20 Of The Most AMAZING Chipotle Ranch Recipes

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There’s no denying or hiding it, here in the U.S, Chipotle ranch is the fiery answer to every sauce-less meal idea.

20 Of The Most AMAZING Chipotle Ranch Recipes

Finding comfort smothered over steak nuggets, burgers, cobb salads, veggie bakes, grilled chicken, and Tex-Mex classics like fajitas and quesadillas, it is easy to see why the smoke-dried ripe jalapeño chili pepper “chipotle” is the most widely-eaten chili in America. 

In this article, we are going to give the people exactly what the doctor ordered – chipotle ranch! The sweet and creamy heat of chipotle ranch is something that should be celebrated, and now is the time to do it.

Expect plenty of recipes on how to whip up your own ranch at home, as well as what foods taste best with chipotle ranch poured all over them. 

1. Homemade Spicy Chipotle Ranch

If you’ve ever picked up a packet of ranch from the store, chances are it was Hidden Valley ranch. One of the big players in the U.S ranch game, Hidden Valley knows how to make a mighty fine ranch.

This recipe that’s taken directly from the Hidden Valley website features Hidden Valley packet ranch alongside milk, mayo, chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce, and lime juice.

This is a tangy chipotle ranch that comes ready to offer an overzealous bite to every dish that you see fit. 

2. Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Put this tasty chipotle ranch dressing together in five minutes and reap its rewards all week long. A considered ingredient list of mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic, paprika powder, salt, and chipotle paste, means this recipe is one of the easier ones.

The unique addition of paprika will have the ranch turning a vibrant shade of red. One of the cooler things about this recipe is the noticeable lack of a food processor in its method.

Just a bowl, fork, and garlic press or knife is all you need to whip this delightful mix up into existence. 

3. Vegan Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Typically leaning on mayonnaise, milk, or sour cream for its consistency, standard ranch is anything but vegan.

Music to the ears of vegan eaters everywhere, this impressive ranch features a plant-based lineup of ingredients that have no choice but to be delicious.

Raw cashews, maple syrup, fresh minced dill, ground chipotle chili, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, unsweetened almond milk, this is a gourmet ranch at its very best.

Even if you don’t eat vegan, you just can’t deny the enticing nature of this ranch that lures you into its spicy, bitey web.

4. Paleo Bacon Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Coming low-carb, dairy-free, and paleo, this health-conscious chipotle ranch has got a lot going for it. Not only does it hit all the right notes on spice and tang, but the crispy bacon that’s crumbled through will have you coming back for more and more.

The other secret ingredient is Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, which you should already have a bottle of in your fridge as it does so much good to so many dishes.

If you’ve grown tired of the standard shop-bought ranch that packs in the carbs and dairy, this contemporary recipe is for you.

5. Smoky Cilantro Chipotle Ranch Dressing

The polarizing herb “cilantro” has been dividing opinions for decades – it is very much a case of you either love it, or you hate it. If you fall into the first category then this smoky chipotle ranch is loaded with the stuff.

Unlike most chipotle ranch dressings that take on the orange of the chipotle peppers, this ranch has a distinctly green color brought on by the cilantro.

Honey, lime juice, and chipotle in Adobo bring a complexity of flavors that gathers a comforting softness from buttermilk and mayonnaise and make this a rocking chipotle by anyone’s standards. 

6. Chipotle Ranch Burgers

There aren’t many meals in life that hit harder than chipotle ranch burgers.

Homemade beef patties cooked on the grill and slapped between hamburger buns with sliced cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a prepared-by-yours-truly chipotle ranch is the answer to your game day recipe payers.

This recipe serves to make six, so if you’re giving it the call up for Sunday Superbowl then be sure to double or even triple the quantities to make sure the cheer squad is pleasantly fed. 

7. Chipotle Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

On the table in less than twenty minutes, these rapid-fire quesadillas are perfect to serve the family for a stress-free mid-week pleaser.

Using rotisserie chicken and precooked bacon, shredded cheddar, and a bunch of other shop-bought ingredients, this recipe isn’t trying to be gourmet, it just wants to be easy – easy and delicious.

Even the fussiest of eaters won’t be able to turn down these crunchy quesadillas which feature a milder take on chipotle ranch that comes certified kid-friendly. 

8. Chicken Cobb Salad With Chipotle Ranch & Grilled Pineapple

This ain’t your average cobb salad, this is a beefed and heated-up cobb that presents well and tastes better.

The salad comes to life with fresh and fabulous bits like cherry tomatoes, avocado, cos lettuce, red onion, fried bacon, boiled egg, and gloriously grilled slices of pineapple.

The chicken gets dry-rubbed in a bunch of spices and, once fried, takes on a crisped and golden color. A creamy chipotle ranch helps to seal the deal on this mighty fine lunch idea. 

9. Roasted Chickpea Vegetarian Taco Salad With Chipotle Ranch Dressing

This vegetarian taco salad is loaded with nutritious whole foods that make eating veggies easy.

Roasted chickpeas, baby kale, grape tomatoes, corn kernels, and pickled jalapenos are tossed together with a spicy chipotle and served alongside tortilla chips for a unique eating experience.

Two cups of nutty chewy spelt berries have also been thrown in the mix to give the salad a super-filling edge to see you through your day, the healthy way. 

10. Chipotle Ranch Chicken Casserole

It’s no secret that chipotle and chicken are made for each other, which is why this casserole is a no-brainer to slip into the weekly dinner routine.

It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, it just wants to fill the family on a chilly winter’s night, and that is enough.

