11 Of The Most Amazing Carnes En Su Jugo Recipes

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Originating from Guadalajara, Carnes en su Jugo is a dish consisting of meat that has been cooked in its own juices.

Similar to a stew, as a homely dish it is here to satisfy your cravings on the colder evenings when the temperatures begin to drop.

11 Of The Most Amazing Carnes En Su Jugo Recipes

Although the majority of recipes use the same basic ingredients, they are variations available that use different liquids to create the soup consistency. 

This dish can easily be made from the comfort of your home and doesn’t require an extensive list of ingredients. Below, I have listed 11 amazing recipes that you can follow to create great-tasting Carnes en su Jugo. 

1. Carne en su Jugo by Barefeet in the kitchen 

Our first recipe is from Barefeet in the Kitchen. Flank steak is simmered in its juices until it is nice and tender.

The juices that are released from the meat as it cooks will create a delicious broth that forms the base of this dish. 

This recipe is recommended for those that like their food with a kick. It uses 3 peppers and this increases the heat and intensity of the dish.

It also uses tomatillos which can either be boiled or grilled. After allowing the meat to cook in its juices, you can garnish it with onion, cilantro, and bacon pieces before seasoning with pepper and serve with a wedge of lime.

This is certainly a dish that is packed with flavor. 

2. Carne en su Jugo by Mama Maggie’s Kitchen 

Carne en su Jugo by Mama Maggie’s Kitchen 
Image Source: inmamamaggieskitchen

This next recipe is easy to follow and even includes a video to help you along the way. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook so it is great for those looking for a tasty meal that can be made from scratch in minimal time.

This quantity of ingredients is also based on a 6 person serving.

Serve on a bed of pinto beans and then squeeze some lime over the top as this will help to enhance the taste. 

3. Carne en su Jugo by Cooking the Globe

Carne en su Jugo by Cooking the Globe
Image Source: cookingtheglobe

As the cold weather approaches what could be better than feasting on a meaty dish that is topped with an array of tasty ingredients. This recipe is easy to follow and can serve a total of 6 people.

Dedicate 20 minutes of your time to preparing the ingredients and then allow it to cook for just over an hour.

Add a portion of cooked beans to each of the serving bowls before pouring over the soap. Then garnish with some bacon, radishes, cilantro, and avocado.

This combination of ingredients will create a vibrant and tasty dish. Enjoy whilst it is still warm. 

4. Carne en su Jugo (beef in its own juice) by Just a Pinch

Carne en su Jugo (beef in its own juice) by Just a Pinch

This is the perfect recipe for those who do not consider themselves culinary experts as it is super easy to follow. It uses very straightforward ingredients and will only take 30 minutes to cook.

The core ingredient is beef chuck which is then complemented by the taste of the Roma tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, chicken bouillon, and salt and pepper.

Once you have combined all of the ingredients in the pan, you must let it cook until the meat is tender. Then divide it into portions, sit back and enjoy this great tasting dish.

5. Mexican Instant Pot Carne en su Jugo by Cuisine at home 

Mexican Instant Pot Carne en su Jugo
Image Source: cuisineathome

Those who own an instant pot are likely to appreciate this recipe by Cuisine at home. It differs from many traditional versions as it uses pork instead of beef.

The combination of tender meat chunks and soft dried beans creates a delicious dish that can be enjoyed by many. 

Taking a total of an hour and a half to prepare and cook it is easy to make and calls for a selection of ingredients that are going to add lots of flavors. Tomatillos are mixed with broth to create the soup-like liquid.

When everything inside the pot has finished cooking, you can then top with some bacon, onion, and cilantro and season with salt before serving with a lime wedge.

6. Carne en su Jugo (meat in its own juices) recipe by All Recipes  

Carne en su Jugo (meat in its own juices) recipe by All Recipes  
Image Source: allrecipes

Next, is this tasty Carne en su Jugo recipe created by All Recipes. It is a perfect homely dish that is super easy to make.

