15 Of The Most Amazing Coco Curry Recipes

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Coco Ichibanya is a Japanese curry house chain that can be found across the world – with there currently being establishments in countries such as China, Taiwan, England and Hawaii. 

The company was founded in 1982 and has since become one of the most popular curry brands on the planet.

15 Of The Most Amazing Coco Curry Recipes

In Japan, the traditional Coco curry rice recipe has become a national dish and it is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. 

Because of the curry’s popularity, many restaurants have tried copying the recipe, while some curry enthusiasts have tried making the sauce from scratch at home. But has anyone truly succeeded? 

Currently, there are hundreds of Coco-style curry recipes that can be found online and it can be hard limiting them down to the best ones.

That is why I have compiled a list of the 15 most amazing Coco curry recipes, to help aid you in your search. 

1. All Recipes: Coco-Style Chicken Curry

All Recipes: Coco-Style Chicken Curry
Image Source: allrecipes

The first entry on the list takes a more classical approach to the famous recipe, essentially recreating Coco’s celebrated Japanese curry rice. 

This dish combines aromatic curry sauce with fluffy rice and crispy chicken to create a delicious and savoury meal. 

And the best thing about this recipe? It has cheese! 

2. Punch Fork: Japanese Coco Ichibanya-Style Vegetable Curry

Punch Fork: Japanese Coco Ichibanya-Style Vegetable Curry
Image Source: punchfork

If you are looking for a Coco-style curry that is completely vegan – then I have the perfect recipe for you. 

This recipe from Punch Fork takes the classic Coco curry recipe and replaces the meat with green beans, carrots, potatoes and juicy cherry tomatoes.

What’s not to love about this delicious dish? 

3. SoraNews24: Coco Ichiban Japanese Curry

SoraNews24: Coco Ichiban Japanese Curry
Image Source: soranews24

Our next recipe might just be one of the most authentic Coco-style curries on the list. It’s also easy to make and does not require a trip to your local Asian market. 

Full of spice and taste, this delicious curry can make the perfect meal for your friends and family – or even for yourself when you have a hankering for something exotic. 

The recipe is also simple to follow and will have you making aromatic Japanese curry in no time. 

4. Mr and Mrs Bright Stuff: Coco Ichibanya Chicken Curry

Mr and Mrs Bright Stuff: Coco Ichibanya Chicken Curry
Image Source: mrandmrsbrightstuff

If you want a recipe that truly captures the essence of the original Coco curry recipe, then I think I have found the one for you. 

This straightforward recipe is easy to follow and promises to deliver a sweet and tasty curry onto your dinner plate. 

So if you have always wanted to make some Coco-style curry from the comfort of your home – this is the recipe you need to be following. 

5. Military Mom Collective: Knockoff Coco’s Japanese Fried Chicken Curry Recipe

Military Mom Collective: Knockoff Coco’s Japanese Fried Chicken Curry Recipe
Image Source: momcollective

This recipe has been developed by military mothers who have been stationed in Japan or other parts of Eastern Asia. It seems even they can’t get enough of Coco’s delicious curry recipe. 

Although it can be hard replicating the iconic Coco-style flavor, this recipe gets pretty darn close. 

Bursting with a rich and floral taste, this fried chicken curry is the very definition of a crowd-pleaser. 

6. Recipe Tin Japan: Katsu Chicken Curry

Recipe Tin Japan Katsu Chicken Curry
Image Source: recipetineats

If you have been searching for a Coco curry recipe that is authentic and traditional, then look no further than this entry by Recipe Tin Japan.

This particular recipe uses house vermont curry as the base of its sauce, creating a dark and rich curry that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Packed with delicious vegetables and sweet crunchy chicken, this recipe is a total game-changer.

7. Copy Me That: Coco Ichibanya Chicken Cutlet Curry

Copy Me That: Coco Ichibanya Chicken Cutlet Curry

This blog makes recreating iconic recipes its mission, and it seems they have even attempted to copy the traditional Coco curry rice recipe. 

But did they do a good job? This chicken cutlet curry is brimming with a variety of different vegetables and is topped with a crispy breaded chicken. 

It may not come from Coco but it sure is a delicious and easy-to-make alternative. 

8. Just One Cookbook: Japanese Chicken Curry

Just One Cookbook: Japanese Chicken Curry
Image Source: justonecookbook

This delicious recipe by Just One CookBook is arguably the most authentic Japanese dish I have on the menu. 

For this recipe, you will need to cook your chicken in the curry sauce, which is made using ingredients such as garlic, ginger and honey. 

If you want authentic Japanese cuisine, then I think you have found the recipe you need to be using. 

