10 Of The Most Amazing Aji De Gallina Recipes

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We live on a vast planet that is made up of various countries and continents, which means we often get the opportunity to try cultural cuisines from around the world.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys sampling new and exotic foods, then chances are you have tried almost every cultural cuisine from Chinese to Indian.

But have you ever had the chance to taste a dish that first originated in ancient Peru? If not, then maybe it’s about time that you did. 

Known as Aji de gallina, this dish has remained a staple of Peruvian cuisine for hundreds of years and consists of a chicken stew that has been made with onions, garlic, cheese and evaporated milk.

Considered a popular comfort food among the South American people, this dish is often distinguished by its hearty nature and can be easily whipped up by any home cook looking to experiment with new flavors. 

Of course, there are hundreds of Aji de gallina recipes currently available on the internet, so to limit your choices we have compiled a list of the 10 most amazing Aji de gallina recipes available.

Not only are these recipes simple to make, but they are also bursting with authentic Peruvian flavors and promise to deliver delicious meals that you and your family can enjoy. So why not take a look at our list and see which recipe takes your fancy. 

1. Aji De Gallina – Peru Delights

Image Source: Peru Delights

For the first entry on our list, we have chosen a recipe that makes a more traditional approach to the classic Peruvian dish.

Made using skinless chicken breast that has been stewed with garlic, onions, evaporated milk and parmesan cheese, this recipe delivers a rich and creamy soup that is bursting with a range of tastes and textures and can be served alongside rice and eggs for authentic results. 

Perfect for family dinners or as a comforting meal for one, this recipe is the very definition of comfort food and will allow you to sample a centuries-old dish that still remains a cultural favorite to this day.

So why not embrace the flavors of South America and give this recipe a try. 

2. Aji De Gallina – Great British Chefs

Image Source: Great British Chefs

We understand that living on your own can get a little lonely, especially on cold and rainy nights where it feels like your last person left in the world.

So if you have been searching for a way to combat those winter blues, then we may have found the perfect solution for you.

Featuring chicken breasts that have been poached in chicken stock, this recipe combines the meat with a stew of onions, garlic and evaporated milk before finally thickening the dish with cheese and shredded walnuts. 

The final result is a rich and comforting soup that is bursting with aromatic flavors and pairs perfectly with boiled rice and halved potatoes.

So the next time you feel down in the dumps, just make this delectable stew and we promise your troubles will melt away. 

3. Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken – The Spruce Eats

Image Source: The Spruce Eats

In recent years, Peruvian cuisine has become more popular around the world and it seems modern recipes such as this one have helped to make Aji de gallina more accessible to home cooks.

Consisting of shredded chicken breast that has been seasoned and cooked in stock, this recipe combines the meat with onions, evaporated milk and parmesan cheese before finally garnishing the finished dish with hard-boiled eggs and black olives. 

Bursting with an array of rich and fruity flavors, this modern take on the Peruvian stew brings a new character to the classic dish and promises to deliver a hearty meal that you can enjoy on your own or with your friends and family.

No matter who you decide to share this dish with, we promise you won’t be disappointed with the results. 

4. Aji De Gallina – Caroline’s Cooking

Image Source: Caroline’s Cooking

Sampling cultural cuisine from around the world can be a fun and exciting experience, especially when you find a dish that you absolutely adore.

So if you have already tried Aji de gallina and want to try it again, why not make it yourself from scratch?

Featuring an array of delicious flavors, this recipe combines chicken and spices with cheese, walnuts and milk to produce a savoury stew unlike anything else you have ever tasted. 

Beyond this, the recipe is also incredibly easy to make and can be whipped up in under half an hour. So the next time you feel like sampling some authentic Peruvian cuisine, just remember this recipe and try making it for yourself. 

5. Aji De Gallina – Jamie Oliver

Image Source: Jamie Oliver

The next recipe on our list comes from the creative mind of Jamie Oliver and puts a unique twist on the classic Peruvian dish.

Made using a creamy stew consisting of milk, breadcrumbs and cheese, this recipe layers the various ingredients to create the final dish, topping the stew with crispy chicken thighs, black olives and spicy chilli peppers. 

Loaded with intense flavors and just a touch of heat, this trendy recipe takes a more modern approach to the South American dish and can be easily customized to meet your own preferences and tastes. 

6. Aji De Gallina – All Recipes

Image Source: All Recipes

Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest ones to prepare and it doesn’t get any simpler than the next recipe on our list.

Featuring succulent chicken breasts that have been shredded and cooked in a creamy stew, this recipe pairs the finished dish with plain rice and a hard-boiled egg before finally garnishing the place with fresh herbs and kalamata olives. 

The final result is a rich and aromatic dish that is bursting with a variety of different tastes and textures, creating a meal that you and your loved ones can all enjoy.

There’s nothing better than sampling authentic Peruvian cuisine and recipes like this one demonstrate exactly why. 

7. Peruvian Chicken Stew – Where Is My Spoon?

Image Source: Where Is My Spoon?

Is there anything more delicious than a warm and hearty stew? We don’t think so and it seems the next entry on our list agrees.

Drawing inspiration from South American culture and cuisine, this recipe perfectly recreates a traditional Peruvian stew by combining skinless chicken breasts with a rich and creamy broth made from a range of amazing and tasty ingredients. 

Featuring onions, bell peppers, breadcrumbs and whole milk, this recipe will allow you to sample some of the finest cuisines that Latin America has to offer.

So if you ever find yourself in a position where you are alone on a cold winter’s night, just remember this simple recipe and we promise you will be able to chase away the chill. 

8. Aji De Gallina Chicken Stew – Eat Peru

Image Source: Eat Peru

Regardless of whether you are new to Peruvian cuisine or have eaten it your whole life, this authentic chicken stew promises to tickle your taste buds and satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Made by combining shredded chicken breast with garlic, peppers, cheese and evaporated milk, this creamy stew is a true symphony of flavor and can be easily made in just under two hours. 

Ideal for dinner parties and social gatherings, this recipe pairs perfectly with a side of boiled rice and potatoes and should be garnished with black olives for the full Peruvian experience.

So why not keep your guests entertained by adding this incredible recipe to your personal cookbook – we promise you won’t be disappointed by the results. 

9. Peruvian Creamy Chicken Stew – Our Modern Kitchen

Image Source: Our Modern Kitchen

We all know that classic recipes are the best, hence why they are considered classics among the general public.

However, that does not mean that classic dishes don’t need some revamping from time to time, something that the next recipe on our list fully understands.

Putting a modern spin on the traditional Aji de gallina dish, this recipe features shredded chicken that has been infused with a creamy and aromatic stew. 

Made using a selection of heady spices and delicious ingredients, this particular stew also comes paired with a Peruvian olive sauce, which is the perfect condiment to accompany this amazing cultural dish.

So if you want to make something that is bursting with an array of flavors and textures, then this might just be the perfect recipe for you. 

10. Aji De Gallina – CKBK

Image Source: CKBK

There’s nothing better than sampling cultural dishes from around the world, especially when those dishes are packed with a range of delicious ingredients and flavors.

So if you are keen to try Aji de gallina for yourself, then why not make it from home using this incredible recipe.

Featuring detailed instructions, this recipe shows you how to make your own Peruvian stew from scratch, while also maintaining the dish’s distinctive flavor and cultural integrity. 

Consisting of chicken breast that has been added to a creamy and aromatic sauce, this recipe is the ideal dish to serve your loved one and can be enjoyed as either a hearty lunch or as a filling afternoon snack.

But don’t take our word for it, just give this recipe a go and immerse yourself in a world of vibrancy and flavor.