12 Of The Most Amazing Picanha Recipes

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If you are a dedicated meat-eater, then chances are you have sampled everything from pork to chicken. But we all know there is nothing better than a delicious cut of steak, especially when that steak has been cooked to perfection.

These days, there are many cuts of beef that can be readily enjoyed, from the round to the loin. However, there is one cut of beef that is often considered the best, with its popularity originating from the vibrant and delicious world of Brazilian cuisine. 

Known as Picanha, this cut of beef has remained a staple of Brazilian food for hundreds of years and has since been adopted as a cultural dish by other notable countries such as Portugal and Spain.

Located at the rump of the cow, this cut of meat is known for its intense flavor and fatty cap. So if you are interested in purchasing this cut and cooking it at home, then we have everything you need to get started. 

In the following article, we have compiled a list of the 12 most amazing Picanha recipes currently available online, with each of our entries ranging in taste, method and style.

So if you want to experience a cut of beef unlike any other, just take a look at our selection and see which recipe catches your eye. 

1. Brazilian Picanha Steak – The Spruce Eats

Image Source: The Spruce Eats

For the first entry on our list, we have chosen a simple recipe that takes a more traditional approach when it comes to preparing the infamous beef cut.

Featuring only 4 easy ingredients, this recipe takes the Picanha steak and seasons it with a sprinkling of kosher salt and black pepper, before finally cooking the meat on an outdoor grill. 

The final result is a rich and succulent steak that will melt in your mouth and can be served alongside an aromatic garlic sauce.

Ideal for family dinners or romantic evenings, this recipe promises to deliver an intense flavor experience and will completely redefine your definition of the perfect steak. 

2. Beef Picanha Steak – Farmison

Image Source: Farmison

When it comes to preparing your Picanha steak, you should always make sure that you are cooking it just right.

So if you have been searching for a quick and easy way to prepare your beef cut, then this recipe by Farmison can help guide you through the process. 

We understand that tackling an amazing cut of meat can be a daunting task, but by following this recipe and its detailed instructions, you will be able to combat your fears and deliver a perfectly cooked steak with every kitchen session. 

3. Grilled Picanha – Over The Fire Cooking

Image Source: Over The Fire Cooking

Sometimes the best way to prepare Picanha is by taking a more unconventional approach. In this creative recipe, the South American beef cut is grilled over an open fire to create a delicious and simple dish.

Made using only a handful of ingredients, this recipe takes the steak and seasons it with olive oil and salt, before finally cooking the meat until it is pink in the middle. 

What you end up with is a perfectly cooked Picanha that can be topped with a refreshing chimichurri to create a steak experience unlike any other.

Bursting with taste and texture, this recipe truly captures the essence of the beef cut’s cultural background and can be served at barbecues and garden parties. 

4. Brazilian Coulotte Steaks – Brazilian Kitchen Abroad

There’s a reason why Picanha steak is considered one of the best beef cuts in the world and it’s because of recipes like this one.

Featuring a Picahna cut that has been coated in mustard and Brazilian sofrito, this recipe cooks the meat until it is medium-rare and serves it alongside a homemade dish of farofa de ovo. 

Combining classic Brazilian flavors, this particular recipe truly transports you to the colorful landscapes of South America and allows you to sample some of the continent’s most delicious and hearty cuisines.

So if you want to prepare your Picanha in a way that pays homage to its cultural roots, then this recipe is a fast and simple way to make your wish come true. 

5. Grilled Picanha Steak – Sunday Supper

Image Source: Sunday Supper

As a cut of beef, Picahna steak is known for its buttery taste and generous layer of fat, so we recommend choosing a recipe that truly highlights these traits.

In this recipe by Sunday Supper, the succulent cut is scored and seasoned with Santa Maria rub before finally being skewered and cooked on a grill. 

When it comes to cooking Picahna, this recipe understands that you need to engage with the beef’s natural qualities and the final result is a dish bursting with a variety of tastes and textures.

So why not transform yourself into a gourmet chef and consider using this recipe today. 

6. Slow-Roast Picanha – Akis Petretzikis

Image Source: Akis Petretzikis

Although many Picahna recipes recommend grilling your steak, this does not mean that other cooking methods will not yield the same delicious results.

