25 Of The Most AMAZING Chorizo Taco Recipes

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Is there anything better than a Mexican feast?

Whether it’s a buffet for a party or a snack for your family, tacos are the perfect meal for any event or occasion.

Rich, spicy and filling, tacos are the ultimate in comfort food.

25 Of The Most AMAZING Chorizo Taco Recipes

So, if you’re looking to show the people you love how much you care through cooking, why not try rustling up a batch of freshly made and warm tacos for them?

We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing taco recipes out there below, for you to try out and enjoy.

So, if you’re struggling for ideas on what to eat for dinner tonight, you need look no further than the rest of this page!

Serious Eat’s Easy Mexican Chorizo Tacos

This recipe combines not only spicy chorizo but juicy and succulent pork shoulder as the filling for your tacos.

So, if you’re a meat lover, this is the ultimate taco recipe for you!

The recipe also suggests resting your meaty filling overnight to ensure you get a flavourful sausage mix. 

Sainsbury’s Chorizo Tacos 

These gorgeous chorizo tacos are ready in just half an hour, ideal for a Friday night feast with friends or family!

Not only are they sumptuous but they’re fresh and light as the recipe adds feta and an airy salsa to the mix. 

Mexico In The Kitchen – Authentic Mexican Tacos

The author of this recipe, Mely Martinez is a former teacher turned chef and food blogger who has lived all her life in Mexico!

She loves to share her recipes using authentic Mexican ingredients and cooking techniques to bring her recipe’s to life.

These chorizo tacos may be the easiest recipe yet and are perfect for anyone who wants the perfect chorizo taco. 

Our Balanced Bowl – Chorizo Tacos With Cilantro/Lime Crema

These delicious tacos come with the recipe for an equally delicious and zesty lime and cilantro sauce that will knock your socks off!

The light and tangy crema is the perfect complement to the spiciness of the chorizo and everything sits in a firm and crunchy taco shell, which provides the ultimate texture combination. 

Over The Fire Cooking’s Epic Chorizo Tacos

This particular recipe is filled to the brim with flavour.

They don’t call these tacos ‘epic’ for nothing – grilled over a hot fire, the tacos are infused with a smoky flavour that gives the whole meal an added richness.

Though this recipe does require a bit more effort, it is well worth it for these amazing chorizo tacos!

Isabel Eats’ Chorizo Tacos

Sometimes nothing beats a simple recipe that can be made in under half an hour, it means you can prepare it quickly for your family or after you’ve come home from work, without any complications or stress.

This recipe is exactly that – delicious homemade chorizo tacos that take just 15 minutes to prepare. 

BBC Good Food’s Chorizo And Red Cabbage Tacos

These classic chorizo tacos are paired with a red cabbage slaw that is a wonderful compliment to the meaty chorizo filling.

The dish is packed with vegetables and actually gives you 4 of your 5 a day, making it one of the healthiest recipes on this list.

The recipe also advises serving on soft shell tacos, for something a bit different. 

Food 52’S Chorizo And Potato Tacos

With this savoury chorizo and potato taco recipe it will be a perfect weeknight hit with anyone!

Though there is a bit more effort involved as you will need to boil and crisp up potatoes for this recipe but once you bite into those crunchy and delicious tacos, it’ll be all worth it.

Chisel & Fork’s Simple And Delicious Chorizo Tacos

With beautifully fresh chorizo, charred until crisp and a sumptuous selection of spices, these tacos were created to be as close to Mexican street tacos as you can get, without actually being in Mexico.

They combine fresh corn tortillas, spicy chorizo and minimal toppings like onion, cilantro, radish and lime for that authentic Mexican flavour. 

Berly’s Kitchen – Chorizo Tacos

Using this recipe from Berly’s Kitchen will take your Taco Tuesdays to the next level as these tacos are packed with spice and flavour.

Sauteed onions, garlic, potato chunks and well seasoned meat is all combined to create a flavorful meal that is beyond just an ordinary palette.

Top all that with a creamy Mexican table cream and fresh cilantro and you’ve got yourself quite the dish!

Chilli Pepper Madness And Spicy Tacos

If you’re looking for some real spice, Mike from Chilli Pepper Madness has got you covered!

With his creation of these spectacularly spicy tacos, Mike will have you sweating as you tackle his homemade chipotle sauce.

Though there are a few different components to this recipe, it is still fairly simple and takes no time at all. 

