25 Of The Most AMAZING Crispix Mix Recipes

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Have you ever tried Crispix cereal? Chances are you have since it is a very popular American breakfast cereal…but I bet you’ve never had it in the ways I’m going to be showing you. 

25 Of The Most AMAZING Crispix Mix Recipes

Contrary to popular belief (AKA what your parents have told you) cereal is not just for breakfast! It can be enjoyed any time of the day! 

In this article, you will learn about recipes for the best Crispmix mix dishes and many other impressive dishes using Crispix Mix. 

1. Crispix Mix® Original

Crispix Mix® Original
Image Source: kelloggs

The first recipe on the list just had to be the original Crispmix Mix recipe from none other than Crispix creator, Kelloggs. It features pretzels, nuts, and of course, Crispix to create a delicious savory grazing snack.

It’s the perfect salty and flavorful accompaniment for movie nights or sports games. You can easily adapt it to your preferences, too! 

2. Caramel Crispix Party Mix

Caramel Crispix Party Mix
Image Source: whatmollymade

Fancying something sweet? Then this caramel Crispix mix recipe will have you wanting more…and more…and even more!

It is deliciously moreish and can satisfy your sweet craving after just one bite (although I am sure you won’t stop at just that!). Perfect for grazing during a party or sleepover, and a really good choice for holiday parties! 

3. Crispix Mix and Cheez-It Mix

Crispix Mix and Cheez-It Mix
Image Source: heb

Two of America’s favorite snack foods – cereal and Cheez-Its…what could be more delicious? Well, I think if you put them together you have got yourself a match made in snack food heaven!

This savory mix is the perfect grazing snack for picnics, lunch boxes, and movie nights! Try it for yourself today, you won’t be disappointed. 

4. Christmas Snack Mix

Christmas Snack Mix

You might be thinking ‘what on earth makes this Christmas themed?’. Well, the answer to that is of course the red and green colored candies that you will be using!

This sweet and savory mix is a must-have for a holiday get together, and trust us, people will just keep coming back for more! 

5. Tropical Crispix Mix®

Tropical Crispix Mix®
Image Source: kelloggsnutrition

When you look at the ingredients you may initially be confused. I mean, who in their right mind would pair dried apricots and raisins with garlic salt and cayenne pepper?

Well, I’ll tell you who – Kellogg’s – the creators of Crispix! So, if it’s good enough for them it is certainly good enough for us! 

6. “Crack Snack” 4-ingredient Snack Mix

"Crack Snack" 4-ingredient Snack Mix
Image Source: theseasonedmom

Sweet, salty, crunchy…this mix has it all! It pairs pecans with Crispix and lots of brown sugar and butter for a delicious sweet treat.

There are only four ingredients which means you can whip it up super quick for an impromptu movie night! You can even make it your own with added candies, chocolate chips, and even dried fruit! 

7. Furikake Chex Mix

Furikake Chex Mix
Image Source: yummly

The name of this recipe tells you to use Chex, but the creator actually states that they prefer Crispix (something about the 3D look which I totally understand!).

This delicious savory snack food is inspired by the tastes of Asia with the delicious soy sauce and Fumi Furikake flavors. It is salty and sweet and is sure to be a hit! 

8. Valentine’s Day Snack Mix

Valentine’s Day Snack Mix
Image Source: familyfoodonthetable

Valentine’s Day Snack Mix…or Cupid’s Crunch as the recipe creator calls it is a delicious sweet treat that uses all of your favorite Valentine’s Day themed candy for a romantic snack that can be shared by two lovers.

If you can’t get your hands on Valentine’s Day themed M&Ms as used in this recipe, simply choose any pink, red and white candies in their place! 

9. White Chocolate Party Mix

White Chocolate Party Mix
Image Source: tasteofhome

This delicious recipe uses not one but two of your favorite breakfast cereals! Of course, they recommend using Chex rather than Crispix, but everyone knows they are basically the same thing so you can substitute those instead.

As well as this they use Cheerios, as well as delicious pretzels, peanuts, and chocolate M&Ms, all finished off with masses of white chocolate! 

10. Caramelized Crispy Snack Mix

Caramelized Crispy Snack Mix
Image Source: landolakes

This simple but delicious recipe for a Caramelized Crispix mix is bound to be a hit! The recipe doesn’t specifically state that you need to use Crispix, but it does say ‘oven toasted corn and rice squares’.

As such, Crispix would be the perfect match! It is quick and easy to make, meaning you can satisfy those sweet tooth cravings in a matter of minutes. 

11. Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Crispix Mix

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Crispix Mix
Image Source: bigoven

This recipe marries some big flavors with that distinct crunch that Crispix gives you. Butterscotch is sweet and the salty peanut butter compliments it really well.

Then of course there are chocolate chips, making it a chocolate lover’s dream! 