9. Taidamatte: Coco Ichibanya Cheese Curry

Taidamatte: Coco Ichibanya Cheese Curry
Image Source: tadaimatte

Yes, you read that right! I told you that Coco Ichibanya is a world-famous curry house and now you know why – they make cheese curry! 

If you live in a country that doesn’t have a Coco Ichiban restaurant close by, then why not try making your own cheese curry at home. 

This recipe is packed with soft, melting cheese and a rich aromatic curry sauce, what sounds better than that? 

10. Have Halal Will Travel: Coco Ichibanya-Style Japanese Curry

Have Halal Will Travel Coco Ichibanya-Style Japanese Curry
Image Source: havehalalwilltravel

This recipe has been designed for those people who feel like they are missing out on the Coco Ichibanya experience. 

By following this simple and detailed recipe, you can learn to make restaurant-quality Coco chicken curry in your own kitchen. 

This recipe has also been designed for Muslims, and it follows Halal practices. 

11. A Lot Of Kitchen Eats: Japanese Sliced Beef Curry – Coco Ichibanya Style 

A Lot Of Kitchen Eats: Japanese Sliced Beef Curry - Coco Ichibanya Style 
Image Source: alotofkitcheneats

Most of the recipes I have compiled will use chicken to get that classic Coco Ichibanya taste. 

But this particular recipe instead uses sliced beef for a darker and more impactful flavor.

If you are not interested in cooking with chicken, then this beef curry is a delicious and easy-to-make alternative. 

12. Jaja Bakes: Curry Omurice

Jaja Bakes: Curry Omurice
Image Source: jajabakes

Another popular dish that you can get at a Coco Ichibanya curry house is a curry omurice – or curry omelette. 

This recipe involves making a traditional Japanese curry and then topping it with a soft and eggy omelette. 

The notion may seem strange and even a little gross, but I assure you this is a new and exciting way to enjoy authentic Japanese curry.

13. The Peach Kitchen: Japanese Curry With Pork Cutlet

The Peach Kitchen: Japanese Curry With Pork Cutlet
Image Source: thepeachkitchen

If you prefer to make curry using more eclectic meats, then you can try making your Coco curry with pork instead of chicken.  

This recipe captures the essence of traditional Japanese curry, while also giving you a taste of something refreshing and new. 

Breaded pork on a bed of soft rice with a rich curry sauce – now that sounds like the perfect evening meal. 

14. Peachluck’s Food Adventures: Coco Ichibanya Tofu Curry

Peachluck’s Food Adventures Coco Ichibanya Tofu Curry

This recipe comes from a food blogger living in LA, after visiting Japan they became obsessed with Coco curry and made it their mission to make their own at home. 

Unlike the other recipes I have listed, this one does not use chicken and instead uses tofu for a delicious vegetarian alternative. 

Not only is this Coco curry delicious but it is also healthy and comforting. 

15. On The Gas: Flavorsome Coco Curry Recipe

On The Gas Flavorsome Coco Curry Recipe
Image Source: onthegas

Our final recipe is another traditional approach to recreating the classic Coco curry recipe. 

Packed with a myriad of warm and delicious spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, this particular recipe promises a sweeter and more festive flavor. 

So if you want to make a good homemade Japanese Coco curry, this is the recipe you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coco Curry Healthy?

Many people believe that Japanese curries are healthier than other cultural varieties, which may be due to the fact that Japanese curries are loaded with vegetables.

And although the ingredients used to make Coco curry are relatively healthy – this does not mean that it is particularly good for you. 

Coco curry sauce is still high in calories and it can add a lot of extra carbohydrates into your meal. Every serving of Coco curry contains around 250 calories, so I do not recommend eating it as a healthy alternative.

Coco curry was made to be affordable and comforting, and that is what it still delivers today. 

Does Coco Curry Contain Peanuts?

If you have a peanut allergy, then you may be concerned about eating in Asian restaurants where peanuts are often used as key ingredients. Coco Ichibanya does use peanuts in some of its recipes, but not all of them. 

When going to a Coco Ichibanya curry house, I recommend checking the menu to see if the dish you want contains peanuts.

Or you could ask a member of staff for more information on the food and the ingredients used to make it. 

Is Coco Curry Vegan?

As I have previously mentioned, there are numerous vegan recipes for Coco curry online and this is because the chain itself is known for its variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

In fact, there is a whole section of vegan-friendly meals on their menu. 

The curry house food chain has also been known to make Halal dishes for Muslim customers and have been noted for their care and commitment to pleasing their customers and their dietary needs. 

Is Coco Ichibanya A Chain?

Yes, Coco Ichibanya is a chain and their curry houses can be found across the various continents. Currently, the company has establishments in Asia, North America and Europe.