20 Of The Most Amazing Strawberry Puree Recipes 

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If you are the kind of person who loves to make desserts, then chances are you are always running out of strawberry puree for your cakes and pastries, which can be costly and time-consuming. 

These recipes are simple and promise to deliver a smooth puree that can be used for baking, desserts and cocktails – so why not take a look down below and see which one takes your interest… 

So to help you save some cash, we have compiled a list of the 20 most amazing strawberry puree recipes available on the internet, which can be used to make your own homemade batch. 

1. Strawberry Puree (Healthy Little Foodies) 

For the first recipe on our list, we have chosen a simple approach to the classic condiment, which requires only one standard ingredient – strawberries. 

While other recipes are bursting with sugar, this method only uses strawberries to make the base of the puree, which are then blended for extra smoothness. 

The final result is a delicious sauce that can be used on desserts, smoothies or even your morning pancakes. 

2. Strawberry Puree (Sugar Geek Show) 

In contrast to its predecessor, this strawberry puree recipe uses a variety of ingredients to keep the sauce sweet and dessert-ready. 

All you have to do is combine frozen strawberries with sugar and lemon juice, which helps to produce a fruity treat that the whole family can enjoy. 

3. Strawberry Puree (Joy of Baking) 

The next recipe on our list puts a more traditional spin on the classic sauce, as it combines three easy ingredients to make the delicious result. 

While it does not boast a complex method, this recipe is a surefire way to make a tasty strawberry puree with just a touch of bitterness. 

Featuring fresh strawberries that have been combined with granulated sugar and lemon juice, this is a recipe for people who prefer the simpler things in life. 

4. Strawberry Puree (Yummy Toddler Food) 

Branding itself as a super-quick strawberry puree, this recipe has been specially designed for toddler consumption, as it contains only fresh strawberries and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

While it can be hard to make your little ones eat their five a day, you’ll never have trouble again once you make this nutritious and refreshing strawberry sauce. 

5. Strawberry Puree (Mommy’s Home Cooking) 

Although our next recipe does not use sugar or sweeteners, it still delivers a delicious strawberry puree that is perfect for pastries, batters and cheesecakes. 

Made with 450 grams of fresh strawberries, this recipe takes its single ingredient and blends it in a food processor before adding the fruit to the stove. 

What you end up with is a thick and vibrant puree that can be used to make your desserts taste even better. 

6. Strawberry Puree (The Suburban Soapbox) 

There’s nothing worse than finding some leftover strawberries in your refrigerator, especially when the amount is too small for a cake or pie. 

Fortunately, you can now make your own homemade strawberry puree using this wonderful recipe from the internet. 

Just follow the simple instructions and you will have everything you need to make a sweet and acidic sauce. 

7. Strawberry Puree (A Couple Cooks)

This bright and refreshing puree makes for the perfect addition to any dessert, as it combines sweet and sour flavors to create a unique taste experience. 

All you have to do is combine 1 pound of strawberries with white sugar and lemon juice, which should result in a refreshing condiment for your sundaes and cakes. 

8. Strawberry Puree (Hungry Healthy Happy) 

This next recipe can be used to make a quick and easy strawberry puree, which is both nutritious and versatile. 

Ideal for vegans, this recipe combines fresh strawberries with maple syrup to create a sweet and frothy sauce, which can be used on pancakes, smoothies and desserts. 

For the best results, we recommend pairing this puree with plain yogurt and fresh oats, as the combination of tastes and textures will make your mouth water and your taste buds sing. 

9. Strawberry Puree (In The Kitch)

If you have been searching for a quick and easy strawberry puree recipe, then we may have found the perfect addition for you. 

Using three simple ingredients, this recipe combines fresh strawberries with lemon juice and sugar to produce a smooth and sweet sauce that is ideal for pancakes, muffins and ice cream. 

10. Strawberry Puree (Food with Feeling) 

One of the best things about strawberry puree is how simple it is to make, which seems to be the mantra when it comes to the next recipe on our list. 

Boasting four simple ingredients, this recipe uses 20 ounces of frozen strawberries and combines them with sugar, lemon juice and zest – which come together to make a sweet strawberry puree with a citrus bite. 

