20 Of The Most Amazing Green Spaghetti Recipes

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Is there anything better than a big bowl of pasta? I don’t think so – and it seems the rest of the world would agree.

Pasta just seems to be one of those foods that everyone loves, especially when it comes covered in a rich sauce and served with a decent amount of grated cheese.

20 Of The Most Amazing Green Spaghetti Recipes

But what is the best type of pasta in the world? 

Well, I can’t answer that question, but I can say that nothing beats a well-made bowl of spaghetti. Not only is this iconic pasta delicious, but it’s also fun to eat and can be used in a variety of different recipes.

Although bolognese currently reigns as the king of pasta sauces, I think a traditional green sauce can be just as good. 

Made from an intoxicating combination of fresh herbs and spices, this authentic sauce is the perfect alternative for vegetarian pasta enthusiasts.

Currently, there are hundreds of recipes for this pasta dish online, with some promising better results than others. 

That is why I have decided to compile together a list of the 20 most amazing green spaghetti recipes currently available online.

So if you love slurping up spaghetti and want to try a new and delicious recipe, take a look at this and find the best one for you. 

1. Green Spaghetti (By Delish)

Green Spaghetti (By Delish)
Image Source: delish

The first entry on the list takes a more modern approach to the classic green spaghetti recipe – injecting it with some added spice and character. 

Made from a rich combination of coriander leaves, poblano peppers, cream cheese and garlic – this recipe is simple to follow and packs a lot of flavours. 

However, if you are not a big fan of spice, this recipe can also be altered to suit your tastes. 

2. Quick Green Spaghetti Sauce (By Tinned Tomatoes)

Quick Green Spaghetti Sauce (By Tinned Tomatoes)
Image Source: tinnedtomatoes

If you find cooking slow and boring, then I have the perfect recipe for a quick and delicious green pasta sauce. 

This superfood recipe uses a myriad of healthy ingredients, from fresh avocado to garden peas and spinach. 

Bursting with refreshing green vegetables, this recipe is not only simple but exceedingly good for you. 

3. Mexican Green Spaghetti (By M.A. Kitchen)

Mexican Green Spaghetti (By M.A. Kitchen)
Image Source: maricruzavalos

Our next entry takes a more traditional approach to the classic Mexican recipe, ensuring to supply the dish with all the spice and flavour it is known for. 

Made from an enriching blend of poblano peppers, Mexican half cream and chicken stock – this spaghetti dish is not only smooth and creamy but will give your tastebuds a spicy kick. 

What more could you want from an authentic Mexican dish?

4. Llubav’s Green Spaghetti (By Epicurious)

Llubav’s Green Spaghetti (By Epicurious)
Image Source: epicurious

This recipe comes from the kitchen of Llubav, a mother and artist known for her delicious green spaghetti sauce. 

Taking a more Italian approach to the classic recipe, this dish is made using kale, spinach, basil and crumbled feta cheese. 

If you want to cheer yourself up on a cold and rainy afternoon, then this is the recipe for you. 

5. Mexican Green Spaghetti (By All Recipes)

Mexican Green Spaghetti (By All Recipes)

We understand that spice is not for everyone. So if you are looking to make a spaghetti dish that delivers flavour over heat, I have the recipe you need. 

This particular recipe uses bell peppers as the base of its sauce, giving the spaghetti a sweet and fruity taste. 

Just add some white mozzarella and sour cream and you have a dish that would please even the pickiest of eaters. 

6. Fresh Green Pasta Sauce (By The Fiery Vegetarian)

Image Source: thefieryvegetarian

If you are a newbie vegetarian searching for a delicious and fragrant pasta sauce, then I may have found your perfect recipe. 

Made from a rich array of spices and herbs, this pasta sauce is brimming with parsley, cilantro, spinach and avocado. 

So why not take a look at the recipe and make this refreshing sauce today. 

7. Mexican Spaghetti with Creamy Poblano Sauce (By My Latina Table)

Mexican Spaghetti with Creamy Poblano Sauce (By My Latina Table)
Image Source: mylatinatable

This may just be one of the most authentic recipes on the list, and you can see why. 

Made from a combination of poblano peppers, spinach, cilantro, and tomatillos – this particular dish undercuts the heat with the addition of cream cheese and mozzarella.

So if spice is not your thing, try this rich and flavourful recipe instead. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

8. Olive Oil-Garlic Supergreens Spaghetti (By Sandra’s Easy Cooking)

Olive Oil-Garlic Supergreens Spaghetti (By Sandra’s Easy Cooking)
Image Source: sandraseasycooking

We all know that pasta is delicious. However, this also means that it can also be fattening and unhealthy. 

That is why the next entry takes a more health-conscious approach to the classic green spaghetti recipe. 

Made from refreshing ingredients such as super greens, garlic and parsley – this particular recipe promises to deliver a fresh and exciting dish that is full of rustic charm. 

