25 Of The Most AMAZING Cucumber Salsa Recipes

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When you’re tucking into something that’s a little hot and spicy, there’s nothing that goes better with it than a cool, fresh cucumber salsa!

Cucumber Salsa Recipes

And to that end, I’ve been scouring the net to find 25 of the best cucumber salsa recipes out there. I have tried all of these myself, so I can testify to their deliciousness. Here goes!

1. Cucumber Salsa Recipe From The Blond Cook

If you like your salsa to be as hot as your tacos, this is the recipe for you – it features such ingredients as a sliced and diced jalapeño, together with some ground cumin, and comes glazed with fresh lime juice – yum!

2. Crisp Cucumber Salad Recipe From Taste Of Home

I just love how moreish and creamy this cucumber salsa tastes! But fear not, it uses reduced fat sour cream rather than full fat, so it won’t make you put on the pounds, and you can enjoy as much as you like.

It packs some heat, too, thanks to the chopped jalapeño!

3. Cucumber Salsa With Fresh Tomatoes Recipe From Low Carb Yum

If you’re watching your carb intake at the moment, then this is the cucumber salsa recipe for you.

It’s so low-carb it’s classed as keto friendly. Reducing the amount of tomatoes as per this recipe is what makes it so low-carb. I also love the addition of 4 jalapeño peppers!

4. Mango Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Eat The Grains

How about enjoying some fresh diced fruit in your salsa, as per this fun recipe idea? It looks super colorful, and it’s just bursting with flavor.

So juicy. And you can make the salsa more chill, by removing the jalapeño seeds.

5. Confetti Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Simply Recipes

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity – there are very few ingredients.

Just cucumber, a pepper, chopped fresh mint, a little oil, a little rice wine vinegar, some salt, and then simply add jalapeño and/or hot red pepper flakes to your particular taste.

6. Creamy Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Together As Family

Gotta love the fresh flavors in this recipe! In addition to fresh cucumber and chopped roma tomatoes and sweet red onion, you’ve also got chopped cilantro, freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, a clove’s worth of minced garlic, chopped jalapeño and some cumin for heat, all mixed with light sour cream and a sprinkle of salt for seasoning – yum!

7. Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Lemon Tree Dwelling

This is one of my favorite cucumber salsa recipes because it features two types of bell peppers, yellow and green, not to mention two whole cloves worth of minced garlic! There’s also red onion, tomatoes, jalapeño, and a squeeze of both lemon and lime juice. Very flavorful.

8. Pineapple Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Suburbia Unwrapped

I think you’re gonna love this! Pineapple is so fruity and fresh, and pineapple goes so much better with jalapeño than tomatoes do IMO.

The cucumber lends an amazing crunch and allows the cilantro and lime flavors to really stand out!

9. Mexican Style Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Food

For a truly Mexican style salsa, you should also add diced greens, as in this recipe, alongside your diced jalapeños and such.

This recipe also features very generous portions of green onions and garlic – yum!

10. Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Eating Well

If you’re looking for a cucumber salsa without any tomatoes, then this hands down is one of the best options out there.

It’s a very green salsa, and its flavor is predominantly boosted through the addition of honeydew melon, lime zest and sugar. So sweet and refreshing!

11. Pomegranate Cucumber Salsa From No Spoon Necessary

If you want to add a little fruitiness and color to your cucumber salsa, check out this recipe, featuring 2 large pomegranates’ worth of pomegranate seeds, alongside such ingredients as fresh cilantro leaves.

12. Thai Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Taste

Not all spicy cucumber salsas are Mexican – check out this Thai based recipe. It’s both sweet and savory, with ingredients such as sweet chili sauce, grated palm sugar, green onion and fresh mint leaves!

13. Spicy Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Martha Stewart

Any recipe that comes from Martha Stewart is going to be great, and this spicy cucumber salsa is no exception! It features fancy ingredients such as shallots and champagne vinegar…

14. Watermelon Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Cooking On The Weekends

Watermelon is hands down one of the most refreshing fruits out there – perfect for cooling your mouth down after a hot tortilla, but you can add some heat if you prefer, just throw in some chopped jalapeño peppers. 

15. Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Salad From Simply Whisked

This healthy vegan side dish is both sweet and spicy. It’s not a cucumber salsa as such, but to convert it to a salsa, all you have to do is chop the cucumber instead of slicing it. Loving the addition of sugar and red pepper flakes!

16. Cucumber Avocado Salsa with Strawberries Recipe From Eat Well 101

Now, this dish is simply delicious – it’s got creamy avocado together with cucumber and fresh chopped strawberries. The chopped jalapeño is optional.

17. Cucumber Salsa / Green Picante Sauce Recipe From Attainable Sustainable

The USP of this recipe is how it’s blended rather than chunky, and it has a rich savory taste, and gorgeous smooth texture, combining such ingredients as fresh oregano and garlic cloves. Yum!

18. Moroccan Cucumber Salad With Mint Recipe From Food And Drink Destinations

Moroccan cuisine is well known for its rich flavors, and this cucumber dish is no exception.

The recipe is for a salad rather than a salsa per se, but to tweak it, all you have to do is chop more finely. Simple, but absolutely scrumptious.

19. Cucumber Raita Recipe From The Spruce Eats

Cucumber salsa recipes don’t get much creamier than this! It’s considered an Indian recipe, with the likes of garam masala, but one of the key ingredients is sumptuous Greek yogurt – divine!

20. Cucumber Salsa with Mint and Crème Fraîche Recipe From Food & Wine

Now, whereas most creamy forms of cucumber salsa use thick, heavy sour cream, this recipe uses crème fraîche instead, which gives the dish a lighter, fresher taste.

21. Coconut-Lime Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Savory Spice Shop

OMG – this recipe is to die for! The coconut-lime simple syrup in this recipe takes your cucumber salad to the next level, and the fresh mint leaves really give it some oomph.

22. Mesa Grill-Style Avocado Relish and Jicama-Cucumber Salsa Recipe From Rachael

Have you ever tried jicama before? It tastes kinda like apple, but isn’t quite as sweet. And it goes just great with cucumber.

This recipe really packs in the fruity flavors – in addition to jicama, there’s also grated lime zest, fresh lime juice, grated orange zest, and fresh orange juice. Super fruity!

It also contains finely chopped red onion, but red onions are sweet, so it blends right in. And there’s avocado for creaminess, and you can boost the sweetness even further with a little honey if needed.

23. Smashed Cucumber Salad Recipe From Gourmet Traveler

Don’t be fooled by the recipe title, this smashed cucumber salad recipe has a texture very much like salsa, and you can use it in the same way for dipping your tortilla chips, or over a taco.

And for the heat, it’s got such ingredients as finely chopped pickled chilies and chili oil, which pair excellently with other ingredients in the dressing such as rice vinegar, sesame oil, and finely chopped fresh garlic.

24. Israeli Cucumber Salad Recipe From The Cowgirl Gourmet In Santa Fe

This cucumber salad recipe is crisp, cool, and refreshing. It’s basically tabouli, but without the cracked wheat.

To make it into a salsa rather than a salad, all you have to do is chop the cucumber and other ingredients more finely.

25. Japanese Cucumber Salad Recipe From The Nourishing Gourmet

This dish – just WOW. Sweet AND savory. I just love the taste of the toasted sesame seed oil, and how it gets lifted by the coconut sugar and coconut vinegar.

Which pairs surprisingly well with the tamari (or soy sauce). And I 100% recommend the toasted sesame seed garnish – delicious!

It may not be hot and spicy like a traditional salsa recipe, but who needs that when you’ve got this anyway?

Wrap Up

After scrolling through so many awesome cucumber salsa recipes, I bet you feel completely spoiled for choice! You’ve got dishes from all over the world, yet most of them feature ingredients that you can easily get hold of online.

Plus cucumber salsas tend to be super easy to make, especially if you use a machine to chop all your veg for you, then it’s just a case of mixing and stirring in your preferred dressing. And don’t be afraid to go off script and adjust these recipes as you see fit. Bon appétit!