25 Of The Most AMAZING Madeleine Recipes Julia Child

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When you think of madeleines, those delicious little spongy cakes, it is very likely that your mind goes straight to Julia Child.

The madeleine recipe that featured in her 1989 cookbook The Way to Cook is the most widely used around the world. 

25 Of The Most AMAZING Madeleine Recipes Julia Child

Of course, I have included that wonderful Julia Child’s recipe as the first on this list, but I also wanted to show you 24 other fantastic recipes of madeleines, many of which were inspired by Child’s recipe. 

1. Julia Child’s Classic French Madeleines

Julia Child’s Classic French Madeleines
Image Source: kannammacooks

Of course, I can’t put her book into this article (although you can buy it for yourself if you want), but I have managed to track down a website that features Julia Child’s exact recipe!

Try it out today to see what all the fuss is about. 

2. Blood orange & dark chocolate madeleines

Blood orange & dark chocolate madeleines
Image Source: bbcgoodfood

Delicate madeleines have been made bold and delicious with blood orange powder and sumptuous dark chocolate. They are a delicious tea time treat or the perfect accompaniment to any afternoon tea spread!

And what’s more? They look so complex and impressive, even though they are actually quite straightforward to make! 

3. Madeleines au chocolat

Madeleines au chocolat
Image Source: deliciouseveryday

This recipe comes from the book The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook by Mireille Guiliano. This simple twist on a classic madeleine recipe brings whole new depths to the favorite finger-food cake.

Use the best quality dark chocolate you can afford for this one. This will give you the very best results! 

4. Raspberry Madeleines

Raspberry Madeleines
Image Source: finedininglovers

Raspberry madeleines are so simple yet oh so delicious! Don’t underestimate the delicate flavors of raspberry, especially when paired with the surprise zest of lime in this light sponge recipe.

A great summertime or teatime accompaniment. 

5. Triple Chocolate Madeleines

Triple Chocolate Madeleines
Image Source: emmaduckworthbakes

Not just chocolate. Not even double chocolate. These madeleines are triple chocolate making them a chocoholics paradise! Again, only the best quality chocolate you can afford will do for these beauties.

They are a little trickier to make than classic madeleines, which seems crazy when you consider how fast they will likely be eaten, but they are so worth the time! 

6. Gingerbread Madeleines

Gingerbread Madeleines
Image Source: carolinescooking

Did somebody say Christmas? Well, that’s the vibes I am getting from these delicious gingerbread flavored madeleines!

If you are a fan of everyone’s favorite Christmas sweet treat (gingerbread, of course), then you will absolutely love these lightly spiced gingerbread madeleines.

They make the perfect aspiring to some hot mulled cider or as little Christmas gifts! 

7. Pistachio Rosewater Madeleines

Pistachio Rosewater Madeleines
Image Source: foodduchess

French madeleines and Middle Eastern inspired flavors are a win-win for us! These delicious and delicate madeleines are made with rosewater and pistachio and finished off with a gorgeous dip of smooth white chocolate.

The textures work so well together, and the result is a super buttery and smooth cake with gorgeous light flavors. 

8. Lemon and Blueberry Madeleines

Lemon and Blueberry Madeleines
Image Source: mayakitchenette

The zest of the lemon and the sweetness of the blueberries in this delicious cake work so well against the lightness of the madeleines.

It is super important that you do use good quality, real butter in this recipe to get the absolute most from it….and everyone knows how delicious butter and lemon are together. 

9. Carrot Cake Madeleines

Carrot Cake Madeleines
Image Source: tashasartisanfoods

Everyone knows I can’t resist a carrot cake (or any cake for that matter), so when I found this recipe for carrot cake madeleines, I just had to include it in this article full of madeleine recipes!

The distinct spicy sweetness of regular carrot cakes really shines through with the light sponge of the madeleines. 

10. Madeleine Strawberry Charlotte Cake

Madeleine Strawberry Charlotte Cake
Image Source: delscookingtwist

This lovely Charlotte Cake has been given a delicious French twist with this recipe. Traditionally, a Charlotte cake is made using Lady Finger’s cakes, this recipe uses madeleines instead.

It is deliciously fruity with the sweet strawberries, and I think madeleines are the perfect replacement for Ladyfingers here! 

11. Neapolitan Madeleines

Neapolitan Madeleines
Image Source: bakingthegoods

Can’t decide what flavor madeleines you want? Well, these Neapolitan madeleines may well be your best bet! Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate are married together in this unique and tasty recipe.

They are definitely a little tricky to make but when you have the hang of it you’ll be making them all the time…and trust me when you taste them, you’ll want to! 

12. Maple Madeleine Cookies

Maple Madeleine Cookies
Image Source: yummly

Maple isn’t just for pancakes, you know! In this recipe, you will be using maple extract to get that rich, super sweet, almost smoky maple taste that everyone knows and loves.

