16 Of The Most AMAZING Arrachera Recipes

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Arrachera is the Mexican word given to a cut of beef. This cut of beef might be better known as skirt steak

Technically, arrachera is a dish in its own right, but the description of it is very loose and undefined since different people make it in different ways.

16 Of The Most AMAZING Arrachera Recipes

It tends to refer to a cut of skirt steak that has been tenderized and sometimes marinated. 

This has also led people, especially those in Mexico and surrounding areas, as well as people in the state of Texas to refer to skirt steak itself as arrachera. 

As such, this article will be showing you 16 different recipes that use this particular cut of steak, and so you may see it referred to as both arrachera or skirt steak. 

You may also see references to ‘Carne Asada’. Like arrachera, this can be difficult to pin down an exact meaning but it is a steak dish typically made with arrachera cuts. 

With this in mind, you may well notice that people often use the words carne asada to refer to the cut of meat itself, and I will be using it in some of the recipes too.

1. Arrachera Marinade 

Arrachera Marinade 
Image Source: mexicanplease

The first recipe I want to share with you is one for an arrachera marinade. As I mentioned in the introduction, the traditional Mexican arrachera is a cut of skirt steak that has been tenderized and often marinated.

Of course, this is not the only way of marinating your arrachera, but this is certainly a popular recipe for a marinade. Master this recipe and you will never eat plain skirt steak again…well unless you want to of course!

2. Authentic Mexican Arracheras Recipe

Authentic Mexican Arracheras Recipe

Of course, I had to include a recipe for authentic Mexican arrachera. This recipe is super similar to fajitas, which makes sense since arracheras are actually thought of as being the forerunner to the fajitas everyone knows and love today.

The flavors are simple and enjoyable, and they can be whipped up pretty quickly for a midweek meal.

You might miss the slightly more BBQ-inspired flavors of typical American style fajitas though, so be sure to check out the next recipe to experience that… 

3. The Best Tex-mex Arrachera Fajitas

The Best Tex-mex Arrachera Fajitas
Image Source: foodal

These Tex Mex fajitas take the authentic arracheras recipe above and give them a gorgeous American BBQ-inspired twist!

As I mentioned in the recipe above, this is the perfect recipe if the traditional arrachera recipe is just not quite what you want.

This sort of recipe is likely to be one you are already familiar with as they are pretty much identical to regular fajitas that you probably already know and love! Not to be missed if you are a fajita fan already! 

4. Marinated skirt steak on a fresh roots salad and crispy matchstick fries

Marinated skirt steak on a fresh roots salad and crispy matchstick fries
Image Source: greatbritishchefs

Next on the list, is a delicious recipe using skirt steak, but this time in a non-Mexican traditional way! This delicious dinner is a remake of the classic steak and fries!

This cut is so often underused for anything other than the traditional Mexican fajita recipe that it is refreshing to see it like this.

The matchstick fries and fresh root salad complement it so well, and it just proves that the arrachera cut of steak will be perfect for more than just fajitas. 

5. Skirt Steak Marinade With Chimichurri Recipe

Skirt Steak Marinade With Chimichurri Recipe
Image Source: grandbaby-cakes

This delicious chimichurri marinade for your steak is the perfect choice if you want something with a Latin-inspired twist but don’t want strictly Mexican flavors.

This recipe is based on Uruguay and Argentina’s favorite chimichurri and can be thought of like pesto (but even better). The main ingredient is cilantro and it shines through in this recipe.

Chimichurri certainly tastes delicious with arrachera skirt steak! 

6. Pan Fried Skirt Steak

Pan Fried Skirt Steak
Image Source: simplyrecipes

Of course, I just had to include a recipe for good old fashioned skirt steak here in this article. Sometimes you just don’t want all the bells and whistles that herbs and spices can bring!

This steak is fried with simple salt and pepper, as well as olive oil. Perfect for a quick weekend dinner or when served alongside some Mexican rice and veggie dishes if you wanted to keep the Mexican vibe alive.

This might be the plainest way to eat arrachera but that isn’t such a bad thing!

7. Arrachera (Skirt Steak) Tacos

Arrachera (Skirt Steak) Tacos
Image Source: mexicanfoodjournal

As the creator of this recipe states, arracacha is probably the most popular cut of beef in Mexico, and so it is no surprise that it features in this Mexican favorite dish – tacos!

