25 Of The Most AMAZING Bavarois Recipes

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Bavarois is a traditional Bavarian dessert made using eggs, gelatine, milk, and many other ingredients. It is partway between a custard, a cream dessert, and a sort of jelly. 

Some people serve it alone, whereas others may incorporate it with a cake or another type of dessert. 

25 Of The Most AMAZING Bavarois Recipes

As odd as this sounds, it is utterly delicious and can be customized to your preferences. Here are 25 of the most amazing Bavarois recipes I have found… 

1. Classic bavarois

Classic bavarois
Image Source: ohmydish

First on the list just had to be this delicious traditional bavarois recipe. There are no bells and whistles on this one, just plain old bavarois flavored with vanilla in a creamy and smooth consistency.

This is the basic bavarois recipe that everyone needs to nail, and then you will have the basic knowledge to create your own delicious flavors and toppings.

Sometimes keeping it plain and simple can be the best option, especially if you are new to the dessert. 

2. Vanilla & coffee bavarois with mocha sauce

Vanilla & coffee bavarois with mocha sauce
Image Source: taste

This delicious twist on the classic bavarois recipe is any caffeine lover’s dream.

The coffee center and mocha sauce are bound to go down a treat, perhaps as an after-dinner treat instead of an espresso (or with an espresso!) If you aren’t a fan of caffeine but love the taste of espresso, you can simply use decaffeinated coffee. 

3. Mango bavarois with mango sorbet

Mango bavarois with mango sorbet
Image Source: greatbritishchefs

Bavarois, but make it tropical! The addition of mango to this recipe, alongside the tasty mango sorbet, makes this dessert the summer dinner party dessert of dreams!

Not only do you get the recipe for the bavarois here, but you also get the sorbet and mango jelly recipe.

This is perfect for a fruity, zesty dessert and makes a change from rich chocolate desserts which so often feature at dinner parties. 

4. Raspberry and vanilla bavarois

Raspberry and vanilla bavarois
Image Source: goodfood

This simple but flavorful dessert is perfect for afternoon tea in the sun.

Use fresh raspberries to adorn the top of the bavarois, and keep a spare punnet of them back for the delicious raspberry coulis the creator recommends you serve alongside it. 

5. Two-tone Chocolate Bavarois with Fresh Strawberries

Two-tone Chocolate Bavarois with Fresh Strawberries
Image Source: whittakers

This dessert is served in fancy glasses, making it the perfect dinner party showstopper! It layers two different flavors of bavarois with strawberries for a sweet, fresh twist.

If you prefer raspberries or cherries these could work well too. 

6. Almond bavarois with rhubarb and praline

Almond bavarois with rhubarb and praline
Image Source: deliciousmagazine

The tartness of the rhubarb works so well against the sweet, light almond, and crunchy praline flavors.

What’s more, the presentation of this one wouldn’t look out of place at an haute cuisine restaurant – just look at how smooth and perfect it looks. 

7. Orange Bavarois

Orange Bavarois
Image Source: lacucinaitaliana

This Italian take on a bavarois looks spectacular, and I can imagine it placed in the middle of the table whilst everyone tucks into a delicious meal, ready and waiting for dessert.

The sharp, citrus twang of the orange works well with the creaminess of the bavarois. This is a little tricky to make but well worth the trouble! 

8. Double Chocolate Bavarois Cake

Double Chocolate Bavarois Cake
Image Source: abakingjourney

This is part cake, part bavarois, and all chocolate! I mean, to me, this is heaven. Not only does it taste incredible, but it looks wonderful, too. This would be the perfect, unique, birthday cake for someone special in your life. 

9. White Chocolate Bavarois

White Chocolate Bavarois
Image Source: epicurus

This versatile white chocolate bavarois is very similar to the classic vanilla version, but with that slightly sweeter edge. Served it with dark chocolate sauce or a berry coulis for a unique dessert and a pop of color. 

10. Strawberry Bavarois

Strawberry Bavarois
Image Source: cookidoo

This fruity dessert is creamy, sweet, and has a touch of tartness from the strawberries. It is easy to make, and whilst it takes a long time, it is well worth the wait.

You can serve it with a berry coulis or simply adorn it with more fresh strawberries. 

11. Rose Scented Bavarois With Poached Figs

Rose Scented Bavarois With Poached Figs
Image Source: houseandgarden

Color me impressed with this delicious rose-scented bavarois. It is served with poached figs and looks incredibly professional, even though you can easily make it in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Just make sure to use the highest quality food-grade rose you can find! Perfect for lovers of rose-flavored jelly and sparkling drinks! 

12. Lemon vanilla bavarois

Lemon vanilla bavarois
Image Source: newideafood

This is one of the best summer desserts I have come across. The reason for this is because it is light and moreish, with a sharpness from the lemon that can’t be rivaled by anything else.

