11 Of The Most AMAZING Jalapeno Salsa Recipes

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Everybody needs a jalapeno salsa recipe in the repertoire.

Its sweet and spicy flavor profile can be applied to any Mexican dish, grilled fish, and summertime salad recipe – elevating them all to drool-worthy levels.

11 Of The Most AMAZING Jalapeno Salsa Recipes

The beauty of jalapeno salsa? It’s actually so much easier to make than you might think.

On top of that, making a big batch of jalapeno salsa will ensure that fridge is always full of the stuff.

If the jar is looking a little bare, simply cook up another batch and enjoy the spoils that an endless supply of salsa represents.

This article is about to serve you a delectable selection of “from-scratch” jalapeno salsa recipes, we hope you’re ready.

We’re not trying to get in the way of your Old El Paso love affair, It’s just that homemade salsa hits different and should be celebrated accordingly. 

1. Tomato Jalapeno Salsa

The best things in life and the kitchen are often the simplest.

Sure, adding every spice under the setting Mexican sun will certainly raise the hairs on your neck, but this time-honored tomato jalapeno salsa recipe is perfect just the way it is. 

Three tomatoes, ½ an onion, one jalapeno, one garlic clove, and a little salt and pepper to taste are all you need to create this jalapeno salsa magic.

The trick of this recipe is to make sure, without question, that the tomatoes have been roasted.

Roasted to the point where their juices are flowing and their skin is a little charred. Do this and you’ve found that magic. 

2. Green Salsa

Going in the opposite direction to the tomato jalapeno salsa’s simplicity, this green salsa packs it all in.

With an Asian-inspired ingredient list that features the extra funky ingredient of fish sauce, you won’t know what’s hit you and from which direction with this salsa.  

Other big-flavor hitters include basil, mint, cilantro, lime, coconut sugar, jalapeno, tomato, and tomatillos.

If you’re looking for a salsa that takes no prisoners and will become the unsung hero of any showtime meal, you have officially found your recipe. 

3. Fresh Pico De Gallo Salsa

Pico de Gallo is a fresh and vibrant salsa that tastes oh-so authentic. This Mexican classic is a must-have in your artillery.

Of course, Pico de Gallo was born to be heaped inside tacos, but that’s not all it knows how to do. 

The freshness of Pico de Gallo means it is the perfect accompaniment for grilled meat.

Chicken, fish, pork, steak, you name the meat, and Pico de Gallo has already been there and jazzed it up.

Calling for small tomatoes, jalapenos, scallions (or red onion), lime, cilantro, and sea salt, it’s clear that this salsa recipe isn’t rocket science. It’s a quick-to-make salsa to delight in.

4. Pineapple Salsa

Taking just ten minutes to knock up and even less to eat, this pineapple salsa pines for the summertime.

Another “fresh if best” approach, the salsa leans on fresh pineapple, fresh jalapenos, sweet red pepper, cilantro, green onion, lime, sea salt, as well as apple cider vinegar for a final pungent kick. 

Serve alongside grilled meat and vegetables, outside, in the sunshine, and you will know what heaven tastes like.

If you partake in the stuff, light and crispy white wine would only go and make this scenario that much more divine.

5. Cucumber Salsa

Cucumber is celebrated in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines and now it’s time for you to celebrate it too.

Screaming “it’s summertime and I’m excited about it”, the recipe goes big on fresh cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, jalapenos, garlic, cilantro, lime, and extra-virgin olive oil. 

For this recipe, it is important to source the very best extra-virgin that you can find. Why?

Because the legs of this salsa are built on its tangy vinaigrette. The last thing you want is its flavor to suffer as a result of a sub-par oil choice?

Serve it with shrimp, serve it in a burger, serve it alongside chicken – cooking is about getting creative, and this cucumber salsa has creativity in spades. 

6. The Best Homemade Salsa

This homemade salsa feels a lot like one of those time-honored recipes that grandma whipped you up as a kid.

