12 Of The Most AMAZING Choripan Recipes

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Choripan is a delicious Argentinian dish. As well as Argentina, it is also enjoyed in Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay. You may even find it in some other South American countries, and here in the US.

12 Of The Most AMAZING Choripan Recipes

It is a sandwich that usually features a grilled chorizo sausage in a crusty bread baguette or sub. This is where the name comes from, with ‘chori’ deriving from chorizo, and ‘pan’ which is the Spanish word for bread. 

They are often served as appetizers in South American countries. They are also commonplace at sports matches, like you would find hot dogs here in the US at football games.

They are often topped with sauces, most commonly chimichurri sauce in Argentina. They may also be served with other similar sauces depending on where in South America you buy them.

Some even have pickled onions, relish, and other hot dog toppings.

In this article I’m going to be showing you some of the most amazing choripan recipes I could find.

From classic, traditional ways of making it, to more modern and unique recipes, I have it all!

1. Choripan or chorizo hot dog with chimichurri sauce

Choripan or chorizo hot dog with chimichurri sauce
Image Source: laylita

This delicious (hot) dog is full of flavor thanks to the spicy sausage that is used! The chorizo sausages of Argentina are some of the best around. I can certainly see why these are so popular at barbecues held in South American countries.

Whether you want them as a barbecue appetizer, or as a main meal with fries and salad, they are bound to be a hit with your family.

What makes this recipe extra special is a tangy chimichurri sauce. There are also some pickled red onions that taste wonderful when served alongside it.

2. Argentinian Choripán Recipe

Argentinian Choripán Recipe
Image Source: saveur

For this recipe, they recommend that you tear out the middle of super dense bread. This will leave the crusty casing. This means you will have more room to fill it with sausage and delicious toppings.

For the filling, this Choripan recipe uses chorizo sausages (of course). It also has a delicious chimichurri for a super authentic taste. The bread you use can be whatever you prefer.

However, the recipe creator suggests hoagies, or French-style bread for the best results.

For even better results, cook the Argentine style chorizo sausages on the grill. You should eat them whilst they are fresh and hot. Delicious!

3. Choripan: Argentine Chorizo & Baguette

Choripan: Argentine Chorizo & Baguette
Image Source: arousingappetites

This delicious recipe follows some interesting and vital historical context. They talk about choripan, and the importance it holds in Argentinian culture.

Read that before the recipe to understand the life of Gauchos in Argentina. The creator writes about their asados, and how that led to the creation of choripan.

The creator stresses the importance of keeping this meal simple. They also provide the perfect recipe for chimichurri to complement the chorizo sausage. Notice the use of shallots in this chimichurri recipe rather than onion! A key difference.

You can top these with pickled red onions.

4. Chorizo Sandwich with Chimichurri – Choripan

Chorizo Sandwich with Chimichurri - Choripan
Image Source: vintagekitchennotes

This choripan recipe also recommends that you make a fresh, colorful salsa to serve alongside the usual chimichurri.

Well, how could I refuse? This delicious dish is full of flavor and makes the perfect barbecue dish to serve in place of your usual hot dogs.

It is super important that you use only the most fresh herbs you can find for the best flavors. As well as this, try and grill your chorizo sausages on an outside grill or barbecue if you can.

This will give them the most authentic taste, as though you’ve just got them from a choripan vendor on the streets of Argentina.

5. Choripan

Image Source: justapinch

Looking for something a little more unique? This choripan recipe might just be the one for you! Instead of the usual chimichurri topping, this recipe suggests that you dice or slice up some avocado to put on top of your chorizo sausage.

The avocado is served with tomato salsa and pickled red onions instead of chimichurri for a slightly different taste sensation.

It is the perfect mixture of tangy and creamy flavors, both of which complement the mild smoky spice of the chorizo.

Just don’t forget to use crusty French baguettes to keep it super authentic. Toast them first or pop them onto the grill for best results.

6. Alejandra Ramos’ Choripan Sandwich with Chimichurri

Alejandra Ramos' Choripan Sandwich with Chimichurri
Image Source: today

Full of flavor, this recipe by Alejandra Ramos is the perfect choripan to make if you want to do it the traditional way. This recipe will have you feeling as though you are walking through the streets of Argentina in no time.

