25 Of The Most AMAZING Lemon Aioli Recipes

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At any party or gathering, one of the key components are dips and sauces! If you’re looking for something more exciting than the typical BBQ sauce or mayonnaise combo, why not give lemon aioli a try? 

The sauce originates from the Mediterranean and complements any dish it is paired with as the delicate lemony notes, combined with a bold garlic flavour create a sauce so good, you and your guests will love it!

25 Of The Most AMAZING Lemon Aioli Recipes

Lemon Aioli can be customised to your taste with the addition of many ingredients like parsley, tarragon or even cayenne pepper for a kick. 

If this sounds exciting, take a look at the recipes below for some of the most amazing aioli recipes out there!

Aioli VS Mayonnaise

While aioli and mayonnaise share many of the same ingredients and could be called close cousins, aioli originates from the South of France and Spain and is traditionally made with blended garlic, egg yolk, some form of vinegar or lemon and olive oil.

Whereas mayonnaise is typically made with canola oil and does not contain garlic.

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Aioli

This classic aioli, from chef Martha Stewart, is best served with a delicate fish soup as the citrusy notes that the lemon provides, pairs well with most fish or seafood.

Martha recommends adding some Dijon mustard to the aioli, to really add some kick and enhance the overall flavours with a fun added twist.

A Couple Cooks’ Lemon Aioli

This recipe from husband and wife duo Alex and Sonja Overhiser (A Couple Cooks), is a delightfully tangy take on authentic lemon aioli.

The couple recommend whisking your aioli ingredients by hand, rather than using a blender, to get more air into the mixture and produce a much lighter and fluffier textured sauce. 

Peter Lee (Food And Wine Magazine)’s Lemon Aioli

In order to make a lusciously creamy and tart aioli, you’ll need to follow Peter Lee’s recipe!

He recommends serving it alongside a savoury paella for the best results and opts for a simple, uncomplicated yet delicious recipe using just mayonnaise, lemon juice/zest and grated garlic.

This is an easy recipe to follow and should only take a couple of minutes to complete, leaving you ample time to cook and serve the rest of your meal.

Cookie & Kate’s Cheater’s Aioli

Another cooking couple, Cookie and Kate, have created a simple recipe that allows you to ‘cheat’ and make your own lemon aioli in just a few minutes.

The key is to use mayonnaise as the base, which saves time and means that no whisking is involved.

The best part about this recipe is that it can be stored in the fridge for up to a week so you can use it over and over again.

Wholesome Yum’s Lemon & Garlic Aioli

This recipe is hailed as the best lemon aioli, according to Wholesome Yum!

This lemon aioli is so versatile it can be spread on just about anything, from salads to meat or fish.

Wholesome Yum’s recipe uses egg in order to make the dish creamier and more satisfying.

The lemon and garlic used give it that really bold flavour while the extra virgin olive oil helps seal everything together nicely.

Gordon Ramsay’s Lemon Aioli

World famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, presents his famous tangy, thick and very garlicky aioli through the masterclass cooking blog.

In his recipe, chef Ramsay, not only uses the traditional olive oil but a blend of canola oil too.

This, he says, is to help emulsify the base better. He also uses both lemon juice and lemon zest, to add a bolder lemon flavour.

Clean Eating’s Citrus Aioli

This particular aioli has a fun twist in that the recipe calls for not only lemon juice and zest but also orange juice and zest!

Making it truly more citrusy and delicious than ever. The addition of orange to the mix gives the aioli and sweetness that traditionally you wouldn’t find.

The recipe is also a lower calorie/healthier option as it suggests using reduced fat olive oil.

The Matbakh’s Lemon Garlic Aioli

This sauce comes together in 5 minutes, and it tastes fabulous.

It’s a great dipping sauce for any type of roasted or steamed vegetable: blanched asparagus, roasted zucchini, fried cauliflower, roasted crispy brussel sprouts, homemade salty french fries, and roasted butter baby potatoes.

It is a much more traditional take on aioli and even has some Lebanese influence. 

Easy Sauce Recipes Lemon Aioli

You’ll be obsessed with this aioli sauce recipe, and once you give it a taste, you will know why. It is tangy, bright, and filled with so much flavour from the perfect combination of lemon and garlic.This recipe uses garlic powder as well as fresh garlic, to really enhance the strong herby flavour.

Home Made Interest’s Easy Lemon Aioli

Kat and Melinda are best friends who create spectacular recipes together for their blog Home Made Interest!

Their lemon aioli recipe is an easy low carb Lemon Aioli is a creamy, tangy sauce that is perfect for dipping your fried zucchini chips and other snacks.

To make this flavoursome sauce you whip oil, garlic, lemon, and egg yolks (some recipes don’t use eggs) together until it is emulsified and you end up with this flavorful, creamy sauce that is absolutely amazing.

Serious Eats Tarragon And Lemon Aioli

This creamy aioli has a great addition – freshly minced tarragon! By using this extra ingredient, you get a really different flavour than from typical aioli recipes.

The tarragon provides an earthy and delicious aroma to the sauce, which is perfect for dishes like asparagus or other roasted vegetables as it helps bring out the flavour.

