15 Of The Most AMAZING Mexican Coffee Cocktail Recipes

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There is no better accompaniment to a cocktail than a strong shot of coffee, even if it’s just the taste of coffee from a liqueur, it could be the spark to get the party started.

Moreover, there are so many cocktails that have some form of coffee element within them, so there are loads of recipes to customize and get inspired from.

25 Of The Most AMAZING Mexican Coffee Cocktail Recipes

What’s great about coffee cocktails is that they can be quite adult. Many will relate cocktail making with light and sugary drinks such as sex on the beach or mai tai, but a coffee cocktail is considered to be rather suave and also elegant.

This could be the way to get the more skeptical friends to come enjoy some cocktails with you or just to give a good account of yourself at your next dinner party.

People love after-dinner coffee and cocktails, so why not combine the two!

What’s also great about coffee cocktails is that even if you make them virgin, without alcohol, they can be as umptuous as a hot cocoa and can even be a dessert in themselves. ‘Mexican Coffee’ often refers to a specific cocktail similar to a mocha or hot chocolate.

This cocktail combines Mexico’s two most well known exports, both coffee and chocolate.

Either way, hard or soft, these recipes could inspire the next show stopping cocktail at your next dinner party or family get together. Read on to find yours!

1. Classic Mexican Coffee

Classic Mexican Coffee
Source: All Recipes

This is the original, alcoholic, cocktail recipe for what we would consider the classic ‘Mexican Coffee’.

The recipe combines hot coffee with 1 oz coffee liqueur and ½ oz Tequila and finishes the whole affair with whipped cream – consider this the Mexican Cowboy’s Espresso Martini.

The cocktail is very warming and rich, definitely one to end the night on, but is a winner for anyone who likes black coffee flavors with the added warmth of alcohol – an all round winner if you ask us.

2. Virgin Mexican Coffee

This is a similar recipe for Mexican Coffee that gets rid of teh alcohol and replaces it with other fanciful additions.

This might be what a European could consider to be closer to a Mocha, but is essentially a cup of hot cocoa with the added flair of coffee.

The brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon marry together into a perfectly warming and caramelly affair, the addition of milk and cream helps to balance out some of the stronger flavors, but you could easily take the milk out for a stronger affair.

3. Traditional Mexican Coffee

Traditional Mexican Coffee
Source: Old El Paso

This recipe is different mainly for its methodology which is reminiscent of how an old cowboy may make it, but also adds a lot of flavor. This has similar ingredients, the recipe remains virginal but you could add alcohol if you wanted.

The method requires brewing the coffee along with all the ingredients and a chocolate syrup as well as a bunch of spices such as cloves. The flavors meld together into a tasty drink rather than being mixed merely with a spoon.

4. Orange Mexican Coffee

Orange Mexican Coffee
Source: Food52

This is a particularly adult recipe, which remains original, yet offers some great alternatives to make this simple cocktail a little more fanciful.

One such addition is an orange rind which adds a perfect orange flavor to the marriage of coffee and chocolate that works great.

The recipe suggests more regional ingredient choices such as Mexican coffee beans, Mexican vanilla pods, piloncillo instead of dark brown sugar, and so on.

5. Mexican Coffee With Triple Sec

This is a more alcoholic version of the cocktail recipe that is doing a spin on the Irish Coffee recipe. This recipe suggests ½ ox each of Triple Sec, Tequila, and Kahlue in addition to 6 oz of coffee.

This makes a particularly alcoholic affair but the flavors of the alcohol just work so well with the coffee. This works well after a dinner party for something to keep the party going, the coffee sure helps with that too!

A great way to keep your guests around a little longer.

6. Mexican Coffee With Vanilla Ice Cream

This is every adult’s dream, a combination of hot cocoa, a coke float, and precious coffee!

A truly indulgent affair, this is perhaps the ultimate Mexican Coffee combining lots of alcohol, ice cream, and coffee. This is one to blow away your guests, or just make a night spent on the couch with a loved one special.

The vanilla ice cream just gets better as it melts into the cocktail, or have a cheeky spoon of the coffee liquid and ice cream for a hot and cold treat.