Serve them at breakfast with some berries and a cup of coffee to feel as though you are eating pancakes! 

13. Banana Madeleines

Banana Madeleines
Image Source: sprinkledwithcharm

Ok, so I know that the stodginess of banana bread does not really work with the lightness of a madeleine, but hear me out with this one…who said rules have to be obeyed? Why can’t I pair bananas and madeleines?

Well, that’s just what this creator did with this recipe, and let me just say that it was a good idea! 

14. Cinnamon madeleines with spiced caramel sauce

Cinnamon madeleines with spiced caramel sauce
Image Source: deliciousmagazine

The light, fluffy, sponginess of a madeleine, partnered with the sweet spice of churros. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what this recipe brings us! It’s made even more spectacular by the spiced caramel sauce.

Definitely more of a dessert than a light coffee accompaniment, though, especially when you realize that it’s almost impossible to stop eating that delicious sauce! 

15. Salted Caramel Madeleines

Salted Caramel Madeleines
Image Source: food52

A few years back, salted caramel was in its heyday! Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the impact it has had on the confectionary industry.

Personally, I can’t get enough of it, and so these salted caramel madeleines are absolutely heavenly to me.

The caramel flair is nice and subtle, and it is not overpowered by saltiness, which is what makes them so enjoyable. 

16. Lemon Madeleines 

Lemon Madeleines 
Image Source: lostinfood

Lemon madeleines are simple, sweet, light, and zesty. They make the perfect little summer time snack to be enjoyed in the garden with a cup of tea or homemade herb lemonade.

Now, lemon may seem a little boring amongst all of the impressive flavors on this list, but don’t be fooled, these little things really pack a zesty punch! You are sure to be impressed. 

17. Goat Cheese & Sun-dried Tomato Madeleines

Goat Cheese & Sun-dried Tomato Madeleines
Image Source: delscookingtwist

Remember when I talked about breaking rules earlier? Well, you may just freak out when I tell you about this major rule break, but hear me out… savory madeleines!

I know, I know, they are certainly unique, but honestly, they are the perfect savory snack, especially for a picnic! Goats cheese and sun-dried tomato work so well in these light bites. 

18. Orange Madeleines

Orange Madeleines
Image Source: marthastewart

Simple and delicious are the words I would use to describe these delicate orange floored madeleines.

The dusting of powdered sugar on top of them makes them look pretty and professional, and you can make the orange flavor as intense or light as you like! 

19. Parmesan-Herb Madeleines

Parmesan-Herb Madeleines
Image Source: lemonsandanchovies

Have you got over the shock of these savory madeleines yet? You have? Good…because I have another one for you!

These are the delicious parmesan and herb madeleines, and like the ones earlier, I think you should try them before you knock them!

The perfect savory picnic accompaniment or greats served in your kid’s lunchbox for a quick snack! 

20. Raspberry Rose French Madeleines

Raspberry Rose French Madeleines
Image Source: poshlittledesigns

Raspberry and rose just scream summer to me, and pairing them both in this delicious madeleine recipe just works so well! They are light, fluffy, and buttery.

The flavors of raspberry and rose work so well together without overpowering each other. 

21. Jam and coconut madeleines

Jam and coconut madeleines
Image Source: sbs

Jam (or jelly here in the US) is such an underrated ingredient, and I think it can work so well with little cakes like madeleines.

Jam and coconut are two flavors that are popular over the pond in Britain, and I can see why with this recipe! 

22. Lavender Honey Madeleines

Lavender Honey Madeleines
Image Source: delscookingtwist

I mean, it makes sense really, doesn’t it? French lavender and French madeleines, I mean. The delicate floral flavor of the lavender works well with the honey and lemon in this recipe.

They are delicate, sweet, and very moreish, and what’s more – they look so professional! 

23. White Chocolate Madeleines

White Chocolate Madeleines
Image Source: delscookingtwist

These white chocolate madeleines are simple but tasty. White chocolate makes a change from milk or dark chocolate and has the added bonus of being easy to decorate.

This means you can adorn them with sprinkles, pistachios, or even edible flowers, depending on your preference. 

24. Martha Collison’s elderflower madeleines with white chocolate sauce

Martha Collison's elderflower madeleines with white chocolate sauce
Image Source: waitrose

This unique recipe uses elderflower cordial to get that distinct floral flavor that is so loved. The addition of white chocolate sauce makes these a hit with all ages.

Just be sure to serve these madeleines immediately for the best results! 

25. Mocha Madeleines with Espresso Glaze

Mocha Madeleines with Espresso Glaze
Image Source: foodnouveau

As I have mentioned many times in this article, madeleines make the perfect partner to a cup of coffee. Well, what about actually putting the coffee inside the madeleines?

That’s just what this Mocha Madeleine recipe does! The espresso glaze is particularly delicious, and the whole dessert is the perfect mid-morning pick me up!