11 Of The Most AMAZING Steak And Eggs Recipes

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There are several ways to prepare a delicious steak and eggs recipe.

11 Of The Most AMAZING Steak And Eggs Recipes

All of them are great options for both brunch and dinner, and each one offers its own unique taste experience.

It’s important to find a combination of ingredients that works well together, and that you enjoy eating.

So, whether you’re looking for recipes featuring a classic steak and eggs combo, or you’d rather try a new twist on the dish, we’ve got some amazing ideas for you below!

1.Steak & Eggs (Delish)

To start this list with a classic take on a classic meal, Delish’s recipe for steak and eggs is a perfect example of this high-protein meal that is so popular around the world.

Steak and eggs are one of those meals that taste even better when made at home. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive — and it’s customizable.

You can put together any kind of protein or combination of proteins you want for an amazing, filling breakfast or lunch.

You might think that making your ketchup would be difficult, but it couldn’t be easier than it is for this delicious steak and egg dish.

This recipe is great if you love ketchup but don’t like how much sugar is in store-bought versions.

This is a great way to use up leftover steak. Since the beefsteaks aren’t as big as filet mignon steaks, they’re perfect for using leftovers.

With just three ingredients, you’ll be able to make your version in no time at all!

2.Steak & Eggs (Diet Food)

If easy-to-make is the hallmark of a good meal recipe, then steak & eggs have to be one of the best out there!

The recipe is simple: cook up some bacon, scramble some eggs, and top with a piece of cooked steak.

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating something hot out of the pan while still warm.

This recipe takes this standard, already delicious dish, and adds just the right amount of extra to make it into a great dinner staple, with a little parsley and garlic, as well as plenty of salt, pepper, and oil.

Pork chops or ribeye are also two very lean cuts of pork that could work well in this dish if you want to try and mix things up a little.

But feel free to swap out the cut of meat for whatever you have on hand.

This is a classic dish that works well when you have friends over because it allows you to try new things without having to worry about being stuck with boring food.

It also makes for a nice change of pace if you normally eat fish instead of red meat.

3.Steak & Eggs (Healthy Recipe Blogs)

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply keep healthy, steak and eggs may be exactly what you need.

While not everybody loves steak and eggs, most people agree that it’s delicious, nutritious, and a great choice for breakfast.

If you’re wondering why steak and eggs are such a favorite, it’s probably because it’s full of protein, which provides satiety, whilst also avoiding the issues that high-carb foods often run into.

Buttery eggs, whether scrambled or fried, mixed with slices of sirloin steak topped with freshly cracked black pepper is a delectable treat.

In addition to its flavor, this recipe’s versatility means that it can be used to serve multiple purposes.

A typical steak and egg sandwich includes only a single slice of steak, but you can easily double or triple the recipe by adding more steak to each serving.

4.Steak & Eggs Hash (Tasty)

11 Of The Most AMAZING Steak And Eggs Recipes

A traditional steak and eggs dish consists of an omelet made with beaten eggs and butter, piled atop a thick slab of steak.

This recipe builds upon tradition by creating a hearty hash that combines the flavors of steak and eggs in a bowl.

Hash should be eaten immediately once prepared, so plan accordingly. If you’d prefer to prepare it ahead of time, allow the hash to cool completely before storing it in the refrigerator for later.

Hash can be served as part of a larger meal, or it can stand alone as a light lunch or supper.

The dish is based around a basic potato hash, seasoned with cheddar cheese and chives, combined with a couple of pieces of steak.

It’s important to note that the steak must be cooked until medium-rare; cooking it any longer will result in tough meat.

You can use either beefsteaks or London broils, although some find that the latter tend to be too chewy.

For those who like their steaks rare, the recipe can easily be adapted to accommodate your preferences.

5.Steak & Eggs (The Kitchen Magpie)

This recipe has all the ingredients needed to create a tasty steak and eggs combo.

One good thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t require a lot of prep work.

All you need to do is stir together the ingredients listed below and then place them in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Once ready to cook, simply heat a frying pan over medium heat and add the mixture from the bowl.