The next recipe on our list takes the Brazilian beef cut and slow-cooks it in a baking tray, to make sure that the beef is pink and tender once it has been removed from the oven. 

Seasoned with chilli flakes, paprika and allspice – this recipe infuses the meat with a variety of aromatic flavors, creating a dish that promises to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

But that’s not all, this recipe can also be served alongside freshly baked baby potatoes, which are loaded with butter and an array of refreshing herbs. 

7. Picanha – More Momma

Image Source: More Momma

There are many reasons to love Picanha, from its savory flavor to its buttery texture, but probably the most notable thing about the beef cut is its versatility and universal appeal.

So if you have been searching for something to cook for a romantic dinner or Sunday barbecue, then we have the recipe for you. 

Consisting of a Picahna steak that has been rubbed with Ariscos seasoning and Brazilian sea salt, this recipe grills the beef over hot coals before allowing it to rest for ten minutes.

The final result is a perfectly cooked steak that infuses the meat with an array of succulent flavors and promises to satisfy both you and your loved ones. 

8. Brazilian Picanha BBQ – Your Guardian Chef

Image Source: Your Guardian Chef

We all know that barbecues are a great way to celebrate the summer season, but how can you make your party all the more memorable for you and your guests?

Well, the answer to this question is rather simple, by adding some Brazilian flavor to your summertime menu.

Sporting a Picahna beef cut that has been seasoned with salt, herbs and olive oil, this recipe grills the meat on the barbecue to create a rich and tender dish that your friends and family will adore. 

Perfect with roast potatoes or spicy rice, this simple meat dish is the very definition of gourmet cooking and can be easily whipped up by any dedicated meat-eater with a grill in their back garden.

So why not give this recipe a try and transform your next summer gathering into a celebration of South American culture and taste. 

9. Grilled Picanha Steak – Best Beef Recipes

Image Source: Best Beef Recipes

If you are the kind of person who loves to infuse your meat with a selection of incredible flavors, then we may have found the perfect recipe for you.

Featuring Picanha cutlets that have been skewered and cooked on the grill, this recipe coats the meat with Santa Maria seasoning and can be cooked in garlic butter to further elevate the beef’s natural taste. 

Ideal for dedicated meat-eaters who love to embrace the art of gourmet cooking, this recipe promises to produce the perfect Picanha steak and can be used to highlight the beef’s fatty cap as well as its rich and meaty flavor. 

10. Beef Rump Cap – Great British Chefs

Image Source: Great British Chefs

The next recipe on our list takes a more subtle and British approach when cooking the Brazilian beef cut. However, it still produces a cut of steak that is loaded with a variety of tastes and textures.

Consisting of a Picanha rump that has been cooked in a pan with beef dripping and salt, this recipe infuses the meat with an intensely beefy flavor, heightening the meat to almost divine levels of perfection. 

Perfect for family gatherings or laid-back dinners with friends, this recipe promises to deliver a steak experience unlike any other and will utilize the Picanha to its fullest potential. 

11. Churrascaria-Style Picanha – All Recipes

Image Source: All Recipes

Sometimes the best way to experience another culture’s cuisine is by making it yourself from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re in the mood for something rich and spicy, then this churrascaria-style Picanha is the dish you’ve been waiting for.

Made by seasoning strips of beef with garlic, lemon juice and salt, this recipe is loaded with an array of flavors and can be served alongside rice and vegetables for the best results. 

So if you want to transport yourself to the rainforests of Brazil, then this delectable recipe is the best place to start. 

12. Grilled Picanha Steak – Meat N Bone

Image Source: Meat N Bone

For the final entry on our list, we have chosen yet another recipe that boasts its ability to produce a perfectly cooked steak.

Featuring detailed instructions on how to season and prepare your Picanha, this recipe cooks the meat on a grill until it is medium-rare and promises to deliver a piece of well-cooked steak that is the epitome of gourmet flavor. 

Ideal for family barbecues or date nights with your special someone, this grilled Picanha can be prepared for a variety of different occasions and will allow you to sample some of the finest cuisines that South America has to offer.