25 Of The Most AMAZING Chocho Recipes

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The chocho is a type of gourd and is commonly known as a fruit. It goes by a variety of other names such as christophene, chayote, chouchou, and Choko, among many other regional variants of the name.

25 Of The Most AMAZING Chocho Recipes

It features in many different recipes from various cuisines. Here are 25 of my favorites… 

1. Jamaican Chocho (Chayote) Curry

Jamaican Chocho (Chayote) Curry
Image Source: healthiersteps

This delicious Jamaican comfort food is packed full of flavors such as ginger, thyme, curry powder, allspice, and Scotch bonnet pepper. It is also low-carb, packed full of nutrients, and delicious.

Serve it with rice (brown jasmine rice is perfect) for a deliciously hearty meal! 

2. Roasted Cho Cho (Chayote)

Roasted Cho Cho (Chayote)
Image Source: thatgirlcookshealthy

Roasted chocho is probably one of the easiest, most simple ways to enjoy the delicious gourd.

Roasting vegetables (or in this case a fruit, since that’s what it technically is) is a great way of cooking them as you can easily amend the recipe based on your preference. 

3. Sauteed Chocho (Chayote) and Carrots

Sauteed Chocho (Chayote) and Carrots
Image Source: healthiersteps

This tasty vegan vegetable dish can be used as a main dish or as a side dish to accompany your favorite meal.

It uses chocho and carrots, alongside onions and delicious seasonings to create a quick and easy stir-fry type sauteed dish! Perfect for a quick lunch or midweek supper. 

4. Chayote Squash Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing

Chayote Squash Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing
Image Source: aubreyskitchen

This fresh salad demonstrates the different ways you can use the chayote (chocho).

It doesn’t always have to be cooked, as this dish shows us, and can be absolutely delicious as a salad, especially when partnered with apples, and that moreish vinaigrette dressing.

Now, excuse me while I eat this for lunch every day for the rest of the week…. 

5. Chinese Stir-Fried Chayote

Chinese Stir-Fried Chayote
Image Source: healthynibblesandbits

This recipe is quick and easy to make and uses some of the most delicious Asian flavors such as ginger, sesame, scallions, and strong chicken broth. You can also add shrimp to the stir fry to make that extra bit filling. 

6. Roasted Chayote Squash with Herbs

Roasted Chayote Squash with Herbs
Image Source: blogghetti

Another roasted chocho recipe, but this time using lots of delicious herbs. Use fresh herbs for the very best results, as well as some lovely extra virgin olive oil if you have it!

This is super simple and can be made in just one pan. Perfect for a lazy weekend lunch or midweek supper. 

7. Vegan Ceviche Chayote Recipe

Vegan Ceviche Chayote Recipe
Image Source: theedgyveg

This delicious vegan ceviche recipe uses my favorite gourd, the chocho (or chayote if that’s what you want to call it). Rather than fish ceviche like you would usually make for fish tacos, you can veganize it with this hearty gourd!

This recipe is super fresh and packed full of flavors. Serve it with taco shells, mango salsa, and guac for a super authentic dish!

8. Roast chocho with shallots

Roast chocho with shallots

This hearty side dish or quick lunch is super healthy, full of flavor, and easy to make.

Simply roast your chocho alongside shallots and flavor it with chili powder, black pepper, and garlic puree and you have yourself a roast dish that could rival your roast potatoes or wedges! 

9. Chayote with Tomato and Green Chile

Chayote with Tomato and Green Chile
Image Source: simplyrecipes

This dish is inspired by a summer zucchini dish made with melted cheese. The recipe creator really hit the nail on the head with this deliciously cheesy and flavorful chocho recipe.

It is so easy to make, spicy and creamy all at once, and packed full of delicious flavors that complement one another so well. This is not a dish to be missed, that’s for sure! 

10. Cilantro Lime Chayote Slaw Recipe

Cilantro Lime Chayote Slaw Recipe
Image Source: foxandbriar

It is certainly no secret that we Americans love our coleslaw.

However, I do not often venture away from classic slaw recipes with carrot, cabbage, and mayo, do we? Well, you might just get your head turned with this unique slaw recipe!

This uses chocho, cilantro, and lime for a super fresh, mega tasty slaw that goes perfectly well with Mexican dishes such as tacos. It is the perfect example of how to use a chocho when it is uncooked! 

11. Tasty And Crispy Chayote Fritters

Tasty And Crispy Chayote Fritters
Image Source: caribbeangreenliving

You could turn anything into a fritter and I would love it. However, I especially love these chocho (or coyote as they are called here) fritters. These are a signature Caribbean dish and are so quick and easy to make.

As with anything fried, they are totally addictive, and best eaten hot, so make sure you gobble them up right away for the optimum flavor! 

12. Chayote Kimchi

Chayote Kimchi
Image Source: latimes

Flavorful and distinct, kimchi has long been a favorite dish in Asian cuisine. This recipe uses chocho in place of radishes to create a crisp, milder texture and flavor.