12. Crispix Mix® Peanut Butter Treat

Crispix Mix® Peanut Butter Treat
Image Source: kelloggsfamilyrewards

Milk chocolate and peanut butter are arguably the most perfect pairing on this earth. Of course, I am sure many would disagree, but it still stands that they taste delicious together.

Just see for yourself in this Crispix Mix bark by Kellogg’s! 

13. Crispix Mix® Sweet Minglers

Crispix Mix® Sweet Minglers
Image Source: kelloggs

Yet another peanut butter and chocolate Crispix recipe, but this time in the handy form of Minglers.

These can be eaten by hand very easily in little bite sized pieces and the powdered sugar makes sure they don’t all clump together messily! 

14. Nutella Puppy Chow

Nutella Puppy Chow
Image Source: belleofthekitchen

This recipe was created because the recipe maker’s son is allergic to peanut butter (the usual main ingredient in Puppy Chow).

Nutella was used as a substitute and it turned out so well that they decided to share it with the world! Use Crispix cereal for this delicious dessert-snack food! 

15. Leprechaun Bait For St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun Bait For St. Patrick’s Day
Image Source: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

It can be hard to think of fun, creative snack ideas for St Patrick’s Day, but this recipe has your back!

This hilariously named Leprechaun Bait is chock full of delicious snack foods such as Crispix, pretzels, and popcorn, and topped with yummy candies and sweets such as Lucky Charms, M&Ms, sprinkles, and more! 

16. Sweet Vanilla Snack Mix

Sweet Vanilla Snack Mix
Image Source: sliceofhoney

Ever just need a snack that you can easily graze on all day? Well, this has it all. It is similar to trail mix but far yummier thanks to the fact that it is baked in vanilla flavored sweet butter.

You can customize this to feature whatever snacks you want, but remember to really load it up with Crispix for extra yumminess! 

17. Patriotic Party Snack Mix

Patriotic Party Snack Mix
Image Source: allshecooks

Sure, the 4th of July usually means BBQ food and fun cocktails, but who says sweet treats can’t be enjoyed too?

This delicious snack mix incorporates red, white, and blue candies and is all topped off with delicious white chocolate. It is easy to make, easy to eat, and is sure to go down a treat! 

18. Spicy Cajun Crispix Mix®

Spicy Cajun Crispix Mix®

So far it’s been all sweet and salty….so how about something a little bit spicy? This Spicy Cajun Crispix Mix will be perfect for you if you enjoy something with a bit of a kick.

The paprika and pepper really give it some heat, creating the perfect savory snack. 

19. Crispix Mix Honey Pecan Mix

Crispix Mix Honey Pecan Mix
Image Source: dvo

Some classic flavors are married together in this honey and pecan Crispix mix. If you don’t like pecans just leave them out or add your favorite nut instead. Cashews and peanuts also work well! 

20. Kicked Up Crispix Mix

Kicked Up Crispix Mix
Image Source: yummynoises

If you thought the Spicy Cajun recipe was hot, just wait until you try this…they have really kicked it up a notch! You have the chili powder and cayenne pepper to thank for the heat in this snack.

Delicious for a movie night or as a pre-dinner nibble. 

21. Maple-Glazed Snack Mix

Maple-Glazed Snack Mix
Image Source: tasteofhome

Whilst this doesn’t technically call for the use of Crispix, everyone knows they are basically the same as Chex, so you can easily use Crispix instead! The maple flavor of this one goes down a treat, no matter what age you are! 

22. Almond Joy Bliss Cereal Snack Mix

Almond Joy Bliss Cereal Snack Mix
Image Source: thesaltedpepper

This is super similar to Puppy Chow, and it’s pretty simple to make…only this time there are crushed almonds and coconut involved, making it that tiny bit more grown up than the kid-orientated Puppy Chow! 

23. Crispix Mix® Maple Cinnamon

Crispix Mix® Maple Cinnamon

This could be a holiday favorite for years to come thanks to the delicious cinnamon taste, partnered with sweet maple syrup.

The addition of cranberries makes this feel that little bit more decadent! Don’t forget your red and green M&Ms to really make it festive! It is sure to go down a treat at the holidays for drinks parties and get-togethers. 

24. Crispix Mix® BBQ Style

Crispix Mix® BBQ Style

Having your pals round for the big match with some beers? Well, how about making a huge batch of these BBQ Style Crispix snacks? Sure makes a change from boring old potato chips! 

25. Easy Harvest Snack Mix

Easy Harvest Snack Mix
Image Source: knifeandpaddle

Last but not least is the super fun Harvest/Halloween Crispix Mix ‘Easy Harvest’ snack mix.

With candy corn, fall themed M&Ms, and lots of delicious pumpkin spice flavors, this is sure to be a hit at your Halloween bash or Thanksgiving get together! You could even put some in bags for trick or treaters!