17 Of The Most AMAZING Papas Fritas Recipes

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Papas fritas or patatas fritas is what the Spanish call french fries or fried potatoes. Anything that involves fried potatoes you just know is going to be delicious.

So, when you add in some Spanish cuisine, you’ve got yourself a super tasty dish!

17 Of The Most AMAZING Papas Fritas Recipes

One of the most well-known Spanish adaptations of the humble French fry is patatas bravas. A dish in which potatoes are cut into irregular chunks, partially boiled and then fried and topped in a spicy red sauce.

This is a popular tapas dish eaten all over the world.

While the humble french fry and your popular patatas bravas are both delicious dishes, there’s actually lots more you can do with papas fritas.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite papas fritas dishes to inspire your next meal. Keep reading to find out!

1. Papas Fritas | Cookpad

Papas Fritas | Cookpad
Image Source: cookpad

I decided to kick things off with a simple fried potato recipe. So, if you already have an idea in mind for your toppings, you can just use this recipe for your potato base.

It’s a super quick and easy recipe to follow with only three ingredients!

Once you know how to make them, you can make a myriad of papas fritas recipes.

2. Papas Fritas Baked | Shaw Simple Swaps

Papas Fritas Baked | Shaw Simple Swaps
Image Source: shawsimpleswaps

Next up, another simple papas fritas recipe but this time it’s baked instead of fried. This recipe is great if you want the great taste of papas fritas without the unhealthy element of frying them in lots of oil.

So, instead, this recipe shows you how to bake them! Made with just four ingredients and ready in under 40 minutes, this recipe is perfect for a simple side to any dish.

3. Papas Fritas con Rajas | Andrea Meyers

Papas Fritas con Rajas | Andrea Meyers
Image Source: andreasrecipes

Papas fritas con Rajas is a fried potato dish with Poblano peppers, a tasty twist on the simple fried potato. Cooking the potatoes with Poblanos will add a lovely heat and spice to the dish, not to mention a punch of flavor.

This recipe works well no matter what you air it with. Serve it alongside your steak or grilled chicken, or have it with eggs and salsa for a classic Spanish breakfast. The possibilities are endless with this dish.

What’s great about this recipe too is that it is gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free, so everyone can enjoy it!

4. Salchipapas | Dinner by Dennis

Salchipapas | Dinner by Dennis
Image Source: dinnerbydennis

Salchipapas is a Latin twist on fried potatoes and features mouth watering sliced sausage and different toppings such as Ketchup, mustard and aja chili sauce – drool!

It’s super quick and easy to make, the longest part of the method is frying the potatoes. It’s a great tasty brunch option or midday snack. You have to try this.

5. Oven-fried Patatas Bravas | NYT Cooking

Oven-fried Patatas Bravas | NYT Cooking
Image Source: nytimes

I couldn’t write this list without including my favorite patatas bravas recipe. This one serves four and only takes 30 minutes to make, plus it comes with two sauces!

These crispy, oven-fried cubes of potato goodness are served with a spicy salsa brava and a garlic aioli drizzle.

Make this next time you cook for family or friends, and they will be super impressed!

6. Papas Fritas with Braised Beef | Meal

Papas Fritas with Braised Beef | Meal
Image Source: meal

This is a slightly different way to make papas fritas. This recipe uses parsnips rather than potatoes for the fries to be paired with some tender braised beef.

While I love classic papas fritas, these parsnip versions actually taste amazing and are still lovely and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

Plus, topping them with braised beef adds some protein and texture to the dish, so it will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

7. Papas con Chorizo | Mexican Please

Papas con Chorizo  Mexican Please
Image Source: mexicanplease

Chorizo is a staple ingredient in Spanish cooking, so I had to include this papas con chorizo recipe.

Crispy but fluffy cubes of fried potatoes cooked and mixed in with some juicy, salty chorizo slices – what could be better? 

You can eat them as a meal topped with some salsa and sour cream or use them in some crispy taquitos for a tasty lunch. You could also top them with a fried egg and some avocado for an interesting breakfast dish.

8. Street Food Style Salchipapas | Laylita’s Recipes

Street Food Style Salchipapas | Laylita’s Recipes
Image Source: laylita

This recipe is inspired by the famous dish ‘papas del Soda’ which originated in Loja, Ecuador.

This street food style version features french fries topped with pieces of hot dog sausages, tomato onion curtido salsa and salsa rosada.

The salty, chewiness of the sausages, combined with the crispy, fluffy french fries provides tons of flavor and texture. Then, the salsas stop the dish from being too dry and add some more acidic flavors as well as more crunch – a must-try!