Everyone knows just how well lemon goes with creamy flavors, and this bavarois just proves that even more! Sometimes simple is the best, and with this dessert, I can understand why. 

13. Dark Chocolate Bavarois

Dark Chocolate Bavarois

Luxurious dark chocolate makes this bavarois taste decadent and rich. It is no secret that chocolate is much-loved by most people, so this is sure to be a hit if you have guests over.

It is simple to make and a delight to eat. Top it with your favorite berries or serve it with some ice cream for a sweet treat! 

14. Blueberries Bavarois

Blueberries Bavarois
Image Source: marions-kochbuch

There are just 6 ingredients in this simple dish! Blueberries give this light, sweet dessert a sharp twist, and it tastes very moreish, especially when served alongside some chilled sparkling wine after a summer lunch, al fresco! 

15. Peach And Strawberry Bavarois

Peach And Strawberry Bavarois
Image Source: thefeedfeed

This dessert is the epitome of summer, with the sweet, fruity flavors and gorgeous presentation. Of course, you can eat it all year round, but there is no denying that it will taste best with in-season peaches and strawberries.

You could swap out the strawberries for raspberries if you prefer, or better yet, use both! 

16. Champagne and peach bavarois

Champagne and peach bavarois

Yet another bavarois recipe that uses peach, but this time with the ever-so-sophisticated addition of champagne! It’s a yes from us! This is the perfect fancy dinner party dessert and is sure to be a hit with the most high brow of guests! 

17. Strawberry and Passion Fruit Bavarois

Strawberry and Passion Fruit Bavarois

The passion fruit used in this recipe gives it an exotic twist, and the fact that it is served in individual glasses makes it look (and taste) like a fruity cocktail! Why not add some rum cream to the top, too, for a true cocktail vibe? 

18. Lychee and lemongrass bavarois (bavarois à la citronelle et au litchi)

Lychee and lemongrass bavarois (bavarois à la citronelle et au litchi)
Image Source: waitrose

We’ve also included the French name for this dessert since that is where it is from! If you thought the bavarois above was exotic, just wait until you try this!

Lemongrass and lychee create the most wonderful, fresh flavor. This is a sweet treat like no other! 

19. Mini Cherry Bavarois Recipe

Mini Cherry Bavarois Recipe
Image Source: frenchgirlcuisine

These delicious mini bavaroises are flavored with rich, tart, and sweet cherries. They look so impressive and are great for parties or as a small after dinner sweet treat.

Top them with a grating of the finest dark chocolate for an extra special twist. 

20. Coconut bavarois: rhubarb, red grapefruit, and flowers

Coconut bavarois: rhubarb, red grapefruit, and flowers
Image Source: cookandchefinstitute

If you are looking for a fancy-pants dessert, then this is the one for you! Don’t be put off by the masses of ingredients needed, it will be well worth it (perhaps after you have practiced some simpler recipes first).

The flavors complement each other so well, and all your friends will think you have been abducted by a pro chef! 

21. Cinnamon Bavarois

Cinnamon bavarois
Image Source: justapinch

This simple recipe is very much like the classic bavarois recipe but with an added kick of warmth. This warmth is thanks to the spicy cinnamon used to add some flavor.

Of course, cinnamon is always associated with the fall and winter months, and so this is truly the perfect light dessert for the festive season to make a change from stodgy puddings and hot custard! 

22. Cardamom bavarois

Cardamom Bavarois
Image Source: foodtolove

If you thought the cinnamon bavarois before was spicy, just wait until you try this!

The cardamom in this dessert brings a unique flavor to the classic bavarois, especially when partnered with the delicious raspberry sauce that is recommended! 

23. Lemon bavarois, poached rhubarb and langues-de-chat

Lemon bavarois, poached rhubarb and langues-de-chat
Image Source: nzherald

Lemon bavarois is simple and elegant, but pair it with the sharp but sweet poached rhubarb and Langues-de-chat biscuits (literally meaning cat’s tongue in reference to the shape of them) and you have yourself a match made in dessert heaven.

The ideal dessert for a first date when you are cooking to impress (just don’t tell them the meaning of the biscuit name!). 

24. Honey lime bavarois

Honey lime bavarois
Image Source: womensweeklyfood

Make yourself some sharp and sweet little desserts that can be set in individual molds with this delicious recipe. The sweetness of the honey contrasts the sharp, zesty lime so well, working perfectly against the creamy bavarois.

Not to be missed if you are a citrus fan! 

25. Matcha Bavarois Cake Recipe

Matcha Bavarois Cake Recipe

Lastly, I have the delicious matcha bavarois cake! If you don’t know, matcha is the fantastically green tea powder that can be consumed like a normal green tea or added to other recipes.

It gives a wonderful energy boost and is renowned for its health benefits. It works so well in this delicious bavarois cake, and the eye-catching color makes this a striking spectacle to behold!