19 Of The Most AMAZING Huaraches Recipes

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Huaraches is a very popular Mexican delicacy. Their name is derived from the popular sandals of the same name because the masa dough base is a similar shape.

Traditionally it’s made of masa dough with smashed pinto beans or black beans placed in the center and fried together into a teardrop shape.

19 Of The Most AMAZING Huaraches Recipes

Then, each Huarache is topped with an array of delicious toppings including salsa, cilantro, beef, and queso fresco cheese.

For reference, they’re sort of like an open soft taco but made with masa rather than corn flour.

The dish is also typically paired with Nopales (fried cactus leaves).

While Huaraches is a traditional Mexican dish, it’s very popular in lots of other places in the world, most notably places with Mexican-American populations such as San Diego, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and more.

Intrigued? Well you’re in the right place because this article will list my favorite Huaraches recipes I think you have to try!

Keep reading to find out, there’s something for everyone from traditional to low fat, vegan and even a pizza variation!

1. Huaraches | Spoon Fork Bacon

Huaraches | Spoon Fork Bacon
Image Source: spoonforkbacon

To start off, I’ve picked this simple Huaraches recipe, it doesn’t suggest any particular toppings, it’s just a recipe for making the fried masa bread for the base.

So, if you already know what toppings you’d like to use, this is a great recipe to come back to every time you want to make your own Huaraches!

2. Mexican Huaraches with Pinto Pot Beans | Healthy Mama Cooks

Mexican Huaraches with Pinto Pot Beans | Healthy Mama Cooks
Image Source: healthymamacooks

Next up is a traditional Huaraches recipe, complete with the classic toppings. This recipe tops Huaraches with a thick layer of mashed up pinto beans, spread on as the base of the toppings.

Then they’ve added some sharp cheddar, shredded cabbage, spicy salsa and fresh cilantro – the perfect summer lunch!

3. Huaraches with Beef Steak & Sour Cream | Daisy Brand

Huaraches with Beef Steak & Sour Cream  Daisy Brand
Image Source: daisybrand

This Huaraches with beef steak and sour cream recipe is the classic Mexican dish. Toppings include Pico de Gallo, Manchego cheese, fresh cilantro and thin strips of tender beef steak.

The only issue with this recipe is the preparation time because you’ll need to cook your beef, so it’s not a great option for a quick lunch but if you’ve got the time, it’s totally worth it for the added texture and flavors beef strips

4. Potato and Chorizo Huaraches | Kiwilimon

Potato and Chorizo Huaraches
Image Source: kiwilimon

Bring the delicious tastes and textures of street food style Huaraches with potato and chorizo.

This recipe tops the classic street food version of Huaraches with some fresh avocado, lettuce, green salsa, sour cream and some cheese.

The added carbs from the fried potatoes makes this a much more filling dish too, so you can have it for a hearty dinner.

5. Huaraches with Black Beans & Fried Eggs | VICE

Huaraches with Black Beans & Fried Eggs
Image Source: vice

For a brunch-inspired twist on the classic topping, this recipe tops Huaraches with black beans and a fried egg!

This may sound a little odd but don’t knock it until you try it! It’s the perfect quick yet filling brunch for when time is tight, or if you want to use whatever ingredients you have left at home before grocery day.

6. Huaraches with Salsa & Crumbled Feta | Recipe Arcade

Huaraches with Salsa & Crumbled Feta  Recipe Arcade
Image Source: recipearcade

This recipe shows you how to make these delicious Huaraches with salsa and crumbled feta – yum!

The recipe also gives a few recommendations on some additional toppings if you wanted to add some more textures and flavors to the dish.

Try adding a cilantro style chicken, beef or chili, chili pork, or seasoned mushroom toppings if you fancy something a little more filling.

7. Huaraches with Shredded Carnitas | Better Homes & Gardens

Huaraches with Shredded Carnitas | Better Homes & Gardens
Image Source: bhg

This recipe for Huaraches with pulled pork carnitas is too good to miss. This homemade variation of the popular street food looks irresistible.

Also included in the toppings are shredded cabbage, green or red enchilada sauce, avocado, feta cheese and sour cream.

Try making them for a Mexican-style dinner party, your guests will be super impressed!

8. Huaraches Under 500 Calories | Under 500 Calories

Huaraches Under 500 Calories | Under 500 Calories

If you’re looking for a healthy variation, this is the recipe for you. Huaraches can be quite calorific depending on what toppings you use, but this recipe features delicious toppings while remaining under 500 calories!

In fact, each Huarache is only 120 calories, not including the toppings! You can add whatever toppings you like.

To match traditional recipes try using low fat sour cream and cheese and use lots of veggies to fill you up such as avocado, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

9. Huaraches with Salsa & Chorizo | Keep Recipes

Huaraches with Salsa & Chorizo | Keep Recipes

Expect a total flavor explosion with this salsa and chorizo Huaraches recipe.