7. Chocolate Mexican Coffee

Chocolate Mexican Coffee
Source: Nellie Bellie

This is a recipe for the chocoholics among us, the main focus of this recipe is chocolate.

Moreover, this is a virgin cocktail that is great for a cold night. 1.5oz of chocolate is melted into the brewed coffee which makes a very indulgent affair but is great for those who want to engross themselves in something without needing the alcohol.

We love their suggestion of adding chilli powder for an extra kick.

8. Carajillo

This drink is sort of like a shorter version of the classic Mexican coffee recipe. The recipe prefers the use of espresso rather than filter coffee which is welcome.

The recipe remains fairly simple, though, to the espresso they add a specific liquor known as Licor 43 which is Spanish.

The liquor’s flavor is hard to describe, it’s a bit like a Spanish Jagermeister, herbally but also rich. This could blow the opposition away at a dinner party.

9. Spanish Carajilio

Spanish Carajilio
Source: Vindulge

Ths is similar to the previous recipe but adds a different twist on both the Mexican coffee recipe anad the Carajillo.

This recipe simply uses rum or brandy instead of Licor 43 which potentially makes this more accessible to an American audience. This still packs a punch of flavor and alcohol while still remaining continental and classy.

10. Dirty Horchata

This is a little off-piste but we think if you enjoy the Latin vibes of the Mexican Coffee cocktail, this dirty horchata might just be for you.

Horchata is like drinkable rice pudding. It sounds wack but it’s so good and cooling on a hot day. Just combine this milky drink with some espresso for a dirty affair.

Even though the recipe is named ‘dirty’ it doesn’t actually contain alcohol, but we won’t tell if you add some.

11. Dirty Horchata Cocktail

This is a similar, but different, recipe to the previous. It’s the same idea of combining the latin Horchata with some coffee, ideally espresso, but this recipe also adds the Kahlua and rum that makes this a true dirty cocktail.

Any latin guest would absolutely love this cocktail and is perfect for a summer gathering, your guests won’t expect you to bring this out but we guarantee they will leave with a smile on their face.

12. Spiked Horchata

Spiked Horchata
Source: Kahlua

This is a cocktail recipe straight from the team at Kahlua so you can trust it to be tried and tested.

Also, this cocktail is dairy free! They suggest using almond milk which seems to be a taste choice rather than a vegan choice, but means that your vegan or dairy intolerant guests will be happy!

The almond milk actually pairs really well with teh agave nectar as well as the Kahlua flavors.

13. Horchata White Russian

Horchata White Russian
Source: Le Petit Eats

This is a recipe that combines Horchata, White Russian, and Mexican Coffee into one affair that is a lighter version of all three.

The addition of vodka to the previously mentioned spiked Horchata recipes show the customizability of these cocktails, but overall makes a cocktail reminiscent of a white russian.

The cinnamon and added flavor are a great distraction from the alcohol, this could even be a festive treat with the right spices.

14. Mocha Margarita

Mocha Margarita
Source: My Recipes

This is an interesting cocktail that doesn’t stray too far from Mexican coffee, but in fact uses many of its elements. We love this, because it’s essentially spiked chocolate milk, which will bring the child out of any guest.

Moreover, there is basically nothing to hate in this cocktail and its ingredients are really simple – espresso, chocolate ice cream, and tequila! It sounds too good to be true, just give it a try!

15. Cinnamon Whiskey Coffee Cocktail

This is an interesting recipe that bridges the gap between Irish and Mexican Coffee. Combining coffee, cinnamon, and whiskey makes for a really transatlantic affair.

The cocktail is both spicy and smooth and also has the coffee aftertaste that washes away any spicy stringency. A really interesting take on the classic cocktails that will get your taste buds thinking.

The Final Say

If you love the sweeter, coffee focussed cocktails then the Mexican Coffee recipes listed here should be your cup of tea, or coffee!

Regardless of how you like your sweet cocktails, there should be a variety of your preference here. These cocktails are surprisingly versatile in what events they work at.

From a cool horchata cocktail in the summer to a late night mexican coffee on a cold evening, any guest or friend should be wowed by any of these recipes! Happy Mixing!