12 Of The Most AMAZING Hominy Recipes

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Hominy is field corn (maize) that has been through a unique process, giving it a more puffy and meaty texture. Hominy is nothing new.

It is an ancient food that was widely eaten way back in Mesoamerica. In modern times, it is especially popular in Mexican cuisine as well as classic southern cooking.

12 Of The Most AMAZING Hominy Recipes

Have you had a can of hominy collecting dust at the back of your kitchen cupboard for far too long now? Or, have you just stumbled upon the stuff?

Whatever your reasons, you are here because you’re interested in using hominy to cook up something special. The recipes in the article are that special. 

1. Chicken Tortilla Soup With Hominy

Chicken tortilla soup with a good helping of hominy? Now we’re talking. When you are in need of a winter warmer that serves you ample flavor and heat, this soup will be there for you.

The recipe walks you through how to make homemade fried tortilla strips before setting you free on the soup.

Shredded Monterey Jack, sour cream, avocado chunks, cilantro, jalapenos, lime, it’s got all the familiar stuff in it. Even though it’s not labeled “Tex Mex”, it doesn’t get much more southern comfort than a big ol’ steaming bowl of this chicken soup.

Ward the winter chill right off your bones with this instant family classic. 

2. Grandma’s Hot Hominy

Taking just 10 minutes to prep and 40 to cook in the oven, this hot and homely hominy recipe is easy to make and easy to eat.

When it comes to comfort food, Grandma always knows best and this recipe is a time-honored classic pulled straight from any Grandma’s repertoire. 

Cheddar cheese, sour cream, butter, jalapeno, garlic, and hominy culminate to create a mighty fine example of how simple cooking hits home and heart.

3. Beef And Hominy Casserole

Keeping with the theme of “home cooking is best”, this casserole sure is a hearty one. Featuring a comfort-driven lineup of ground beef, onion, canned hominy, shredded cheddar, diced tomatoes, and a bunch of spices to season, there are no surprises to be found here. 

What you get is a beef casserole that the kids will adore, your partner will devour and the pets will be hovering around the table for scraps.

From the smell emanating out of the oven to its extra crispy crust and sauce oozing onto your plate – sometimes all we really need is a big old casserole to set us straight. 

4. Pinto Posole

When most people think of hominy, they think of posole. Traditionally, posole is a thick and rich stew consisting of slow-cooked pork, hominy, and green chiles that have been seasoned to the nines.

This version is a breath of fresh and fiery air for all the vegans out there. 

Replacing pork with pinto beans, the recipe gives posole a delicious plant-based edge. It is quite an extensive one so we won’t list off every ingredient.

All you need to know is that they read like a who’s who of impactful ingredients. Which, if you hadn’t guessed, translates into one seriously scorched soup.  

5. Hominy Au Gratin 

If you are starting to notice a trend between hominy and comfort then you know exactly what’s up. Hominy au Gratin is a classic southern comfort casserole that pairs the already perfect duo of cheese and bacon with hominy.

Known in the south as the ultimate Sunday lunch side, you just can’t go wrong with a big, creamy dish of this on the table.

Think of it as a beefed-up mac and cheese and you will be thinking along the right lines.

Taking just 15 minutes to prepare and 25 to cook, this Hominy Au Gratin leans on the oozy delight of béchamel sauce to be brilliant and can do no wrong in our eyes.

6. Pork Posole

As we have already pointed out, pork posole is considered one of the O.G hominy recipes. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting down to a bowl of authentic Mexican posole, this recipe does a very good job at imitating the real street-food deal. 

One stipulation is that you must source a can of Las Palmas red chile sauce. Before you say it – no, enchilada sauce will not do. Other than the Las Palmas chilis, there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary in this posole.

Pork shoulder cut thick into chunks and slow-cooked into submission is the star of the show, while the hominy has its own little thing going on too.

Top with sliced radish, diced onion, shredded cabbage, and a wedge of lime to impress yourself first and your guests second. 