Tacos are a delicious meal enjoyed all over the states, and this recipe is sure to be a hit for your next taco night! Sure makes a change from ground beef.

The great thing is with this recipe, you can really mix and match your taco toppings, and even the flavorings you use on the arrachera to suit your preferences. 

8. Brazilian Skirt Steak with Golden Garlic Butter Recipe

Brazilian Skirt Steak with Golden Garlic Butter Recipe
Image Source: finecooking

Skirt steak (or arrachera) is not just suitable for Mexican food but also for Brazilian recipes. This delicious skirt steak recipe uses golden garlic butter to give it the most delicious flavor.

It is quick and easy to make and can be done in just 4 minutes making it the best midweek supper. 

9. Gochujang-Marinated Skirt Steak

Gochujang-Marinated Skirt Steak
Image Source: bonappetit

Who says you need to have Mexican flavored skirt steak? This Korean inspired steak uses delicious gochujang hot pepper paste to flavor the steaks rather than spicy Mexican flavors.

This is a great option if you are craving some steak but want a slightly different taste…as great as Mexican cuisine is it is nice to have a change.

If you are a fan of Korean inspired cuisine, I thoroughly recommend that you choose this dish. 

10. Skirt Steak with Paprika Butter

Skirt Steak with Paprika Butter
Image Source: foodandwine

The mildest possible way to get a Mexican flair on your steak is with this delicious paprika butter.

This will not be as spicy as the traditional arrachera flavors, but the paprika will give you just enough of a Mexican flavor to ease you into the cuisine.

Perfect for those who are a little less adventurous with food but want to try something new. 

11. Grilled Balsamic Skirt Steak

Grilled Balsamic Skirt Steak
Image Source: myrecipes

Try a different cuisine entirely with this delicious Balsamic vinegar flavored skirt steak. Sure, it is far from the traditional arrachera, but it is the same cut of steak, just with a uniquely new flavor.

This is a Mediterranean inspired steak that is sure to be a hit at your next summer dinner party or barbecue.

It brings together one of Italy’s finest flavors (Balsamic vinegar) with the trusty Mexican cut of beef (Arrachera) to make a flavor fusion like no other. 

12. Carne Asada Nachos

Carne Asada Nachos
Image Source: damndelicious

Want something a little more fun? This recipe for Carne Asada Nachos will certainly do the trick! These are the perfect film night accompaniment or something to dig into whilst watching the big game with a few beers.

It uses arrachera steak rather than the usual ground beef for a more meaty texture and even more delicious taste.

This is sure to be a hit with your pals and they will be begging you to make this for all of your next parties and get-togethers! 

13. Arrachera Steak Burrito

Arrachera Steak Burrito
Image Source: missionfoodservice

Craving something a little different for lunch? Bored of your lunch meat sandwiches? This is the perfect lunchtime meal for you!

This gorgeous Arrachera Steak Burrito is the ideal Mexican midday dish to keep you full for the rest of the day.

It is packed full of delicious flavors and uses high quality arrachera cuts to ensure each bite is as meaty and tasty as can be! 

14. Carne Assada Bean Soup

Carne Assada Bean Soup
Image Source: glutensugardairyfree

How about something a little bit different? This bean soup uses carne asada (a meat dish made from arrachera) to add flavor and texture to the most wonderful Mexican inspired soup.

This is a great starter for a fancy three course meal or a substantial and filling lunch. It is also the perfect winter warmer to serve with tortillas and chips. Add as much or as little spice as you like based on your preferences.

15. Double-Decker Tacos

Double-Decker Tacos
Image Source: juice.clubw

So, you’re having a get together and you are looking for the perfect buffet food that will not only satisfy your guests but will also look spectacular? Oh, and it also has to be Mexican food…an impossible task, isn’t it?

Actually, no! It doesn’t have to be…because with these double decker tacos, you can make your guests’ bellies happy and impress them visually all at the same time!

Use the best quality arrachera for optimal results! 

16. Arrachera Borracha-Marinated Skirt Steak

Arrachera Borracha-Marinated Skirt Steak
Image Source: pinaenlacocina

Last but not by no means least, is this wonderful beer marinated arrachera steak! Yep, you read that right – it uses actual beer to flavor and marinade the steak.

The resulting dish is so rich and full of flavor and creates the perfect filling for your favorite tacos, burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas.

Hey, it’s even tasty on its own! Certainly not to be missed…even if you don’t like beer!