Midwexican’s Chorizo Street Tacos

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity – bold and vibrant ground chorizo nestled in a warmed corn tortilla and topped minimally with carefully chosen, complementary garnishes is just what you need in your life.

This recipe is all about less is more!

What Molly Made – Easy Mexican Chorizo Tacos

Learn how to make this healthy and low calorie recipe with Molly, who runs her own health food blog and wants to help people make healthier food choices that will nourish their bodies.

Nourish your body with these light and delicious Mexican inspired chorizo tacos that will leave you feeling great.

Julie Blanner’s Easy Sweet & Spicy Tacos

This chorizo lovely taco recipe is a must for your Taco Tuesdays and even Cinco de Mayo events.

Both quick and easy to make, these tacos are topped with a citrusy pineapple salsa and a fresh cilantro lime crema for a delicious sweet and spicy taco.

Made with some simple ingredients, these spicy tacos come together in just 15 minutes and they are perfect for feeding a large family or a crowd.

Sunny’s Easy Chorizo And Bean Tacos

The Food Network presents Sunny’s  delicious Chorizo and Bean Tacos.

The addition of refried beans to the filling makes them so much more creamy in texture and adds an earthy richness to the meal.

This recipe can make 8 to twelve tacos in total.

SBS Tacos With Chorizo

With a homemade tortilla, perfectly cooked chorizo and a fragrant salsa, this taco is the difference between a good meal and a great one!

Making your own tortillas may seem a bit over the top, but the reality is a homemade tortilla is like heaven and elevates even the plainest of tacos.

But, with the spice combination in this recipe, plain will be the last thing on your mind!

Lake Geneva Country Meats – Chorizo Sausage Tacos

Lake Geneva Country Meats is renowned for its delightful and rick chorizo sausage and they utilise it in the best way possible – to make delicious tacos!

Their recipe includes topping your taco with simply gorgeous ingredients like cilantro, fresh lime juice and diced white onion, to give it that authentic, Mexican feel. 

The Spice House – Homestyle Chorizo Tacos

 For these homestyle chorizo tacos, The Spice House recommends using a succulent joint of pork from a butcher for the best results!

However, this is an incredibly versatile recipe, so any meat of your choice will still make these fabulous tacos delicious.

What really sets this recipe apart is the addition of smoked spanish hot paprika and mexican chorizo seasoning, which will leave your taco filling spicy and well seasoned.

Mission Food’s Chorizo And Corn Tacos

You may think that adding corn to a taco is a strange choice but it’s actually fairly authentic as corn is present in many Mexican dishes!

Mission Foods has come up with a simple, 5 minute taco that will take your breath away with not only how easy it is to make, but how truly delicious the tacos turn out too.

SideChef – Potato And Chorizo Tacos

These crispy and smoky chorizo tacos are once again paired with potatoes, this time, heart russet potatoes to give that filling a creamy and sumptuous texture.

The recipe also suggests grilling your tortillas on the barbecue to infuse that smokey flavour on the outside of the shell too.

Tablespoons Walking Chorizo Tacos

This is a new and fun twist on the traditional taco as table spoons have created a recipe you can eat on the go and that requires minimal effort!

All you need is a bag of chips, your chorizo filling and your toppings and you’re good to go! Though this can’t be considered authentic it sure is delicious.

V&V’s Supremo Chorizo Taco-dilla 

The idea of using a tortilla instead of a taco shell to create a ‘taco-dilla’ is certainly an interesting one.

The creativity of this recipe is one of the best parts as it aims to combine the traditional Mexican taco with something more American styled and the results are pretty scrumptious. 

Taste.com’s Beef And Chorizo Tacos

Using a combination of beef and chorizo for the filling is a masterpiece as they compliment each other perfectly.

The green capsicum that the recipe adds to the filling serves only to make it more flavourful and spicy, while the crumbled feta, juicy cucumber and shredded carrot keep this dish fresh and light. 

Hello Fresh’s Chorizo Tacos

Hello Fresh have created a Savoury and smoky chorizo, that has a simply delicious taco filling that is loaded with fresh toppings!

For good measure,they’ve added a wholesome spring salad on the side.

By adding jalapenos to the recipe, Hello Fresh have added some authentic Mexican spice to the mix.

Southern Living’s Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

If you’ve ever wanted tacos for breakfast you need to give this recipe a try!

These breakfast tacos are so filling and perfect for a lazy Sunday morning with the family.

Using a base of scrambled eggs, Southern Living recommends topping with chorizo, avocado and a cilantro and onion relish.