Using the leftover slow-cooked ranch chicken and veg from another recipe, this is essentially a two-for kind of deal that means, at the very least, that Monday and Tuesday dinners are sorted next week. 

11. Cheesy Steak And Chipotle Ranch Sliders with Potatoes

A cheesy steak slider with a side of diced red potato “fries” is the kind of thing you order from a trendy food van and you’re very happy that you did.

Served in butter rolls with roasted poblanos, shredded cheddar, crispy fried onions, and too much chipotle ranch, these steak strip sliders are ready to be the feature piece of your next BBQ serving table. The question is, are you ready for them? 

12. Zucchini Lasagna

The beauty of chipotle ranch is that your imagination is the limit to where its flavor can go. Take this zucchini lasagna, for example, that features chipotle ranch dressing and Adobo seasoning salt to give it a more inspired flavor profile that makes it stand out.

For anyone who’s trying to cut down on their carb intake but still likes the idea of lasagna for dinner, this clever recipe swaps out the lasagna sheets for zucchini but still remembers to bring the iconic trio of cheese, meat, and sauce (chipotle sauce). 

13. Chipotle Ranch Dip

This quick and easy chipotle ranch dip idea allows you to use up your chipotle peppers and give them a new lease of life, a dipping life!

Perfect for serving alongside carrot and cucumber sticks if you’re trying to be healthy, or a bunch of corn chips if you’re not – this dip can do no wrong.

If you are on a health kick then swap out the sour cream for some low-fat greek yogurt to lower the dip’s fat content, without compromising its taste. 

14. Southwest Chipotle Ranch

With clear intentions to be light on calories but not on taste, this Southwest-style chipotle ranch is perfect for people watching what they eat.

Low-fat buttermilk, no-fat Greek yogurt, and light mayo have been called upon to turn low-fat chipotle ranch from fantasy to reality.

If you were worried about the flavor being compromised, then cumin, packet ranch, chipotle peppers, Adobo sauce, and lime juice should quash that query pretty quickly. 

15. Baked Crunchy Chipotle Ranch Chicken With Potatoes

Chicken tenders dipped in a panko, chipotle, and sour cream then baked until golden and crispy are as delicious as they sound. This recipe uses just seven ingredients to make a super easy dinner idea that no family member can attest to.

The baby red potatoes are seasoned with Adobo and ranch seasoning to give them a nice little kick that complements the big-impact chicken.

If you think this recipe needs a dipping sauce, then click on through as there’s a kicking hickory smoked, honey BBQ sauce recipe that is made for finger-licking good dipping.

16. Chipotle Ranch Chicken Wraps

Taking just 10 minutes to prepare and 20 to cook, these chipotle chicken wraps are ideal lunchtime munching. After a single sideways glance at the ingredient list, it becomes blindingly clear that these wraps can mix and wrap with the best of them.

Delectable bits like avocado, bacon, tomato, chicken breast, green leaf lettuce, and shredded Mexican-blend cheese are made to get cozy in burrito-size flour tortillas, and the results speak for themselves.

As a side dish, toss fresh pineapple chunks, cayenne pepper, and fresh lime juice together, for a fresh ending to a fabulous meal. 

17. Roasted Vegetables With Chipotle Ranch Sauce

Sometimes it’s the simplest of recipes that can have the biggest of impacts, and this recipe is as simple as it is delicious.

Leading you through how to make chipotle ranch from scratch, the recipe then shows you which veg is best when it comes to roasting and smothering in chipotle ranch.

Sure, you don’t have to abide, you can roast whatever veg you like, but the grouping of zucchini, grape tomatoes, broccoli, white button mushrooms, and red onion is as heavenly as any. 

18. Spicy Sirloin Steak With Chipotle Sauce

This might be quite an invested recipe for what is essentially just steak, but can you really put a time frame or price on steak night?

Dry-rub the sirloin in brown sugar, chili powder, ground cumin, salt, and freshly ground black pepper before frying to give it a lively spice kick. The steak is then cut into strips, finished off in broth, and served with homemade chipotle.

Serve the steak with polenta or creamy mashed potato to make a certified sumptuous steak dinner. 

19. Keto Steak Nuggets With Chipotle Ranch Dip

Nuggets aren’t typically what you associate with the keto diet, so when keto eaters see the two words in the same title, they stand to attention. The keto crumb is a no-carb blend of pork panko, grated parmesan, and sea salt.

This bread-less blend will have your steak nuggets looking golden, sounding crispy, and tasting good. Served alongside homemade chipotle ranch, this recipe will have you wondering why you’ve been running chicken nuggets for so many years. 

20. Chipotle Steak Wrap

In a similar vein to the keto steak nuggets, this steak wrap recipe will have you ditching your chicken, chipotle, and tortilla association for good.

Sliced steak, melted cheddar, mushroom, and homemade chipotle wrapped in a soft tortilla and grilled on the sandwich press is a winning formula by anyone’s book.

If you don’t have a sandwich press then you should get one, failing that, you can always grill the wraps on a pan – grilled-cheese sandwich style! Just remember to add a little fat by way of oil or butter to turn the wrap golden, with zero chance of sticking. 


Whipping up a big ol’ jar of homemade chipotle ranch is a clear intention that you like big flavors, and you like them often.

Having said jar ready and waiting in the fridge to be poured, drizzled, or dipped whenever a dish calls for it will make you realize just how versatile chipotle ranch really is.

In the meantime, the above recipes will give you a leg-up of inspiration for your newfound homemade chipotle ranch food affair.