A salsa like this calls out for one thing and one thing only – a big ol’ bowl of tortilla chips. Put this heavenly pair together and watch as your guests start to congregate. 

Its ingredient list reads very similarly to the salsas listed above so we won’t bore you with things that you already know.

What makes this homemade salsa stand out from the crowd? It’s in the ripeness of its tomatoes.

Spend your time and money on ensuring that the tomatoes are especially ripe and ready and the rest will be easy.

One final secret is to source Old El Paso diced green chilies.

We know it sounds less authentic, but there’s a certain edge that these canned puppies bring to the recipe. With a name like “Best Homemade Salsa”, who’s arguing? 

7. Strawberry Salsa

So you already know that strawberries make an appearance, but what else is in there?

The salsa is a tantalizing mix of raw honey, fresh lime juice, lime zest, salt, pepper, red onion, cilantro, and jalapenos.

One tip is to leave the salsa to stand for 20 or so minutes. This will allow the strawberries time to release their juices and marry the flavors together. 

Sometimes the sight of food does all its talking, and this strawberry salsa is a delight for sore eyes.

Naturally, it tastes as good as it looks and is the ideal condiment to jazz up any backyard salad bar.

Whether you want to cozy it up next to a bowl of chips, slide it into a taco, or serve it alongside a fillet of crispy-skin salmon, the salsa can do no wrong. 

8. Creamy Jalapeno Salsa

Heavily blended into a creamy green concoction, this salsa is destined for chips.

The surprise appearance of avocado oil really helps it to be both parts unique and delicious.

This is one of those highly riff-able recipes that give you the keys to your own dipping destiny.

Maybe you want to keep the jalapeno seeds in for an extra bite. Maybe you want to throw another tablespoon of lime juice in there for more tang.

There really are no limits to how this salsa plays out. Our only advice – be daring and be rewarded. 

9. Roasted Jalapeno Salsa

For the crew who are head-over-heels for hot salsa – this recipe has no equals.

Unlike the bulk of recipes where jalapenos are a sidenote to tomatoes and other base ingredients, jalapenos are the star of this spice-heavy show. 

The peppery flavor that nine large jalapenos (skins, seeds, and all) add to this salsa is enough to send any chili lover into a state of sweaty bliss.

Other than being jalapeno heavy, the recipe reads like any other salsa recipe out there.

Onion, garlic, lime, salt, and oil come together to create something that is forever familiar and undeniably spicy. 

10. Cranberry Jalapeno Salsa

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip and Salsa

This cranberry salsa is the perfect table condiment for when you’re feeling extra festive.

Sure, it will find a place on the Christmas and Thanksgiving tables, there is no doubt about that.

However, we think it has just the right amounts of quirky, vibrant, and delicious to suit any family gathering where the order of the day is to celebrate. 

Don’t believe us? We’ll let the ingredient list win you over.

Fresh cranberries, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, orange juice, orange zest, cumin, salt, sugar, and cream cheese have been called up to the big leagues and they do not disappoint.

Sure, you could store this recipe away for Thanksgiving day. Or, you could treat yourself this weekend and be happy in the extravaganze. 

11. Cilantro And Jalapeno Salsa

We are well aware of the controversy surrounding cilantro, so, if it isn’t your thing, tap out now.

If you are one of those people who could eat a whole head of the herb in one sitting, this recipe is here for you.

Featuring 100 grams of cilantro (stalks and all), this salsa packs a tantalizing event into every mouthful.  

Other notable ingredients include another 100 grams of fresh jalapenos, garlic, oil, salt, and the zest and juice of two limes.

The whole citrus circus is then blended together and can be served alongside whatever you fancy dipping in it.

Simple, effective, and loaded with all things green and all things powerful makes this salsa a winning formula. 


So there you have it. 11 of the most downright delicious salsa recipes this side of Tijuana.

We hope you were able to find something you like about one, two, or all eleven of them to turn the dial up on an idle Tuesday afternoon.

Maybe a margarita to wash it down? We certainly aren’t judging.