9. Gochujang Papas Fritas with Chorizo | Climbing Grier Mountain

Gochujang Papas Fritas with Chorizo | Climbing Grier Mountain
Image Source: climbinggriermountain

What could be tastier than a big bowl of crispy potatoes topped with Korean chili paste, chorizo and sesame seeds!

This recipe for Gochujang papas fritas with chorizo is everything you could want when you’re craving some serious comfort food.

It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minus to cook, and you’ll have yourself a large pan full of deliciousness to share with your family and friends (or not, I won’t tell).

10. Papas en Chile Rojo | Saveur

Papas en Chile Rojo  Saveur

This recipe is a twist on regular patatas bravas. Crispy fried potatoes are smothered in a fresh salsa to create a Mexican-style papas fritas hash.

Top it with eggs and wrap in a tortilla for a spicy Spanish-Mexican breakfast wrap – yum!

The salsa is made from scratch and features some sweet jalapeños for a hint of heat and sweetness.

11. Papas con Huevos | Kitchen Gidget

Papas con Huevos | Kitchen Gidget
Image Source: kitchengidget

These potato and egg tacos are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This dish will melt in your mouth. Crispy potatoes and soft fluffy eggs wrapped in a warm tortilla, what more could you want!

Plus, it only takes 25 minutes to prepare and will make 18 tacos, so you can make enough for your whole family or more. Or use it as a handy meal preparation recipe to have breakfast already prepared for the entire week.

12. Papas Fritas Matutinas | Physicians Committee

Papas Fritas Matutinas  Physicians Committee
Image Source: pcrm

This colorful dish serves four and is only 128 calories per serving! It makes for a tasty breakfast when oatmeal just won’t do it for you.

Enjoy yummy tomatoes, Poblano peppers, and crispy potatoes coated in paprika, oregano, and soy sauce. Again, you could top it with a fried or poached egg or even mix in some scrambled egg to make it more breakfast-like.

13. Filete con Patatas Fritas Gratinadas | comQuiero

Filete con Patatas Fritas Gratinadas | comQuiero
Image Source: comoquiero

Another twist on papas fritas is this potato gratin with steak strips recipe. French fries and steak go hand in hand so if you’re a steak and fries fan this recipe is for you.

This recipe takes it one step further, though, by cooking it all in a rich creamy sauce – delicious!

14. Papas Fritas con Sal de Chiltepin y Queso Cotija | Pati Jinch

Papas Fritas con Sal de Chiltepin y Queso Cotija | Pati Jinch
Image Source: patijinich

French fries are delicious and cheese is the best so, what could be better than cheesy topped french fries.

This papas fritas recipe is french fries coated in a chiltepin pepper salt and cottage cheese to make a hot, cheesy spicy bowl of deliciousness!

It only takes 35 minutes to prepare and cook and serves four to six people.

15. Cajun Style Papas Fritas | V & V Supremo

Cajun Style Papas Fritas | V & V Supremo
Image Source: vvsupremo

Fried potatoes topped with chorizo sausage and seasoned with Cajun and covered in lots of cheese – this recipe for Cajun style papas fritas is the comfort food of dreams.

This recipe uses premade frozen french fries but if you want to make your papas fritas fresh you could always refer to either of the first two papas fritas recipes in this list.

By using frozen french fries this dish is super quick and easy to make, so it’s great when you’re short on time but still want something filling and delicious.

16. Pollo con Papas Fritas | Deliciosi

Pollo con Papas Fritas | Deliciosi
Image Source: deliciosi

Sticking with the comfort food vibes, this fried chicken and papas fritas recipe is the perfect alternative to ordering takeout.

Learn how to make irresistible crispy, succulent fried chicken with crispy, fluffy french fries thanks to Deliciosi.

The only thing to be aware of is that this dish is not something to be eaten very often as it’s pretty high in calories but now and again it’s a delicious treat!

17. Papas Fritas al Estilo Americano | Recetinas

Papas Fritas al Estilo Americano  Recetinas
Image Source: recetinas

This recipe for American style fries uses sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes and cuts them into little discs rather than the classic thin strips.

It’s a lovely simple and healthy recipe for crispy baked sweet potatoes seasoned with lots of paprika and thyme – a refreshing take on the classic papas fritas.

Final Say

So, as you can see, Papas Fritas is probably one of the most versatile staples you can make. When the humble French Fry meets Spanish cuisine it’s pretty clear you get some extremely tasty dishes!

Hopefully this article has inspired you to try something new next time you plan to make fried potatoes/ papas fritas.