11. Strawberry Puree (Gluten-Free on a Shoe String)

When it comes to gluten-free recipes, you won’t find anything more appealing than this delicious puree, which combines frozen strawberries with water, granulated sugar and kosher salt. 

Ideal for cheesecakes and cake batter, this strawberry puree will be appreciated by the whole family and is a nutritious alternative to store-bought syrups. 

12. Strawberry Puree (Savvy Mama Lifestyle) 

There’s nothing better than an ice-crackling cocktail on a warm summer’s day, especially when the cocktail has been sweetened with homemade strawberry puree. 

Boasting a delicious mixture of strawberries, sugar and lemon zest – this recipe promises to deliver a sweet and fruity sauce that will make your drinks all the more exciting. 

However, this does not mean that the puree is limited to alcoholic beverages, as it can also be used in desserts, pancakes and homemade pink lemonade. 

13. Strawberry Puree (The Cookful)

Is there anything better than homemade strawberry puree? We don’t think so and it seems the next recipe on our list agrees. 

Made using a tried and true method, this amazing recipe combines fresh strawberries with lemon juice before blending them together in a food processor, which results in a refreshing sauce that is perfect for pancakes and biscuits. 

To preserve the puree for as long as possible, we recommend freezing it in an ice cube tray, so that you can have fresh strawberry sauce all year round. 

14. Strawberry Puree (Namely Marly)

If you have been searching for a vegan alternative to pink food coloring, then look no further than this incredible recipe. 

Not only can this strawberry puree be used to turn your baked goods pink, but it can also be used as a delicious sauce for homemade sundaes and creamy cheesecakes. 

All you have to do is combine fresh strawberries with agave nectar and you will have a natural dye to fulfil your baking needs. 

15. Strawberry Puree (Nourish + Nestle) 

When you have leftover strawberries in the refrigerator, there’s no better time to make some homemade strawberry puree. 

Pureeing strawberries is a great way to make the most of these succulent fruits, as it helps to extend their shelf life while making a tasty treat for your family and friends. 

While this recipe combines strawberries with sugar, it is also possible to add rhubarb for some extra bite. 

16. Strawberry Puree (Sustainable Cooks) 

Summer is a wonderful time for so many reasons, with the star of the show being the new strawberry harvest. 

While this iconic fruit can be used to make a variety of delicious desserts, there’s nothing better than using the leftovers to make your own homemade puree. 

Featuring fresh strawberries that have been combined with sugar and lemon juice – this recipe offers an acidic twist on the indulgent sauce. 

17. Strawberry Puree (My Pure Plants) 

Do you grow your own strawberries? Then you will simply adore this recipe for a quick and easy strawberry puree. 

Ideal for ice cream and cheesecakes, this puree contains 2 cups of fresh strawberries that have been combined with coconut sugar and vanilla extract. 

The final product is a sweet and pungent sauce that can be used on desserts, breakfasts and naughty cocktails. 

18. Strawberry Puree (Braised & Deglazed) 

For a strawberry puree with a creative twist, we have chosen this amazing recipe from Braised and Deglazed. 

Unlike the other recipes we have mentioned, this method combines the cooked strawberries with butter and lime zest, which results in a smooth and creamy sauce that can be used in cakes and other baked goods. 

19. Strawberry Puree (Feenin For Greens) 

What better way to make a homemade strawberry puree than by cooking the fruit in your oven! 

Boasting a unique cooking method, this vegan-friendly recipe roasts the strawberries in the oven before combining them with maple syrup and lemon juice. 

The final result is a smooth and frothy sauce bursting with nutritious flavor, which can be spread on pancakes or drizzled on vanilla ice cream. 

20. Strawberry and Banana Puree (Mas & Pas) 

For the final recipe on our list, we have decided to go with something a little different. 

Perfect for working parents who need their little ones to eat their five a day, this smooth and delicious snack combines bananas and strawberries to produce a creamy mix for all times of the day. 

So the next time you are making breakfast, just remember this recipe and you will have everything you need to keep your baby happy.