The creator explains the difference between Spanish and Mexcian style chorizo. This will help you make the best choice based on your preferences.

Ramos also gives you one of the best chimichurri recipes I have made.

Use crusty baguette as per the suggestion of the creator and you will have a choripan good enough to be served from an Argentinian vendor!

7. Bacon Choripan with Chimichurri Sauce

Bacon Choripan with Chimichurri Sauce
Image Source: mommyshomecooking

Well, bacon and sausage are a match made in heaven, after all. This delicious recipe uses chorizo sausages and grilled bacon rashers for that extra kick of flavor.

Like a traditional choripan, this recipe also features the fresh chimichurri sauce. They even use bread rolls, but instead of crusty French baguette, the creator recommends hot dog buns. 

Of course, if you prefer crusty baguettes you can go ahead and use those. The recipe also suggests fried eggs and cheddar cheese slices to really amp up the flavors of this Americanized choripan recipe. Sure, it’s unique, but it sure is tasty!

8. Baked bread rolls stuffed with chorizo, mozzarella and capsicum (pan choripán)

Baked bread rolls stuffed with chorizo, mozzarella and capsicum (pan choripán)
Image Source: sbs

This slightly different take on the traditional chorpian recipe is a must-try for cheese fanatics like us! It uses pizza dough instead of the usual French baguettes, and leaves out the chimichurri.

This baked version of choripan is slightly more of a task to make, but the end result is a delicious, melty pile of cheese, dough, and spicy sausage. What could be better?

You can make it on the grill or barbecue too. Cook the chorizo first, and then the whole thing together. This means that you can still get that authentic grilled flavor on your chorizo sausages.

9. Choripan with Sauteed Onions and Chimichurri Aioli

Choripan with Sauteed Onions and Chimichurri Aioli
Image Source: justapinch

This recipe is perfect for lovers of creamier sauces. It uses chimichurri sauce and combines that with aioli or mayonnaise. This creates a tangy, creamy sauce that compliments the smoky chorizo sausage perfectly.

As well as the chimichurri aioli, this recipe suggests sautéed sweet onions such as the Vidalia variety. All these flavors combine in the crust French baguette that has been lightly toasted to create the perfect pre sports match snack.

For even better results, the recipe creator recommends that you cook your chorizo sausages on an outdoor grill . This ensures they are cooked to perfection.

10. Grilled Choripan Argentinian Sandwich

Grilled Choripan Argentinian Sandwich
Image Source: gourmetdeparis

As the creator of this recipe so rightly points out, you can “hardly swing a chorizo in Buenos Aires without bumping into a choripan vendor”!

They couldn’t be more correct, and they have used this recipe to pay homage to this delicious Latin American favorite dish.

This particular recipe is packed full of strong flavors that all complement each other in some way. The herby chimichurri with the spice of jalapenos, mingle with the smokiness of chorizo to create the most incredible taste.

The recipe doesn’t specify exactly what bread to use, meaning you can just choose your favorite based on your preferences. I recommend choosing crusty French baguettes, ensuring you toast them slightly before serving.

11. Argentinian choripan

Argentinian choripan
Image Source: taste

Kick things up a notch with this spicy and flavorful recipe. The chimichurri sauce used in this recipe is fresh and herby, but with a spicy kick that is hard to rival.

Partner that with the smoky flavor of the chorizo sausages and you have a pairing that is unmatched.

For the most delicious results, the recipe recommends that you use crusty rolls or baguettes rather than soft sub rolls.

Of course, this is entirely down to your personal preference. That being said, if you want to make it truly authentic, I highly recommend that you listen to their suggestion and get yourself some crusty, chewy bread.

12. Choripan With Molho À Campanha (Country Salsa)

Choripan With Molho À Campanha (Country Salsa)
Image Source: barbecuebible

The Molho A Campanha (or country salsa) makes this choripan recipe really special. It is full of flavors such as crunchy peppers, sweet onions, and tangy red wine vinegar that complement the chorizo sausage well.

Because the salsa itself is full of diced peppers and tomatoes, there is no need for any other toppings. This is with the exception of the deliciously golden grilled onions that are served with it.

You can use hoagie rolls as per the recipe, or you can use crusty French baguette if that is what you prefer. In fact, you could use any bread rolls you wish! The rolls get grilled lightly and buttered for extra flavor and texture.