Serrano chile peppers are added to give the dish a bit more of a kick and fresh tomatillos are used to create the liquid base. 

After cooking the ingredients (not including the meat) briefly, you can transfer them to a blender as this will smoothen out the texture.

Once you have allowed the meat time to cook, mix with some pinto beans and add some onion and cilantro. Season to taste whether pepper and lime.

7. Carne en su Jugo by Red Cipes 

Carne en su Jugo by Red Cipes 
Image Source: redcipes

Our next recipe has been created by Red Cipes and uses a similar selection of ingredients to the previous mentions.

It is recommended that you use foil when following this recipe as it will help to keep the food fresh and moist.

Expect the ingredients to take around 25 minutes to prepare and a further 30 minutes to cook. Add some bacon chunks to the steak mixture and garnish with onion and cilantro as this will help to enhance the taste.

Season with some black pepper and then serve with a wedge of lime.

8. Carne en su Jugo by Food.com 

If you are catering to a large group of people, I would recommend this recipe. The ingredients are based on 10 person servings and will take 1 hour and 20 minutes to cook and prepare.

Tomatillos are used to make the liquid base and this is then going to be mixed with the steak. 

Stir in a spoonful of pinto beans and then serve with fresh lime and sour cream to lock in the flavor. Sprinkle over some diced onion and top with cilantro.

This recipe is especially tasty when served with a side dish of flour tortillas.

9. Carne en su Jugo (meat cooked in its own juices) recipe by Mexico In My Kitchen

Carne en su Jugo (meat cooked in its own juices) recipe by Mexico In My Kitchen
Image Source: mexicoinmykitchen

This recipe by Mexico in My Kitchen thoroughly details every stage of the cooking process. The concentrated broth is going to be packed full of flavor, while the beef chunks will add sustenance.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing the ingredients for this dish and it is only going to take 30 minutes to cook.

If you have a dutch oven, you can use this to cook the bacon which will then be used as a topping. Use some salt and pepper to season the meat, increasing the amount according to taste.

Once it has finished cooking, pour over some beans before adding some radishes, cilantro, and onion. Squeeze some lime juice on top and then you can tuck in. 

10. Carne en su Jugo Recipe by Food & Wine 

Carne en su Jugo Recipe
Image Source: foodandwine

This next Carne en su Jugo Recipe has been created by Food & Wine and consists of finely chopped skirt steak which has been mixed with soft beans, multiple sauces along with garlic, onion, and tomatillos.

For a reduced cooking time you can use a pressure cooker if you have one to hand. 

Once the meat has finished cooking, mix with the beans and then use a ladle to divide it between the bowls.

Add some bacon, and finish with cilantro and onion. Take a wedge of lime and squeeze it over the dish. It is particularly tasty when served on top of flour tortillas.

11. Carne en su Jugo or Mexican Beef Recipe by The Spruce Eats 

Carne en su Jugo or Mexican Beef Recipe by The Spruce Eats 
Image Source: thespruceeats

Our final recipe comes from The Spruce Eats and can serve between 6 and 12 people depending on the number that you are cooking for. Whilst it is the perfect go-to winter meal, it can be enjoyed during the summer too.

You are not going to require a very extensive selection of ingredients and it can be served as either a starter or a main dish.

After all of the ingredients have been added to the pot and given time to cook, you can add the bacon and then serve it. Finish the dish by adding a garnish of your choice.

A traditional and popular side dish is grilled green onions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Carne en su Jugo mean?

As mentioned this title is given to a dish that consists of meats that have been cooked in their juices. It tastes particularly nice when accompanied with a salsa that is made from tomatillos.

Although beef tends to be the traditional choice of meat, nowadays other varieties are used such as pork. Many years ago, it was thought to be a cure for a hangover. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 11 delicious Carne en su Jugo recipes that you can easily follow to make your homemade version. It doesn’t use a lot of complex ingredients and doesn’t take a significant amount of time to prepare and cook.