for beginners who enjoy following simple recipes, but also for those who have a little more time on their hands to perfect the process.

These rolls take 50 minutes to make, from start to finish, but the finished product will show your hardwork and dedication.

24. Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

This recipe calls for white Latin cheese or queso para freir for the authentic Colombian flavor.

However, if you cannot get your hands on these, you can also opt for feta cheese. Either way, these rolls are sure to be a delight and well worth the cooking process!

25. Pan de Bono With Guava Filling

Last but not least we have a pan de bono recipe that adds guava filling within the cheesy bread to give it a refreshing fruity twist.

The feta cheese and queso fresco pair delightfully with the guava paste to give you a mixture of sweet and savory with every bite. 


We hope that you enjoy this collection of recipes for pan de bono.

This is an amazing Colombian dish that we think everyone should try at least once – but once you’ve tried it, we guarantee that you’ll make it many more times!

Enjoy it!