This is sure to go down a treat when served alongside ramen and sushi! 

13. Stewed Chayote in White Wine

Stewed Chayote in White Wine
Image Source: mexicanfoodjournal

This delicious recipe uses choco among other ingredients to make a healthy, tasty, and hearty stew. The addition of the crisp white wine adds a new depth of flavor to the dish and brings out the garlic and raisin flavors, too.

This would make a perfect side dish or base to a soup. It is also delicious served on its own… perhaps with a glass of white wine poured for yourself, too! 

14. Sautéed Chayote with Sweet Onion and Bacon

Sautéed Chayote with Sweet Onion and Bacon
Image Source: finecooking

If you are anything like me then I had you at the word bacon! This amazing dish features sauteed chocho, onions, and bacon bits, as well as being flavored with the most fragrant herbs such as garlic and thyme.

This is yet another quick and easy dish to make and is perfect served as a side dish to some chicken, or alone as a lunchtime meal. 

15. Fried Chayote and Yoghurt Dip 

Fried Chayote and Yoghurt Dip 
Image Source: turkeysforlife

This Turkish dish uses chocho (known as chayote in Turkey) and a tasty, fresh yogurt dip. It is the ideal sharing snack whilst having a drink with friends.

It is simple and easy to make, and the adding of the creamy and sour yogurt dip brings whole new dimensions to the crispy fried chocho. 

16. Spicy Pan-Roasted Chayote Squash

Vegans and vegetarians unite with this super spicy side dish (or main if you prefer)! This uses Kashmiri chili, cumin, and turmeric to give you a spicy kick of warmth.

It is simple and easy to make, super moreish, and very good for you! The recipe uses coconut oil for roasting, but you can use whatever oil you prefer (but I have to say, I love the nutty flavor of the coconut oil in this recipe!). 

17. Sautéed Chayote Squash

Sautéed Chayote Squash
Image Source: thespruceeats

Somewhat milder in comparison to the previous recipe, this sauteed chayote dish uses chives, garlic, and shallots to bring some beautiful flavors to the chocho!

It recommends grating some Parmesan cheese on top, and I have to say, I thoroughly recommend that you do this! It adds a new depth of flavor to an already stunning snack! 

18. Chayote Salad

Chayote Salad
Image Source: myrecipes

This Mexican salad uses a chocho with avocado, jalapenos, cilantro, and bell peppers to achieve a fresh, tasty dish that would be perfect for enchilada or taco nights!

Don’t forget the dash of shredded cheese to really bring together the flavors. 

19. Baked Caribbean Stuffed Chayote

Baked Caribbean Stuffed Chayote
Image Source: tasteefulrecipes

This recipe is based on traditional Caribbean cuisine and is certainly not to be missed if you are a fan of good, old-fashioned, hearty food.

It uses chocho, bacon, delicious herbs, peppers, onions, and is all polished off with a healthy handful of cheese to create the most perfect dish! It’s pretty simple to make and you can just pop it in and forget about it for 40 minutes! 

20. Chayote Chicken Soup

Chayote Chicken Soup
Image Source: kitchencoup

Everyone’s favorite medicine is chicken soup. Add in some chocho and you are in for a real treat. Try it for yourself today with this simple recipe. 

21. Chayote Squash Patties Quick And Easy Recipe

Chayote Squash Patties Quick And Easy Recipe
Image Source: lifewithlorelai

Veggie burgers, but with a unique twist! These patties feature some cooked chocho for substance and great flavor.

Imply season them however you like and you will have delicious, vegetarian-friendly patties in no time at all!  

22. Sauteed Chayote with Pork and Tomato

Sauteed Chayote with Pork and Tomato
Image Source: panlasangpinoy

This quick and easy Asian-inspired dish is based on Ginisang Sayote. It is the perfect lunchtime meal as it is flavorful, hearty, and romantic! Plus it is super quick to whip up when you fancy it. 

23. Vegan Chayote Green Chile Soup

Vegan Chayote Green Chile Soup
Image Source: lettyskitchen

I love this unique soup as it is thick, creamy, and perfect for a fall or winter lunch! You can make it as spicy as you like by adding more or less green chili.

You can also make a big batch at the weekend to reheat for lunch during the week. 

24. Chayote Chicken Dumplings

Chayote Chicken Dumplings

You make these in the same way you would make regular chicken dumplings, but as well as the chicken you will also be using a chocho inside! These are a delicious and filling way to eat your favorite dim sum dish! 

25. Creamy chayote gratin

Creamy chayote gratin
Image Source: garlicandzest

The fusion of American and Caribbean food comes to life in this dish. It is creamy, hearty, and fantastically moreish! Perfect for using up leftover chocho from a stew!

You can use any cheese you like, especially Gruyere, Emmental or comte!