The combination of these strong flavors with a few thin slices of radish plus a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese creates a dish that is rich in textures and flavors that you need to try!

10. Huaraches del Sanctuario | Big Oven

Huaraches del Sanctuario

This one packs a punch. The addition of jalapeños and minced red onion plus an ancho chili dipping sauce makes this recipe a must-try, especially if you’re a fan of spice!

Top the Huaraches with some sprinkled cheese, and you’re good to go!

11. Huaraches with Avocado and Radish Slaw | KCET

Huaraches with Avocado and Radish Slaw | KCET
Image Source: kcet

Next up is a twist on the traditional Huaraches made with fried masa flour. This one calls for nopales (grilled cactus) as the base of the dish!

This may seem strange, but traditionally, Huaraches are often paired with fried cactus leaves or nopales.

The recipe combines grilled cactus as the base, with smashed black beans, radish slaw, salsa, and avocado – amazing!

Plus, it’s a great veggie and gluten free option.

12. Cactus Huaraches con Pollo | Cacique Inc.

Cactus Huaraches con Pollo  Cacique Inc.
Image Source: caciqueinc

Another cactus variation of this traditional dish, this Cactus Huaraches con Pollo recipe looks absolutely delicious.

Topped with smashed refried beans and shredded chicken, avocado, salsa, pickled jalapeños, lettuce and cheese – drool!

13. Huaraches with Refried Beans and Peppers | Weight Watchers

Huaraches with Refried Beans and Peppers | Weight Watchers
Image Source: weightwatchers

Another low calorie option is this Weight Watchers USA recipe featuring refried beans and peppers as the main toppings.

Also included in this recipe are Poblano peppers, sweet bell peppers, radish slices, crumbled queso fresco cheese and fresh lime.

14. Huarache Pizza  | Cool Chile Company

Huarache Pizza  | Cool Chile Company
Image Source: coolchile

The ultimate comfort Huaraches, this Huarache pizza recipe will satisfy your fast food cravings without having to leave the house or spend $15 on a take-out pizza.

It’s basically a low calorie mini-pizza, what’s not to love? Toppings include mozzarella, chili salsa and oregano. The ultimate Mexico meets Italy dish – you have to try it!

15. Wild Mushroom Huarache | Pointe Viven

Wild Mushroom Huarache | Pointe Viven
Image Source: pointeviven

This is another low carb version of Huaraches. Instead of using fried masa for the bread-like base, this recipe is made with radicchio, a form of leaf chicory to make it a low carb option.

The radicchio has a nice peppery taste and a good crunch making it a great alternative to the fried masa base without compromising on texture and taste.

Toppings include mushrooms, black beans, salsa, watercress and cotija cheese – delicious and super healthy!

16. Seafood Huaraches | Mexican Recipes

Seafood Huaraches | Mexican Recipes

Huaraches with a twist! This seafood Huaraches recipe will satisfy even the biggest seafood fan. It has several seafood ingredients including lobster tails, sea bass fillets, scallops, and shrimps!

That’s not all, though, other toppings also include Nopal cactus pads, calabaza squash, salsa, fresh cilantro and lettuce for extra crunch.

This recipe does have a pretty long ingredients list, but it can be easily modified to suit your favorite seafood ingredients.

17. Slow Cooker Mole Mushroom Vegan Huaraches | Healthy Slow Cooking

Slow Cooker Mole Mushroom Vegan Huaraches | Healthy Slow Cooking
Image Source: healthyslowcooking

A delicious vegan option incoming! This vegan mushroom Huaraches recipe looks amazing. The mushrooms are cooked to replicate minced beef, and they certainly pack a punch.

The sauce they are cooked in includes dried ancho chili peppers.

This dish is deliciously meaty without the actual meat, perfect if you’re a big fan of meaty Huaraches, and you’re not ready to give them up as a vegan.

It’s also super easy to make and makes use of lovely fresh ingredients.

18. Stuffed Nopales Huaraches | MexConnect

Stuffed Nopales Huaraches | MexConnect

Another recipe that focuses on the Nopales element. Instead of the traditional method of topping a bread base, this recipe stuffs the toppings within the fried cactus leaves.

Once the ingredients are stuffed inside, the cactus leaves are deep fried to create a delicious crispy, cheesy delight!

19. Huaraches and Spanish Quinoa | Cin Cin, Let’s Eat!

Huaraches and Spanish Quinoa  Cin Cin, Let’s Eat!

This Mexican dish has a Spanish twist! The recipe adds some Spanish rice as a topping but uses quinoa to replace the rice to make it lower in carbs.

The quinoa adds a nice texture to the dish without overwhelming you with more carbs.

Other toppings include Spanish chorizo and bell peppers – yum! 

This variation of Huaraches is super easy to make and very filling, so it will work very well as a main meal at dinner time.

Final Say

Huaraches is a super delicious traditional dish but as you can see from the array of recipes in this list, it is super versatile and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their diet!

I hope this article has inspired you to give them a try!