To make sure that everything cooks evenly, it’s best to divide the mixture between 2 small bowls and then flip them both over onto a large plate.

That way, you don’t risk burning one side of the eggs while they’re still cooking on the other.

Once the eggs have set, remove them from the fridge and top them with some fresh herbs. You could also try topping the eggs with bacon or sauteed mushrooms, or even a bit of ham.

As long as you use quality ingredients, there are no limits to how creative you can get when preparing this classic combination of steak and eggs.

6.Green Eggs & Steak For Two (Tasting Table)

Okay, so the eggs aren’t green like the recipe name might imply.

However, with the addition of a little chimichurri, the little green color and flavor they add help this version of steak and eggs stand out.

Since the sauce contains garlic and red wine vinegar, it’s great for pairing with the rich, fatty taste of a juicy steak.

If you want to keep things simple, just drizzle the chimichurri directly over the eggs.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also top the eggs with a nice dollop of sour cream or guacamole. Either way, the eggs are worth making.

7.Steak & Eggs With Chimichurri (The Spruce Eats)

Chimichurri is an Argentinian condiment made from ground coriander, parsley, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and white wine vinegar.

It gets its unique flavor from the interaction of these ingredients during the process of fermentation and aging.

In general, the dish itself consists of scrambled eggs mixed with shredded steak and topped with chopped scallions and slices of avocado.

However, the author of this recipe decided to spice things up by adding a few more spices to the mix.

This includes a dash of smoked paprika, which adds a hint of smokiness to the dish.

With the chimichurri helping add some much-needed greenery, as well as a few flavors, this is a great recipe to try out for yourself.

8.Steak & Eggs (Food & Wine)

A classic combination of eggs and steak is given a delicious twist in this recipe.

Instead of using just regular eggs, the author uses free-range eggs, which produce a richer yolk than most supermarket varieties.

Instead of just mixing the eggs with the usual suspects, the author added some mustard powder, chili powder, cumin, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.

By doing so, he created a flavorful base for his eggs without having to go through the trouble of making a full meal.

When it comes time to serve the dish, the author recommends serving it with some toast, buttered beans, or mashed potatoes.

If desired, you can also garnish the finished product with some salsa verde and sliced tomatoes.

9.Breakfast Steak & Eggs (Lord Byron’s Kitchen)

This recipe features a savory steak and egg combo cooked inside a cast-iron skillet.

For the main ingredient, the author used beef tenderloin – because it’s not only very lean but also has a lot of flavors.

To complement the meat, the author chose a variety of vegetables, including spinach, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.

By combining all of those different types of veggies into one dish, the author was able to create a hearty and filling meal for two people.

To make the dish even healthier, there’s even the option of skipping the butter and opting for extra virgin olive oil instead.

10.Steak & Eggs Breakfast Wrap (Jersey Girl Cooks)

It’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned breakfast like this one. It’s pretty hard to beat anything that involves eggs, steak, and bacon.

The author of this recipe opted to use thick-cut bacon since they have a higher ratio of fat to protein compared to thinner strips.

For the rest of the ingredients, they used fresh spinach leaves, red onion, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

While the author says that any type of bread will work, they do recommend using something thin and crispy like tortillas or pita bread.

You could also swap out the tomatoes for sautéed mushrooms, or change the mozzarella cheese for goat cheese.

11.Steak & Eggs-In-A-Hole (Rachel Ray In Season)

If you’ve ever had a steak-and-eggs sandwich, then you know how good it is.

However, if you want to take an already amazing lunchtime favorite and turn it into a complete dinner, this is the perfect recipe for you!

All you need is a cast-iron skillet, eggs, steaks, and your favorite seasonings and condiments. Since the author wanted to keep things simple, they made sure to include salt and pepper alongside their other toppings.

You can spice up the dish by adding some spicy brown mustard, sriracha, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, or ketchup to the mix.

You can also add some avocado slices on top if you feel like you need a little extra greenery in this dish!


Whether you’re looking to impress a special someone, or simply trying to find a new way to enjoy breakfast, these recipes are guaranteed to deliver.

They prove you don’t have to be a culinary mastermind to spruce up a classic and send your taste buds into the stratosphere!