9. Green Spaghetti (By Good Housekeeping)

Green Spaghetti (By Good Housekeeping)
Image Source: goodhousekeeping

If you want to make a simple and elegant dish for your next dinner party, then maybe you should take a look at this next entry. 

This recipe puts a fragrant spin on the traditional dish, adding cloves and peas to the list of ingredients. 

The result is a pasta sauce that is brimming with a rich and aromatic flavour, which is perfect for a quiet evening with friends. 

10. Green Spaghetti and Meatballs (By Food & Wine)

Green Spaghetti and Meatballs (By Food & Wine)
Image Source: foodandwine

Some people may think that vegetarian dishes sound dull – but they won’t be saying that after they try this green spaghetti and meatballs. 

Made by combining a herby green sauce with succulent fennel meatballs, this dish delivers on flavour, protein and spice. 

So why not check it out and see if it is the recipe for you!

11. Pan-Fried Halibut With Green Spaghetti (By CKBK)

Pan-Fried Halibut With Green Spaghetti (By CKBK)
Image Source: ckbk

Just because the spaghetti is green, doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by everyone. 

Our next recipe combines tasty green noodles with a juicy pan-fried halibut – creating a dish that is rich in flavour and texture. 

So if you want to try something new, why not give this recipe a try?

12. Green Pasta (By Veggie Desserts)

Green Pasta (By Veggie Desserts)
Image Source: veggiedesserts

Sometimes it’s the simpler things in life that are best – and nothing proves that more than the next recipe on the list. 

This recipe calls for a myriad of green ingredients, from avocado to parsley and peas. 

Cooked together with garlic, onions and milk, this recipe is a symphony of luscious and refreshing flavours. 

13. Super Green Pasta Sauce (By The Veg Space)

Super Green Pasta Sauce (By The Veg Space)
Image Source: thevegspace

There’s truly nothing better than a good homemade pasta sauce – and I have found a recipe for the best one. 

Bursting with peas, spinach, lemon juice and garlic puree, this sauce is not only flavourful but simple and light. 

So why not add some vibrancy to your next bowl of spaghetti and make this sauce now. 

14. Spaghetti with Summer Greens (By Abel & Cole)

Spaghetti with Summer Greens (By Abel & Cole)
Image Source: abelandcole

Spaghetti is delicious, everyone knows this, but it can taste even better on a cool summer’s day. 

The next recipe on the list combines traditional spaghetti with a rich sauce made from refreshing summer greens – giving the dish a light and seasonal taste. 

Perfect with a cold glass of white wine, this dish was made to be enjoyed in the golden rays of the summer sun. 

15. Green Spaghetti with Chicken (By Kiwilimon)

Green Spaghetti with Chicken (By Kiwilimon)

We told you green spaghetti wasn’t just for vegetarians!

This dish takes classic green spaghetti and adds chicken breast to the classic recipe, creating a dish that is savoury and packed with salty flavour. 

So if veggie dishes aren’t your thing, give this meaty recipe a go. 

16. Super Green Spaghetti with Brazil Nut Parmesan (By Be Good Organics)

Super Green Spaghetti with Brazil Nut Parmesan (By Be Good Organics)
Image Source: begoodorganics

This recipe is a quick and easy way to get a delicious dinner on the table. 

Capable of being prepared in under 15 minutes, this recipe combines basil leaves, tahini, lemon juice and cashews to create a dish that is floral, herby and full of texture. 

This particular dish also looks very attractive when served in a rustic bowl. 

17. Green Spaghetti (The Flaming Vegan)

Green Spaghetti (The Flaming Vegan)
Image Source: theflamingvegan

How about an entirely vegan recipe?

Using a traditional Peruvian recipe as its inspiration, this modern dish combines zucchini with spinach and basil to create a sweet and refreshing meal. 

Loaded with herbs and spices, this dish is perfect for any dedicated vegan. 

18. Green Spaghetti with Zucchini Pesto and Tofu (La Cucina Italiana)

Green Spaghetti with Zucchini Pesto and Tofu (La Cucina Italiana)
Image Source: lacucinaitaliana

This recipe combines traditional Italian cooking with some delicious modern ingredients. 

Featuring smooth green spaghetti that has been paired with sweet zucchini pesto, this recipe rounds everything off with a few slices of tofu – giving the dish some depth and character. 

Now, what sounds better than that? 

19. Peruvian Green Spaghetti (By Jumprope)

Peruvian Green Spaghetti (By Jumprope)
Image Source: jumprope

This traditional cultural dish is the perfect accompaniment to any dinner party or lonely evening. 

Brimming with a variety of delicious greens, from peas to spinach and asparagus – this dish is healthy, refreshing and full of flavour. 

It’s also easy to make and can be whipped up in minutes. 

20. Green Spaghetti (By Chowdown)

Green Spaghetti (By Chowdown)
Image Source: chowdown

Why not enjoy another classic Italian recipe and try making this particular green spaghetti at home?

Made by mixing dark greens and garlic cloves, this spaghetti is bursting with a rich and herby flavour. 

And I promise you, it won’t disappoint!