7. Ecuadorian Hominy With Eggs

It’s true! Mexico has an affinity with hominy. However, it’s certainly not the only Latin American country to have a soft spot for the stuff.

Hominy with eggs, known locally as “Mote Pillo” is a breakfast stable of Ecuador and has been for many years. 

All you got to do to be sitting down with a big plate of Mote Pillo in front of you is heat up the pan and start sautéeing.

Sautée hominy with onion, garlic, chives, achiote, cilantro, eggs, and milk and this is essentially your Mote Pillo.

Sounds simple because it is simple. A true workman’s breakfast that is traditionally served with thick cheese slices and black coffee.  

8. Summer Zucchini And Hominy

We don’t know about you, but when summer rolls around, eating zucchini suddenly makes so much sense.

The undisputed don of summer vegetables that mixes oh-so-well with every light and breezy summer dinner. With zucchini, the hype is warranted. 

All you have to do to bring this dish to life is bang the zucchini, hominy, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and not-so-secret herbs and spices into a large pan for 20 minutes.

You will create the perfect lunch moment that tastes healthy because it is healthy. Don’t worry about the flavor side of things, as it is packing more than enough of the good stuff to warrant it the “it-dish” of the summer. 

9. Hominy Grits

Hominy grits answer your creamy, cheesy prayers for a pre-lunch side. Paired perfectly with tofu scramble. Or, serve it with the buttery O.G kind alongside some rashes of streaky. Wherever your loyalties lie, you will find a place for hominy grits.

If you’ve never heard the name, hominy grits is essentially a Mexican-inspired savory-style porridge that goes big on spices to kickstart your day.

If you are really feeling it, you could roast some serrano peppers on a skillet until their skins are blackened and their flesh is juicy and whack them right on top.

Taking just 10 minutes to prepare and cook, this hominy grits recipe is an easy addition to every morning feast. 

10. Filipino Binatog 

Keeping on the breakfast theme, because, well, who doesn’t love breakfast? Binatog is a Filipino classic that comes ready to set your day straight.

The best part about Binatog? It requires five easy-to-source ingredients and minimal commitment on your end. 

800 grams of hominy, 1 cup of freshly grated coconut, white sugar, salt, and butter are the only ingredients needed to be eating breakfast the Filipino way.

The dish does require 20 minutes to cook. However, most of that time is taken up simmering in a pan on low heat. So, as we said, this is a minimal effort, maximum impact kind of meal.

11. Toasted Hominy Bacon And Eggs

Once hominy gets toasted it suddenly comes into a life of its own. This toasted hominy, bacon, and eggs recipe is another easy one for all the breakfast lovers out there.

All you need to whip this protein-packed dish into existence is four rashers of bacon, 1 can of white or yellow hominy (drained), 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves, and 1 large clove of garlic, 1 medium shallot, a little salt, and pepper to taste, and as many fried eggs that you see fit. 

Serving two ravenous eaters with ease, this southwestern staple will become one of your breakfast go-to’s when there’s a serious hole that needs filling.  

12. Vegan Hominy Chili Bake

You didn’t think we would finish serving the best hominy recipes this side of Tijuana without giving vegan eaters a casserole to celebrate in, now, did you?

This vegan chili bake with a cornbread crust is a heavenly representation of just how delicious and comforting vegan food can be. 

Let’s start with the crust. Crispy on the outside and ever-so fluffy on the inside, there is no denying the southern comfort roots of this chili bake treat.

Chipotle powder, Mexican oregano, cumin, agave, and cilantro have been called up to give the casserole legs, and boy-oh-boy does it walk.

Pinto beans, hominy, and green peppers form the base of the casserole, while the recipe runs you through how to make the perfect cornbread crust separately. It is, simply put, divine. 


So there you have it. You are now all the wiser on how to use that forgotten about hominy can at the back of your food store. Hominy has been a humble staple of Latin America for literally thousands of years.

Its frugal nature coupled with a chewy meaty texture has meant, in modern times, hominy found its way into many American homes. Let’s hope it finds a staple place in your home next.