This recipe, despite the extra component, is just as simple and easy to make as the others, so no extra time is needed. 

Krazy Kitchen Mom’s 2 Minute Aioli

This aioli has to be the simplest recipe yet, you can Make a creamy, zesty, bright, aioli using only four ingredients and in just 2 minutes.

The delicious aioli can be paired with fish instead of tartar sauce. It can be drizzled over most dishes as a fresh and delightful way to lighten and compliment the meal.

By using mayonnaise, you save a lot of time by not having to whisk eggs, so try this fun recipe, it takes just 2 minutes!

The Recipe Critic’s Lemon Garlic Aioli

This garlic aioli sauce is dreamy! The hint of lemon flavour combined with garlic will have your mouth watering.

This recipe recommends whipping your mayonnaise beforehand to make it really creamy and light!

Not only that but adding your olive oil a bit at a time as you whip will really help emulsify the two together and create the perfect aioli!

Savoury Experiment’s Herb & Lemon Aioli

You’ll want to slather this herby aioli on every dish with the Savoury Experiment’s delicious aioli concoction.

The Savoury Experiment recommends using a blender to combine your ingredients together, but of course, if you don’t have one, you can just hand whisk them together.

They also recommend a dab of dijon mustard in the mix to add some bite to your sauce. 

Barbecue Bible’s Charred Lemon Aioli

Now with this recipe, you really get a different flavour as the Barbecue Bible asks you to grill or charr your lemons before squeezing the juice from them.

This adds a smoky quality to the sauce that makes it perfect when paired with any barbecue foods.

This take on traditional lemon aioli may seem a bit out there but the results speak for themselves. 

Heather Likes Food And Her Lemon Aioli

Heather, from Heather likes Food, has created the perfect lemon aioli to slather on sandwiches.

Heather likes to add cayenne pepper to really add some kick to the sauce and spice up any dish you air it with.

You can add as much cayenne pepper as you like, depending on how spicy your palette is. 

BBC Good Food’s Classic Aioli

As well as a touch of dijon mustard, BBC Good Food recommends adding a pinch of saffron to the sauce!

Once you’ve added all the ingredients to a blender or food processor, Blitz into a paste and very slowly dribble in the olive oil to make a thick mayonnaise-style sauce.

Of course, aioli has a lighter texture than mayonnaise. 

Better Homes And Gardens Grilled Lemon Aioli

This Aioli gets a smoky flavour infusion thanks to grilling the lemon halves beforehand. Get ready to start spreading the DIY sauce on just about everything!

Adding some liquid smoke to the recipe is a great way to enhance that smoky flavour even further and give any dish an added dimension.

Cooking Chew, Easy Lemon Aioli

Have you been looking for an easy lemon aioli sauce but just couldn’t seem to replicate it?

With this fun and easy recipe,you can whip up this lemon aioli in just a couple of minutes.

This recipe tries to simplify things by not using egg, which is traditionally used in aioli.

They recommend serving this delightful sauce at room temperature but you can serve it chilled by storing it in the fridge for a few hours beforehand. 

Country Living’s Burnt Lemon Aioli

In order to achieve a deeper and more rich flavour, This recipe calls for grilling the lemons first, which adds a complex, smoky flavour that’s well worth the effort.

Country Living uses both olive oil and canola oil to really help bind the ingredients in the sauce together and create a scrumptious sauce, perfect for dipping. 

Feels Like Home Blog, Lemon & Garlic Aioli

This sauce is wonderfully simple as it uses just 3 ingredients and takes mere minutes to complete.

This recipe uses both fresh lemon and raw garlic for balance, it transforms the strong flavours of the mayonnaise.

The blog recommends spreading this lemon aioli all over burgers as a perfect compliment, you can also dip your fries into the sauce as it’s just that delicious!

Savour The Best’s Lemon & Dill Aioli Sauce 

This truely amazing Lemon-Dill Aioli Sauce is smooth and creamy with a pronounced dill flavour that is the perfect accompaniment for fish.

The dill makes this specifically good for pairing with fish as the flavour is so fresh and zesty.

The recipe uses a milder flavoured oil than olive oil so that the dill and other herbs are not overpowered. 

One Happy Dish’s Lemon And Garlic Aioli

The best thing about this dish is the time involved. It takes literally only five minutes to make and then just a half hour or so of time in the fridge to let the flavours meld.

Adding Hiylaian sea salt really takes this dish to the next level as the flavour is so rich.

Peace, Love And Low Carb’s Lemon & Caper Aioli

To make lemon aioli even more delicious, this recipe adds capers. This provides a whole new salty and tangy dimension to the classic aioli.

This recipe is low carb friendly as it uses mayonnaise as a base instead of olive oil, lowering the calories of the dish.

The recipe’s creator, Kyndra, is a best selling author and cook and loves creating fun spins on classic recipes!

Just A Pinch’s Neon Lemon Aioli

This aioli really comes with a twist as it uses ingredients like Tumeric to influence the colour and make it a vibrant neon yellow!

This would be perfect to serve at parties as it looks so cool and bold on any plate.

It’s important to remember that the sauce will look very pale at first but the longer it sits, the more vibrant it will become, so best to leave it in the fridge for a while before serving.